Help! Brain tumor symptoms?

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HELP! Sorry this is so long. So I’ve been pretty sick for 3 months now. Numerous problems. First acid reflux .. stomach problems...bowel problems..ovarian cysts. Now I’m having a worse problem. My left arm goes numb and tingles a lot and is weak. It hurts a lot and the pain radiates to shoulders and back. I also have reduced sensations of touch. Same thing happens to my fee and somtimes my leg. Sometimes I get it in my right arm but it’s mosly my left. I’ve been having some vision problems(blurish vision, pain behind eyes, dryness) as well as headaches everyday, nose and head pressure That makes me feel like I’m going to explode. Ear pain now and then. As well as confusion, forgetfulness and messing up words. I’m also excessively tired Ben after sleeping for 10 hours.  I been having difficulty swallowing and pain in my neck and reacurring sore throat. I’ve thought about everything from thyroid problems to just being acid reflux to body pain from the way I sleep. I’ve look up just about every single problem. I’m going crazy. No doctor listens to me and says I neee counseling for anxiety but my health problems started 3 months ago and spiraled ever sense. Now I’m worried I have multiple Sclerosis or like a brain tumor. I doubt I’ll be able to get a MRI or CT scan.. any thoughts ? Opinions ? Can anyone relate to these symptoms? 

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    I'm really sorry for you feeling this miserable. It can be quite terrifying to see all systems go down in your body, I know that too well! I have similar symptoms and the fact that doctors are not able to see the whole picture but just can focus on one complaint at a time is still driving me nuts!

    Considering the possible cause of your symptoms I wouldn't think of a brain tumor, they are quite rare. It sounds more like something systemic, as you say; it reminds more of something thyroidal, or maybe an infection or an autoimmune disease, or even migraine. Btw, i was diagnosed with Lyme's disease, but there are numerous other illnesses which cause similar complaints.

    If I were in your shoes I would be very persistent in finding a proper doctor, one who is willing to get to the bottom of this. I know these doctors are hard to find, most aren't too thrilled about 'diffuse systemic symptoms' but prefer a one dimensional text book diagnosis. Make sure you find a good one, even it takes 5 or 6 before you find the right one, because you really need help as soon as possible.

    Hang in there, and try not to think the worst, it is very well possible that it all comes down to one cause, which can be treated, and is far from cancer.


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      Thank you so much or the right response! You’ve made me feel a bit better about this mess. You say you’ve been diagnosed with it has Lyme disease , so did you Have those kinds  of symptoms like I do? I wasn’t thinking about it recently and I think I could of had Lyme disease this entire time. Back when this all started the first thing that had happened was i woke up to my lip being randomly really swollen. Then I had noticed this big red swollen bite with puncture Marks. It made most of my upper leg swollen and it hurt and sortve itched. No bullseye mark tho but it was kinda rash like. SO I decided to continue with my Day I had some breakfast and started to feel really weird. So I panicked and went to the ER where they were quite dismissive and weren’t concerned with the bite. They said it was a bug bite of some sort and looked fine. Sent me on my way. For the next few days days that are hurt pretty bad on and off and it was still red swollen and itchy. THEN from

      Then out I started to have all these problems and I decided to do some research on Lyme and I want to get tested. i never really had put much thought into the bite to begin with untill last night. 

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    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better:-), I know it can be difficult to keep up the good spirits when you feel your complete body  is falling apart.

    Oddly, my complaints also started after being bitten, by a black fly, just as you I think: they always bite (yes, bite, not sting) in the legs, which next swells, sometimes to twice the circumference. It indeed hurts quite a lot for a few days and the bite spot gets very itchy and red. At the bite spot you can see a little hole, where a bit of skin is actually missing.

    I've tried to find out if these flies (which are beetles really) transmit any diseases but haven't found anything about that yet. I'm sure though something was transmitted though I can't be sure it was the Lyme then. Maybe I caught it at some other time (I had several tick bites over the years) and the black fly bite triggered it. I probably will never find out.

    My complaints are the same as yours, every one of them apart from the PCOS (at least I'm not aware of it).

    I've had several brain scans and blood panels done, went to see 2 neurologists, a cardiologist, a sleep doctor, 2 internal medicine specialists, an immunologist and 2 ENT doctors and they all looked at one complaint at a time which of course doesn't lead to a proper diagnosis. They came up with suspected MS, CFS, chronic silent migraine (which I think is actually true), sleep apnea (ditto) and chronic sinusitis. If I would have started taking their prescriptions I would be taking 6 medications right now, some of them with significant side effects.

    I had 2 Lyme tests done through my GP, the standard ones, which both came back negative. I then ordered a test in Germany myself which returned positive, which was bad but also good news: finally an explanation.

    When I read your story I think that it would be very wise to get a proper Lyme test done (look up LTT or PCR), maybe it comes back negative but then at least you can rule Lyme out. The sooner you do it the better; if it's Lyme it's important to start as soon as possible with antibiotics, guided by a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLD). I waited too long and now it has become chronic and very hard to treat.

    Also: join a Lyme forum, it has been really helpful for me to share my experiences with and read the ones of other Lyme patients.

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      Wow sounds like I’m going to be suffering a long time.  Thanks again for responding to me I appreciate it. Sadly no LLMD is in my area so now I’m going to have to be persistent about testing. But yes I for sure need to be tested. 
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