Help! - Going on Three Weeks of Stomach/Back Pain

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Hello, I am a 29 y/o male experiencing stomach and lower/mid back pain for almost three weeks now and it seems to be getting worst.

Background- healthy individual, not overweight (5'10" 155lbs), eat well, work out. I have been diagnosed with esonophilic esophagetis years back, but no major health issues and symptoms from that condition have never presented itself like this.


The first week I tried trucking through it and it was mostly just back pain that I thought might have been from gas/bloating. Took various over the counter meds and did not see an improvement. I also had a distraction in my life because we were welcoming our first kid, and trust me, talking to your wife about your tummy issues is the last thing you want to do during that time.

Week 2-  pain continued and becoming more consistent so I decided to go to the doctor. They of course were not sure what was going on but ordered CBC/urine/Lipase/Amylase/Metabolic tests. All came back normal except a very high count of esinophils (1139 EOS ABS). I've had blood work done recently even with my other diagnosis and the counts were not that high. He also recommended I see my gastroenterologist, which I did and they also were not sure and ordered a fecal test and CT scan of abdomin (waiting on results and schedule).

The pain seems to be triggered by food but it's not always right after eating. Bowel movements are still happening when they normally happen but are a little more greenish, softer, and smaller than normal. Have had a few diahrrea instances but it's not consistent. No blood or vomiting, but I have had headaches and the occasional nausea.

Pain is now almost all in abdomen and has increased considerably. Having a hard time pinpointing it because it honestly feels like it's just everywhere in there.

Today I actually woke up feeling OK, decided it was safe to eat Lunch (small sandwich- no cheese and gluten free bread). Then it hit again a couple hours later.

You might be asking why even create a post and why not just wait to get results and keep testing- two fold, first the pain is really starting to get to me and on a Sunday night this is my only other avenue besides an ER visit, second, I have other things (like a newborn) that I need to focus on and I truly believe in the power of the Internet/forums for gathering information. I am hopeful this convoluted story sounds familiar to someone on here and can help point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Christophe

    I know how you feel, I’ve had similar issues, I’ve had chronic Gastritis for a couple of years. I don’t know if it’s connected, but I get lower, middle and upper back pain. I’m in agony when I eat, it feels like someone’s stabbing me with a knife. Ive been waiting for 2 months to see a gastroenterologist, don’t have a clue how much longer I will need to wait, all I know is, it’s getting harder to eat as every time I eat I get pain. I also get pain in upper right and left quadrant. I’ve had two ultrasounds, nothing showing for gall stones. I’ve had bloods done and liver is fine. Wish I knew what’s causing the pain when I eat and terrible bloating. Hope you find a solution to your problems, the pain in my back, upper right and left quadrant seems to subside when I eat a Mediterranean style diet. (Plenty of veg, nuts, seeds, pulses, olive oil). If you could eat the Mediterranean diet and add some organic bone broth to your diet and also fermented foods, these would most definitely help you until you can get the appropriate tests done. I go through phases where I try to eat like this, then I fall back into my old ways. Good luck 👍

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    So sorry to hear about your problems, I’ve been struggling with abdominal issues for 4 years now, and still none the wiser as to why they are happening so I can sympathise.

    To be honest there are a whole host of problems that could be causing your symptoms, that present the same symptoms. I thought I’d reply as my problems started with back pain, just above the centre of my back, which gradually got worse and then went to stomach / abdominal pain. My stools were a dark green colour, loose and sticky. I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, and after being prescribed Omeprazole, the pains subsided and stools went back to normal. I still suffer with a number of digestive and other problems now, but the reasoning for that is another story. I’ve also been diagnosed with a number of food intolerances, cows milk, sesame seeds, yeast, tuna, millet and wheat. I’ve only just discovered these and been eliminating them from my diet for a few days now and I already feel like I’m starting to improve.

    Im not saying stomach ulcers or food intolerances are the cause of your issues, I'm sure others will have different theories, but that is my story. Only tests and investigations will reveal what’s going on, or in my case not reveal what’s going on.

    All the best for the future, hope you get some answers soon.

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    Change of bowel habit along with food intolerance and shifting abdominal pain are signs of IBS.  Does your pain move about?  Wait to see what your test results show and take it from there.
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    Thanks, everyone thus far. Stool panel came back negative. Had the abdomen CT scan today and hoping that will shed some light on something.

    The pain has intensified lately but more so now correlated to a couple hours after I eat. Went on for hours the other night. Any recommendations for relieving the pain? I've tried Advil and that does seem to help a little but any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    CT scan was "unremarkable", and nothing was noted as abnormal. Is there any interpretation that occurs there and does it make sense to get another opinion on the images?

    Still in pain after I eat, close to 10lbs down and looking for answers! Any help is appreciated.

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      Might be IBS since all your tests are negative.  All mine were too and my ultrasound was unremarkable.  Try a food diary to identify food intolerance.
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      Does IBS linger around after the initial episode for a while? I have eliminated dairy and gluten for the past 4 days- seems like no matter what I eat- even fruit, pain starts there after.
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      Some people with IBS have oroblems with certain fruits particularly fruit with stones.  Sonetimes IBS will linger, other times it won’t.  Everyone is different.
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    Second GI appointment with a different doctor. Unlike the last, they do not think it's necessary to jump into a colonoscopy or endoscopy and instead wants to start small with probiotics, anti-spamatic meds, mint pills, and watching what I eat.

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