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New to this site! Any help would be appreciatedsmile I am told I have a "mild" case of blepharitis. I have recently started using the Wet Ones. Recently meaning within the last week. Some improvement noted, however, how does one get rid of the "puffiness"? I can heat my eye all day and it doesn't seem to work! Only suffering in one eye! Doctors seem to shrug it off!! I'm desperate for more info. I will tell you I do not have the usual sx of dry eye, crusts. My only sx really are, red lid, and swelling. The odd itching occurs.

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    I used the Wet Ones for a time and they made a real difference - unfortunately at some point - not so much.  I saw a dermatologist and as Blepharitis is related to Rosacea - which I also had a mild case of in addition to the Blepharitis.  I was given a prescription for Oracea (a low dose time release Doxycycline) and both my skin and eyes cleared up.  I have been happy so far - just wondering if I will be on this indefinitately.  
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    Hi Tammy

    I've never had The puffiness. My symptoms are red eyes, red eye lids, itching, burning and scratchy sensation. It can drive me crazy.

    I am currently treating mine with eye lid scrub 4X day using baby shampoo, tea tree oil drops in the shampoo 2x day, followed by Wet Ones wipe of eye lids and nose eyebrows.

    Seems to be working --

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    Read everything you can get your hands on Tammy. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR GOOD EYE AFTER TOU HING THE INFLAMMED ONE. This is calledd crss-contamination and its a big problem with bleph.

    You can try WET ONES that works to some extent, but there are other ways to deal with the rampant bacteria that is at the root of this co dition.

    I wash with a single drop of tea tree oil mixed with a di.e-size sauirt of baby shampoo three times a day, otting my eyes dry each time with a clean paper towel. Then with clean hands rub a drop of AzaSite across each closed eyelid until it absorbs, foow it with Systane eye drops to soothe itchy, burning eyes. I also take two ten mg tabs ofceterazine hydrochloride to control inflammation and itchy, watery eyes. I also take Omega 3 supplements and Flax Seed oil cPs. Im on the AzaSite for two weeks, three times a day after washi g, then one week off when I adhere rigidly to the tto mixture to keep bCteria under control. I change my pillow cases often and never use the same tissue twice. Dri k enty of water and use an eye mSk that gets warmed up in the microwave for ten minutes twice a day. I sto k lacri lube and refresh eye drops and O usoft lid cleanser and lots of soft tissues.

    Im goi g thru a flareup now but am staying on top of it and not touching my eyes or lids, etc. unnecessarily. Ill use the AzaSite three times a day for one week and twi e a day for a second week...then off it completely for one week, mYbe ten days if im lucky before I begin to detect symptoms again, an itch in the corner of an eye, a redness, or burni g...its always so.ethi g announcing itself telling you to get ready for anorher round of the nuisance that is this condition.

    I am baffled as to why I am supposed to accept that this will plague me for the rest of my life. But thankful also that its not something worse. The whole thing is a conundrum.

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    Just want to say I have been using the baby shampoo with tea tree oil and what a difference it has made!!! The redness is almost completely gone (have only been doing this for 3 days now) thank you for all your input!! I will continue this regimen from now on. It's hard to do it 3x per day when u work full time. Swelling has gone down some now also. I have cut out the use of the wet ones as well. Finally getting some relief!! So glad I found this site! smile

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    Hi Tammy

    i am a dry eye specialist, my passion is to empower patients such as yourself to manage this condition confidently. 

    Blepharitis is falls into two groups 1) Anterior - where the eyelashes are crusty and need cleaning or 2) Posterior - where the glands producing good tear oils are malfunctioning. This needs treatment with a hot compress and massage of the lids. 

    Unfortunately my colleagues are often not very good at passing on this information to our patients. 

    What advice were you given? You talk of using Wet Ones and of heat. If you do not need heat you can cause puffiness by heating the lids. Crusting is usually dealt with by the cleaning. 

    Treatment is is divided into two steps. Firstly you need to treat the symptoms. Secondly - and I feel mot importantly - you need to deal with the underlying cause. This is the hard bit where your eye care specialist will need to spend more time investigating your condition. This is well illustrated by the responses from Jill who dealt with the underlying Rosacea to treat her (posterior) Blepharitis. 

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    Dear Tami,

    I do not know about heating the eyes but I do know it should not be done close to when you use the wipes.

    You could look online and see if heat increases Staph or not. I found the infection and itching to be Staph and that is why the Wipes worked. There are different kinds of wipes so make sure it is the ones with .3% Benzethonium Chloride.

     My husband had white little pimples on his eye rims and thought it was allergies. Dr said it was Blepharitis. He started in on the wipes and so far so good. He had some crusty stuff too.

    You need to use 2 seperate wash cloths as you can transfer to your other eye the infection. I did that. A Dr, online, said to do it too.

    The first person who used the wipes after I posted said that after 2 weeks her red eyes became white. She said it was a $20.00 cure. She lectured in the medical field so she said it was hard to have red eyes.

    Please do not give up too soon as it takes over 3 months to kill it. The last couple of months are only 2 times a day so easy to do.

    Hope this info helps you, 


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