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Hi there, I am new to this and would really really appreciate some help as I am struggling so badly....

I will be honest, I suffer with severe health anxiety and have done for years. I used to think I had a brain tumor as someone noticed I had uneven pupils. Went to the optician in October and all okay.

Anxiety is very very bad at the moment. I have made the hard decision to have CBT and also take citalopram which I have been taking for 10 days. They almost make me feel drunk, slow and very disconnected from the real world. Having to think about things more to understand them, feeling floaty and dizzy etc. Sleeping has been bad and vivid dreams also.

For the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing a new symptom with my anxiety, tingling in my face. I have had this before but it's gone off pretty quickly but this has lasted a while longer. I read up on trigeminal neuralgia and have now convinced myself this is what it is....

I have tingling, like a hair is on my face, also pain in both sides of my teeth, nose and head. Although I do have a cold so maybe also sinus?

It goes off when distracted, when touching my face, eating, moving facial muscles, sleeping on that side or when touching head etc. I do get the odd shooting pain but it goes off immediately and it's not that bad. It's just the ache all the time and tingling. I've also convinced myself I'm not talking normally or struggle to read.

I went to the doctors twice last week and was told its anxiety, also the therapist told me this twice and yesterday got so bad I went to the doctors and she did a physical examination like looked in my eyes, made me move my head/face and also reflexes.

All okay and told me not a tumor and a healthy blood test, I'm not convinced. I also get a blurry eye but goes away when glasses are used?

I am so depressed and desperate I hope someone can tell me what they think, share experience of TN etc?

Or anxiety and these same symptoms? I also get shooting pains in head hay last a few seconds and pins and needles in one side

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    Alice, trust your instincts, they're right. It's anxiety, not a brain tumour. I'm a former neuro nurse and I can assure you (as I expect your doctor has already done) that if you've been worrying for years about having a brain tumour, you haven't got one. They progress very quickly.

    All your symptoms - especially the various tingling feelings - are those of anxiety. Trigeminal neuralgia doesn't cause tingling in your face. It causes sudden shooting pains that are so severe, people often cry out in agony when they happen. Some people have even committed suicide to escape these pains. The pain of trigeminal neuralgia is actually triggered, not relieved, by touching the face. I know this from personal experience as well as my training. I once suffered two weeks of trigeminal neuralgia as a result of shingles in my ear. Every time I forgot and rested my cheek in my hand, the stab of pain reminded me I had it! Fortunately it cleared up when the shingles did.

    Everyone gets vague shooting pains in their head from time to time. It's just part of the normal functioning of the body. Pins and needles can also be caused by hyperventilation, a classic sign of anxiety. That's when you breathe too fast and too deeply without realising you're doing it. It alters the chemical balance of your body, which in turn causes peripheral nerve symptoms. These are completely harmless, and go away when your breathing falls back into its normal pattern.

    It's also quite normal to have pain in your upper jaw, ears and head when you have a cold, due to congestion in the sinuses. I always get this. If it doesn't clear up a week or so after the cold does, it might be worth asking your doctor about it. However, inflammation of the sinuses during a cold is quite common and nothing to worry about.

    As for the blurry eye... Well, you said it yourself - it goes away when you put your glasses on! That's what glasses are for, to correct the minor vision problems most of us have.

    If the citalopram is causing dizziness you might want to reduce the dose very slightly, but don't stop it unless told to by your doctor, as this can cause withdrawal symptoms. It's usually possible to cut small pieces off tablets with a sharp knife, reducing the dose to, say, three-quarters. You may, however, find that the side-effects improve with time without reducing the dose.

    And I'm really glad to hear that you'll be going for CBT. This really is the treatment of choice for anxiety, especially in cases like yours, where the patient is prepared to admit that their symptoms are down to anxiety. It's quite hard work - the therapist can't wave a magic wand and make you better, you have to put in a lot of effort yourself - but I'm sure it will help you a lot.

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    Alice nobody would understand me more then you

    Iam going throw what you have discribe

    I underwent a hair transplant surgery stupid me

    After that i had some sort of pin pain inside my tempel area

    I ot so worried searched the net , then came up with TN ive convinced my self i have TN now iam getting these werid feelings like ants are walking on my face geting huge pressure around my head and tempels with headaches went nero and docs so many times they just say its anxiety

    I suffered and overcome my anxiety wen i was 17 iam 29 now

    This is driveing me crazzyyyy please help how are you now ?

    Hope your pains and anxiety is gone ?

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    Ive had a lot of symptoms. I cant take meds because I fear the side effects which I'll bring on myself. I found a small rash on my side yesterday, taught it was shingles. So this brought on a night from hell. Two panic attacks, sweats, dizzy, stomach ache, feeling to hot then getting cold chills. Say I got 2 hours sleep. Cryed and cryed. Even had to ring my sister to stay couple hours. Dono why but usually I can get through them but I was so terrified last nite. When I think its under control, it seems to get worse. Just when I think ive seen it all....

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    In response to the tingling as i have experienced this. The anxiety and stress can and doess cause bruxism, clenching and jaw grinding. Hence the tingling.i went to maxiallary surgeon who explained it to me. Not easy to stop either. I chose the route of acuounture. Inuse a man trained in china that works with a MD as i wasnt go to go off randomly and find an acupuncturist. It also explains your blurry eye and headaches. by the way. The muscles effect a lot. Ine side usually is effected worse the bite is rarely perectly even. 

    They sell hot cold packs. Get them. Small ones they even have tmj kit with them. Heat them as oer instructiin and place them over your jaw area in each side. Ten minutes twice day. To sooth the muscles. Sleep on your back. Side sleeping messes up tmj/tmjd more. See a maxillary surgeon who specialized in tmj or at the very least a dentist who does face nerve issues as well. Many do know. 

    The bottom line is yes it is anxiety and stress but the bruxism or what you are doing to comoe sate can and does cause other issues in the body. Very common ones. The simus can also tingle. There are a few very normal reasons for it. It is weird! I hate it. I do twice a week magnesium foot soaks that calms the muscles in the body and anxiety too. One cup of magnessium flakes (epsom salt can be used its a cheaper magnessium) soak 20-30 minutes. Twice or three times a week max is good.

    watch your posture as well. Watch how you sot, how much time you stay in the same position and be aware of your neck and jaw. Then you can change it up. Maybe even treat yourself to a neck massage at a nail salon. Very inexoensive. Ten minute massage maybe nice or twice a week.

    things that happen sometimes are more simple then we realize. Still sucks but simple.


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