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Hello everyone,

I'm a 23 year old male and I've been having gastro issues for a year now. It all started last winter when I got these "weird" feeling in my stomach which somehow got better with eating. After a few months I started having a lot of gas and would feel very bloated(especially in the evening) and I also started having these stomach pains when I pressed on my stomach with my hand(Kind of a sharp pain which is very mild untill I press on my stomach). Also, my stool is sometimes a little loose(not diarrhea, but little more loose).

Went to the doctor about three months ago and did complete blood and urin test as well as h.pylori test and abdomen ultrasound which all came back fine. Doc said it is chronic gastritis and gave me Pantoprazole 40mg which I've been taking for almost three months, but it doesnt really help me.

I dont drink or smoke and my diet is "normal". I do eat spicey and greasy stuff in moderation(it doesnt make my stomach hurt if anyone is wondering).

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thank you

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    Hi, I too  suffer from chronic gastritis and the only thing that has helped me is a change of diet (BTW the antacid drugs aren't much help and they can cause really bad acid rebound when you try to come off) I follow the specific carbohydrate diet (loads of info on the net) which gives your intestines a rest from all the hard work they have to do. I also cut out alcohol, and diary products. believe me it works. the good news is if you do it long enough for your stomach to heal you can reintroduce a normal diet afterwards. The question is: is your diet 'good'? I thought mine was too but nw I see it wasn't. Good luck.
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    Hi ;

    Chronic Gastritis is inflammation; too much acid

    So the natural remedy for inflammation is garlic (clove a day)or capsules.

    In addition Liquorice tablets kill some bad bacteria & assists with acid; and you can get chewable acidophilus (good bacteria) from the health food shop too.

    I know you may not think so; however although you are not getting issues hwen you eat fatty food now, the liver does store fatty foods; and so you would also benefit from taking milk thistle ; which can repair liver cells.

    This would reduce inflammation; reduce acid; and clean up the liver and gallbladder for bile production too (which affects the bowel).  If you include anti-inflammatory foods and antioxidant foods in your diet then all the better ; but if not; do include tomatoes.. preferably with the skins (soup will do though!).. Do include omega 3 (fish oil?) ..

    * please can you leave feedback for others who are suffering the same issues to whatever you do do and how you resolved the issues.

    hope you get better soon smile


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      Hi, u seem very knowledgeable, are you medically trained or is this all from your own experience? I'm waiting to see someone about a structure I have on th biliary duct which causes me massive problems with digestion. I've had to cut out all fat!! I've had Hofstadter 5 times now....on my 5th as we speak! Every evening I'm crippled with pain and feel sick. I hope this next specialist does something.....I'm ready for suing!!

      Great advice by the way!!

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      Stricture not structure sorry....spell checkers
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      Hi kath; have read a lot, and i have suffered  a lot... !!right side abdominal pain for 7 years; until i started to take the liver tablets etc as above..

      I am not medically trained. I am not a 'doctor'.  

      It's an horrific story.... intermittent 'sharp' pain made worse by pain killers.....led to full blown distension; unable to eat foods; 3 days of writhing around the floor in agony; legs stopped working; shuffling; unable to work, appendicits type pain for 8 months - horrific- daily pain; bowel pain, loose bowels, grey stools (all with ongoing unrelenting pain 24/7).. nerve pain; bladder stopped working..brain fog. Hepatic toxicity.. (creamy white patches in my eyes).. the list goes on.. and doesn't cover the full horror of an untreated gallbladder inflammation.....

      and inflammation leads to cellular changes; so 7 years of inflammation have done me no good at all..  My gps never gave me anti-inflammatories; they wouldnt' even give me anti-biotics.. and i did ask; and i asked for my pain meds to be reviewed;got nowhere; and i was in agony and struggled to get to the GP's ; but by this time i was a former shell of myself; they kept teling me IBS.. if that's not negligent; i don't knwo what is.. smile

      Be safe.. wink

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      i forgot to mention that Apple juice softens stones(apparently) and is also good for your liver. if you have difficulty with 'fat's this points to your liver as well (look up fatty liver) and you will see that the liver stores fat ;and struggles.. so Milk thistle can repair the liver cells; (have done a lot of reading)!!

      please don't forget to update us !!!

      Wishing you well soon smile


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      sorry; i shouldn't post back when it's early;as i get 'off point'. Fat issues are the Liver.. (read up on fatty liver).. smile


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