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Abbie1234 Abbie1234


Yesterday i thought it was healing now my face has worsened it’s healing a bit on my stomach but my face is so bad I can’t leave the house I feel like it won’t ever go. I can’t believe how bad it is on my face 

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  • Vici1610 Abbie1234

    hi abbie

    firstly try not to panic, it WILL go away.  I had it all over my neck and arms etc a copuple of years ago when I had it. what I recommend and I know you will probably think no but get outside in the sunshine even if its just for a little bit.  i was bad day 1 and by day 5 it was like there was nothing there.  still keep on with any remedys if you are trying any but i promise you it WILL go away.  it gets worse before it gets better. we've all been there.

    i hope you feel better soon xx

  • DinaG11 Abbie1234

    I'm right there with you. I have been battling this for about 4 weeks now. It is so frustrating and feels like it will never end. Unfortunately, I have it on my face, as well. I thought it was getting better as it had cleared up on my face for a few days, but then I got a flare up. I have it all over my chest, back, neck, arms and hands, legs. I also have it on my scalp and just noticed that I have dandruff all over my scalp, when before it was clear. So it can definitely spread to every part of your body. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I'm so sorry that anyone has to go through it. I feel so self conscious and even wearing makeup looks awful because it's dry and patchy. It's extremely hot and I feel I need to wear a turtleneck just to cover everything up. I just bought a cream that a friend recommended called Puriya from Amazon. I'm hoping it works soon because it's a small jar and a little expensive. I understand feeling depressed. I'm feeling that, too. It's hard to stay positive when you wake up and the rash gets worse. I pray yours will heal soon. I know I feel better knowing that I'm not alone in this.

  • joanna09505 Abbie1234

    I didn't have it on my face but it was terrible on my legs and tummy. We all think it's never going to go but I can promise you it does! My rash took nearly a week to come out and then it took at least another week for it to look worse before it gradually started healing. It needs to get to the really dry itchy stage before it turns a corner. 8 weeks later I still have some discoloration but all you can do is wait it out xx

  • DinaG11 Abbie1234

    Thanks! It sounds like you're one of the ones that has the pain and itching. I don't have too much itchiness and some pain like hundreds of tiny needles stabbing at my skin. I just got back inside from being in the sun for about 10-15 minutes, lost count. I was getting so hot and I'm very pale, so I didn't want to burn. But when I came in, I got that needle like pain on my back for a few seconds. I feel like that, as well, when I rub that cream on the worst parts of the rash. I think k it might be helping to dry it out and reduce the redness. But it's still too soon to tell.

    But I wanted to tell you, keep trying to hold on. I know how difficult it is. Is there anyone you can lean on to help get you through? A good support system makes a difference. Try to stay positive! Even when it gets to be too much.

    I, too, haven't really left the house very much and even just to go to a friend's house. I don't want anyone to see me. I think if I didn't have it on my face, I would be more inclined to go out.

  • karla17 Abbie1234

    Buy this stuff online called prreze it cost $100 including shipping but when I tell you it’s worth every single penny... it cleared me up in 3/4 days! No lie!!! It’s the best thing everrrrr I’m soooo grateful to that cream! 

  • stazstaz Abbie1234

    I second Karla, Prreze did it for me too. You poor baby!!!! It would be even more terrible to have it on the face. Mine was "only" neck to ankles- no face, hands or feet. I did have it in my scalp and inside my mouth too.

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