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I started with endemetriosis 4 years ago during the first year i was given a hormone drug called Prostap which in my opinion started a whole host of stomach problems the biggest being acid reflux. I saw numerous GIs who did numerous tests (endoscopies, colonoscopy, CTs, US, 24hr PH monitoring and hundreds of bloods) all of which came back clear apart from a slight hiatus hernia and a bit of gastritis and oesophagitis. I did intollerance tests which showed an intollerance to wheat and dairy. I was prescribed loads of drugs Omeprazole, Lansoprazole, Ranitidine, Esomeprazole, Sucralfate, Gaviscon Advance all of which just upset my stomach but didnt alleviate the acid reflux. Eventually after about a year the problem seemed to right itself although not sure what had actually worked as tried so many different things

. My problem is i now have it back even worst than before but dont think it is food related as i get it on days when ive eaten small amounts at regular intervals. It is also worst if im sitting down and have taken to laying back in a recliner chair as im in agony if i just sit. I think my problem is more to do with inflammation somewhere and that when im sitting my stomach is being bunched up.

All the doctors ive seen have said its just IBS and that i need to live with it but i think theres more to it than that but dont know where to turn to get answers.

I also get alot of pain in the right groin area that radiates to my lower back and when im walking im in agony and have to keep sitting down. (We've actually just cancelled a family holiday to  Florida as i know i wouldnt be able to cope with it)

Please can anyone advise me on what type of doctor i should see as the money from Florida holiday im going to use to go privately as i cant live like this any longer.

BTW the endemetriosis has supposedly gone as i had it removed along with my ovaries a year ago so am nearly through the menopause which i wonder is causing any of my problems

Please can anyone help me

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    I don't believe in IBS! That's a Doctor that doesn't know what's wrong with you telling you this! To many drugs not enough answers, so frustrating! Have you tried the natural approach? NO meds, no drugs, Use apple cider vinegar?  

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      Ive tried apple cider vinegar but it upset my stomach as i cant eat any fruits. I take slippery elm daily also agnus castus to regulate hormones and loads of things like chia seeds, linseeds, maca powder, ginger and turmeric. My insides must be a funny colour lol. I have problems with alot of coatings on pills so ive even taken the activated charcoal out of their capsules and tipped straight into mouth and even that hasnt worked
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      Just thinking...maybe you should go to a homeopathic and maybe even do a complete fast and clean out yr system for about 3 days..I don't know, but u can't keep going like this for sure. That's horrible..don't give up, there's got to be an answer somewhere..

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    Sadly, I know exactly how you feel. I deal with visceral hypersensitivity, which is basically a fancy way of saying I feel stomach pain more intensely that a normal person would. Even indigestion bothers me.

    I struggle with acid reflux, and I also believe mine is not food triggered, although I notice some foods make it worse, but it’s there either way. I have tried so much medication for it. I feel like gaviscon doesn’t last long enough, runs don’t do anything and Rolaids are useless.

    For me, my acid reflux is a lot worse when I’m under stress. No matter what I eat, if I don’t eat at all, or if I eat a whole lot, I get terribly bad acid on days where I’m anxious or stress out. I feel like that could be causing it for you too. I’ve tried all the home remedies available and the only things I have found that worked are...

    •sipping on water constantly to flush the acid back down

    •standing up after I eat and walking around when it gets really bad as the gravity sorts it out a bit

    •posture!!! Never sit crunched up because it pushes the acid back up

    •avoid nicotine, caffeiene and anything spicy

    As for the pain in your groin, acid reflux causes trapped gas which can be EXTREMELY painful. Gas x works pretty well at relieving those pains, as does having a bowel movement! There are ways to relive gas such as lying on your back and hugging your knees, however I cannot lay on my back due to acid reflux so this does not work for me.

    I truly hope you find a solution that works for you and don’t have to deal with this anymore. I know first handle as well, that acid reflux is awful and nobody should have to deal with it.


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