Help! Both nostrils always closed, can't breathe

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For about the past 2.5 years, I have had severe issues breathing out of both nostrils. Basically, it feels like the upper part of my nasal cavity could be stuffed with cotton or something else preventing me from being able to breathe normally on both sides. This is apparent throughout all times of the day, whether I am working or sleeping or doing anything else.

It has gotten to the point where it is difficult for me to breathe at all unless I am breathing out of my mouth all the time. I have been seeing an ENT through the VA for about a year-and-a-half now. I have had multiple scans done, and he says that he does not see a deviated septum or nasal polyps. I also have been going to regular appointments for allergy shots, which has helped with my normal seasonal allergies, but has done nothing at all to help with my breathing issues.

This has become such a problem for me now that I often have anxiety attacks because of it. I am not sure what else they could check, but it has become a major life affecting issue for me. I was wondering if anyone here has ever heard of something like this and could give any insight as to what I might be able to ask my doctor the next time that I see him.

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    hi, ive been suffering from the same. i believe its due to my enlarged turbinates. have you used afrin before? it shrinks turbinates and it may be the reason for your congestion

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      afrin can be really bad with prolonged use and can cause chronic state of sinus problems- be careful! You can develop a dependence on it and it doesn't solve the root of the problem. Usually, the rot problem of sinusitis is a weak immune system which makes you susceptible to irritants, allergens and pathogens. reinforce your immune system with diet and the right supplements and this can do wonders. I swear by magnetic therapy treatments! Some people think this is hokey but it worked when nothing else did and doctors were taking stabs int eh dark which wasted my time and caused extreme anxiety

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    I had something similar for over a year until I went to magnetic therapy appointments which treat viral infections! I had strep, ebstein barr, and a bunch of other viruses from mosquito bites etc. I got exactly the same diagnosis from 2 different practitioners so I felt reassured. The ENT's and regular doctors just kept giving me flonase and other medications which made things worse. Viruses don't show up during blood tests and all kept coming back normal. I did have a slight case of candida and borellia too- according to magnetic treatment. NOthing showed up on labs but i was seriously impaired health wise!

    Do you have any chills or nerve tingling? Another sign of viral infection

    Also, my nervous system and immune system were in hyper anxiety mode and I'd get these terrible flair ups. NO one knew what this was since I didn't have any mucus or sinus infection blocking by sinuses.

    Basically, here is the protocol that cured me.

    Nac supplements, cat's claw, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, Ester C, and Zinc- these all helped with the viral load, along with the magnetic treatments.

    For my immune system and nervous system, i used coherent breath work. It's free on Spotify- just find the CD track Respire on-line or spotify and listen to the two bells track. Breathe in and out (even through your mouth) at this slowed rate and it resets your autonomic nervous system. You will see immediate and gradual improvement. You should feel much better after 4 months. 20 min breath work each morning.

    Also, I changed my diet to fruits, vegs and protein, whole grains. NO processed food, no refined sugars and no gluten or dairy. This really helps your immune system and your body to re-regulate itself. Your immune system is probably really down because you could be fighting multiple pathogens at's a gradual buildup that is hard to bounce back from, but with the right persistence, it should go away. The breath work will also work wonders for anxiety and stress from this whole ordeal!

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    I've had something similar all my life. As a kid I had my adenoids removed, sinuses washed. I had terrible earache and nosebleeds. I still can't breathe out of my nose, when I breathe in my nasal cavities collapse, causing me to be a mouth breather. It's not uncommon for me to wake up in my sleep panicking feeling like I'm drowning or being strangled as it feels like I'm taking my last breath. It's like I forget how to breathe in my sleep, or it could be my mouth/throat is so dry it feels like I'm swallowing stones.

    I've had two septoplasty's even a rhinoplasty and at the age of 50 I'm returning to the ENT, but its a 6 month wait.

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