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Hi All~

I have had this stomach issue for a good 4 years now... I have had Colonoscopies, blood test, Gallbladder test, liver test, nuclear testing (sounds crazy), urine tests, you name it I have had it. Every single test has come back fine. So my GI doctor ended up diagnosing me with IBS Constipation. He prescribed me with LIZNESS, to help me go to the bathroom. I can no longer go on my own, without take this pill. It is truly ridiculous! I have tried eating healthier, probiotics, turmeric, etc. NOTHING IS HELPING! I thought maybe to much alcohol with my friends... I stopped! Haven't had a drink in 5 months. Still feel the same! Whether I eat a burger or a homemade salad with very little in it, I get super bloated, I look 8 months prego. I have to un-button my pants because it hurts so bad! Does anyone have any idea to help me or that I can take over the counter or even ask my doctor about! I am in need of help! PLEASE!

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    Sounds like SIBO/IBS get a breath test for SIBO. Look it up online, It’s a Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth, plus change diet. Keep a food journal to see what foods cause you to bloat. For constapation try slow magnesium and vitamin C . Miralax nightly. I had to stop all carbs, sugar, and dairy. Went on 2 day liquid diet to give colon a rest, then did SIBO diet for 2weeks, then Low FodMat foods. Hope you find answers. 
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      Thank you Vickie!

      The magnesium and vitamin c... just a low dose over the counter? Miralax I have to buy some this weekend. Never done a journal before because every single this bothers my stomach. I will start really focusing on keeping track. This is no way to live!

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      I agree this is no way to live, I’m trying so hard to figure out diet, no caffeine, processed or fried foods, I’m on low FodMat diet and all soft foods, steamed fish, chicken, veggies that don’t cause bloating or gas. High fiber upsets me, I can do rice and white potatoes. Small portions throughout day. I’m on digestive enzymes, IBGUARD, probiotics VSL#3 is good. I have the IBS D , and SIBO D. I also do Apple cider vinegar with warm water and lemon daily. And trying to figure out the soluable and insoluble part of diet. Best wishes to you, diet is everything with this icky diagnosis. Lifestyle changes. Keep a food journal it helps. 

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    Hi Kasey,

    Sorry to hear about your years of frustration. Not too sure of your gender,but have you seen a gynae for ultrasound? I cant offer much solution as there is still no solution for my pain till now despite several test done

    I suffer something quite similar except the bathroom situation:

    Upper & lower ab pain every single day. When i press my tummy, the pain is on my lower ab but usually i feel a dull pain whole tummy and there's wave of spasm on my upper & lower ab

    Feel bloated and lack of appetite. Hence,i have lost a lot of weight

    When i force myself to eat, i feel full easily and will hurt if i eat more

    Cant walk around much as i will need to rest due to the pain. Just feel like i cant have my body straight for too long

    I feel slightly better when i lay down as i'm so lethargic from the pain.Sometimes even feel nausea and migraine from all these pain

    Cant seem to have spicy food and coffee anymore. 

    I have seen GI and Gynae and done few test:


    CT scan

    CA125 test

    Ultrasound- gynae says i have endometriosis and small cyst but i dont really hv any symptoms fr these 

    To ascertain if my pain is due to gastro or female hormonal/reproduction issue, she has put me on Visanne for 2 months. She says if my pain goes off after 2 months, then its due to my hormone. If it doesnt, then its due to gastro. I cant afford to be mixing 2 types of meds and seeing 2 diff doctors everytime. Its crazy.

    I have now even resort to traditional chinese gynae. Going through acupuncture and drinking herbal meds. This is my 1st week

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      Have you been checked for SIBO. It's a breath test. Sounds like SIBO/IBS.

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      Hi Angie,

      Wow! I hope the acupuncture and herbal teas work for you! Keep me posted, maybe I will look into that as well. I'm a female... I have not really discussed to much with my OBGYN. I have had the colonoscopy, Ultrasound, CT Scans, Nuclear Testing for my Gallbladder etc. all test came out fine. I have gained about 20 lbs within the last year due to this issue. With the weight gain my issue has been worse. I cannot lose the weight, because of this bloating and not using the bathroom on my own... no matter what I eat. I mean any and everything makes me miserable. I have even gone to a heart doctor because it is affecting the rhythm of my heart. I swear sometimes I feel like I am crazy because I cannot find what is wrong. I feel like I have a tire that is seriously stuck around my stomach area. I will look into the different meds you have tried and see if maybe one will help me. I will talk with my dr. I stopped going to my GI as well, too much money for no answers!!!!

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    Hi Kasey,

    I havent. I just checked on what's SIBO/IBS and the symptoms, and it seems like i do tick most of the boxes, except:

    Diarrhea or constipation.

    When i first see my GI, he said it might be due to some infection, then after weeks of putting me on different meds, he said, seems like you are having IBS.

    Some of the meds he put me on:

    Duspatalin 135mg




    Apo-amitriptyline 10mg

    After introducing this to my body months after months, i'm getting no relief. I have even stopped wine,coffee and spicy food. Which is why i went to see gynae to rule out if this is female related issues. Ever since she told me to try Visanne for 2 months, i stop seeing GI, or else i wont be able to rule out which dr to focus.

    I would def take your suggestion for SIBO test if this fail. This prob is affecting the quality of my life. I have zero social life now as i'm constantly in pain and lethargic. I wouldnt want to affect the vibe around the ppl around me with my low energy so i rather not socialize. Its almost a year since i'm out painting the town red.

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    Look up Candida , I have this. It means a strict diet but it helps. Good luck 
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    Try lots of fruit to relieve the constipation. This helps my IBS C.
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      Hi pippa, I first started with Diverticulitis with abcess and developed anxiety and panic attacks. After healed to just Diverticulosis, I developed SIBO/IBS D . I’ve lost 45 lbs in 5 months due to afraid to eat cuz diets are so diff. I can’t due dairy, eggs, coffee,caffeine. I take digestive enzymes, probiotics, IBguard, vitamins D3, B12. I’m always sick to tummy, bloated, gas, heartburn, and causes my anxiety to kick in which makes things worse. I seem to only be able to eat boiled fish, chicken, Carrots, spinach. And fruits blueberries,pineapple, bananas. Potatoes and rice. So lost with diet. Hungry all the time. My dietitian has me on Low FodMat diet, any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Ty🌸🌺

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      I would simply follow the Low Fodmap diet and anything else your dietician or doctor suggests.  Tru a food diary too.

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