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:x hi all, i felt like i was getting better but today is really bad, i feel like iam about to pass out constantly and thought i was hearing voices even though iam not, so thats scared me =[ and now iam constantly worrying if there is something wrong with me, i have a very bad cold at th min and am very run down so dont think that is helping, nut i js feel very wossy and faint and keep pancing, iam on 40mg of flu bt it doesnt seem 2 be helping.

i keep gettin horrible thoughts and cant shift them, i honestly feel like iam going mental or i have schioprenia or something, iam soooo scared and feel like its never going to get better again =[ sum1 plz tlk 2 me and resure me everything is ok :oops: :cry: :?

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    hiya birdybex :cheerup:

    oh dear, that's all ya need birdybex a rotten cold :? it's a fact that this nasty illness knocks hell outa the immune system im afraid, a few months back i seemed to be getting everything that was going, i wouldnt care i was agoraphobic at the time and didn't see anybody for weeks at a time !! :cry:

    don't worry you are NOT losing your 'marbles' :shock: :wink: it's just that with depression, everything becomes outa perspective and exagerated including your cold symptoms :? especially during the middle of the night, it can sometimes feel like we're the last person left on the planet :shock: :cry:

    the panic and anxiety you are feeling is 'feeding' on itself, building up and getting worse, indeed anxiety can cause halucinations, including auditory ones (hearing voices) to quote michael caine \"not a lot of people know that\" :shock: :wink: i have experienced it myself, both visual and auditory, i assure you birdybex you're NOT going psychotic, trust me, i've been there, i assure you you would DEFINITELY know :mrgreen: besides it's usually associated with episodes of mania :run: :wink:

    as you are experiencing birdybex, it's a real roller coaster ride to a full recovery grrrrrrrrr :? at times it can feel like it is 'one step forward and two steps back' :huh: but the peaks and troughs will smooth out over time i assure you birdybex :ok: :mrgreen:

    if the panic and anxiety become unbearable, have a word with your doc and ask him for some diazepam or beta blockers for the short term, he/she will not have a problem prescribing them for you in the short term :rainbow:

    try and relax birdybex and keep posting, for what it's worth, it's a medical fact that a panic attack NEVER ever killed anyone :wink: :mrgreen:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rose:

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    thanks iam in the middle of a really bad panic attack at the min, i feel like iam gunna pass out and iam sat on a chair, i have pins and needles in my fingers, and am all hot n feel sick, iam sooo scared, i cant stay calm, i used 2 beable 2 n i just feel like iam dying, i wanta call an ambulance but i know that is silly as il feel better soon, its awfull =[ my fingers keep goin stiff and my neck hurts =[
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    hiya birdybex :cheerup:

    i've just looked up your previous posts, are you still taking Propranolol ??

    or anything else come to that ?? :huh:

    the thing is birdybex that if you are so frightened you may come to harm, call the ambulance, it's ok to do so for peeps like us to go to accident and emergency for help when we are severely distressed as you obviously are :ok: :wink:

    are you alone, can you call anybody to help you, is your new baby ok :huh: dont forget you can also ring the samaratans if need be, they have trained peeps you can talk to and help you over this bad patch :wink: :ok:

    reply as soon as you can plz birdybex :ok: :rose:

    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :wink:

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    :D iam ok, the panic attack pasted a while after, its not helping that i feel so down at the min due to a cold i dont think =[ bt i will be ok because i have to be for my baby. iam going to the doctors later today and going to explain everything to them and hopefully they will up my tablets or change them maybe. iam hoping so anyway as i had an ok week last week but jsut yeatderday was bad.

    i will never take my own life as iam scared of death qand also want to be there for my family n kids =]-


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    hiya birdybex :mrgreen:

    great stuff :ok: i expect your feeling a bit drained today after all that adrenalin you had in your system yesterday :? (adrenalin is released in quantity when were severely anxious and feel under threat :wink: ) make sure you tell the doc EXACTLY what you experienced yesterday ok ?? dont be shy, dont forget your physically poorly, it's not just 'all in your head' depression/anxiety are REAL physical illnesses :? :wink:

    let us know what the doc says ok ?? :huh: take care and dont forget, today is another day :chick:


    Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers: :rainbow: :rose:

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    Hi Birdybex,

    just read yr post. Glad psychochief got there as you needed someone to tell you what was going on.

    The truth is that none of us can ever know exactly how this damned illness is going to affect us. Some of us sleep some are insomniacs. etc etc

    What is sure is that whatever symptoms you have are serious and not just in yr mind (whatever yr black monster may be trying to tell you).

    A panic attack is horrible. Only ever had one and, like you, I went dizzy, hot and thought I was going to pass out. Just had to sit in the cool air with a cold cloth on the back of my neck til I got over it. And i did, as will you. But the next couple of days you will feel as though you have a mixture of the flu and a hangover. You will feel drained and may just want to pull the covers over your head and sleep.

    It is OK to do that - no one is judging you. You need to regain your physical and mental strength to be there for the family and baby. But don't try and be there for everyone at the expense of your own well being.

    As I found, it is all very well being the shoulder that everyone else cries on. But you need to have someone you can lean on as well.

    Can i suggest that you carry a small notebook and write down all yr symptoms as they happen (or just afterwards) so that you can tell yr doctor accurately what went on? I find that this damned illness has also punched large holes in my short term memory (either that or I have been chewing the aluminium saucepans in my sleep. LOL)

    As Psycho said, there are a lot of groups out there who will just be at the end of a phone to help you. Most are anonymous as well.

    Keep yr chin up and you will get through it.

    Lelly xx

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    all day i have been feeling weird, like out of my own body and panicy,like iam going to pass out and the world isnt real, and now i just feel really really depressed like i cant go on, i dont want to die, i just want to feel happy and enjoy life, i feel so down and exusted, iam already on fluoxitine 40mg a day and propanadol for panic attacks and they just dont help, or i feel like they dont, for the last 2 days my mind has been racing with all sorts of thoughts at once and it is quite scary, i feel high like i have taken some drugs but i havent, iam also on tablets for an inner ear infection and for a cold and have been going trough alot.i keep having horrible thoughts 2 that i cant seem 2 shake off =[, anyone have any ideas what it can be as iam at my wits end, i js want it 2 stop and i dnt want these horrible thoughts of suicide anymore as i have a beautifull baby to live for.

    i have js been doctors and been given diazepam for short term, but she wont increase my dosage for my tablets or change anything =[ she said ive gotta persevere with what iam on now as i have only been on 40mg for a month, my propramadol does seem 2 help, iam fed up of it all =[


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