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cry Hi Girls,

                    just finished a weekend of nights and I have had the worst time. It all started with a thumping headache which I couldn't get rid of (despite various potions and forms of analgaesia including Anadin Xtra, codeine phos and paracetamol). Then my teeth and gums aching and nausea, to top it all my job is horrendously stressful (nursing) and I couldn't cancel my shifts. As the weekend progressed I became oversensitive, crying with the patients (I know it's so unprofessional) but I just couldn't stop bursting into tears, how ridiculous!!! I think my colleagues thought I was going mad, managed to upset a young girl by saying something I just would not have said, WHY???

You know If I don't lose my !!!**%% job before this meno things out I'll be lucky.

This morning I lost my car keys, a guy who works on site found them in the toilet and there's more,


Mrs Merm 

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    Well MrsMerm. I was a nurse for over 40 years and i wouldn't say it was unprofessional crying with your patients. To answer your question though yes it sounds as though it's your hormones. You don't say how old you are or anything about your menstrual çycle but a little bit of hrt wouldn't do any harm. Go and see your GP and request à blood test. You may also have an underactive thyroid.
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      Hello Matron lol,

                                    thanks for your positive experience, I'm 51yrs and tried HRT for a while. I can't say that I thought the benefits were worth it, however, after such a horrendous weekend (and I don't fancy another) maybe I could ask my Dr for a different type. I keep clenching my jaw and teeth too. You know I only did two night shifts, that's 24 hours and feel like I've been hit with a truck, ridiculous!?

      Have had various blood tests which are negative and I take vitamin B12 mega doses, B6, as Jaynne Jay suggests, Magnesium............

      I feel sick/nauseas, ended up in clinic this afternoon because my ear is ?infected too!. yes i'm in the wars LOL cry

      think I'll get an early nights ZZZZZ and take stock tmw morning, ?GP visit me thinks

                              Thanks awfully for caring, us older nurses are the best wink

                   Love Mrs Merm xxx 

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      Shifts really take it out of you. You no sooner finish your shifts, have a feww days off than you are back to work again. Go and see your GP. You need an MOT i think!
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      I've been on Elleste duet 2mg for about 9 months along with 20 mg of fluoxetine once daily.  It took a few months for me until I felt calmer, less sweats, and I'm sleeping better now.  I also have more fruit & veg in my diet and have milled flaxseed on wheat cereal every morning.  Drinking about a litre of water a day.  Gut motility has improved.  Mindfulness, relaxation, Pilates and good family and friends have helped a lot.  Also taking up an interest you've put off for years has been so cathartic and helps to off load all those thoughts that float in and out of your head.  I also work in a similar role to yourself so I understand how stressful it gets.  I had to be signed off work fora couple of months.  My Dr was fantastic. So many people to thank.  I hope this helps you find your way, you can do it, you really can.  It just takes a bit of time to rebalance and find that lovely person which is the new you x
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    Hi Mrs Merm, 

    youve not been on for a while .. Oh bless you hun, just a blip weekend maybe..

    i found i got emotional in the post meno run up ( that year with no periods) but all improved for me after a while.. There use to be a pattern, about every six weeks i felt emotional, i had bad heads on the very last three periods and then i knew one was coming, maybe you have one on its way ..

    i had a natural peri as you maybe remember.. 😃 feel great now most days post meno , hope you have a few better days.

    Big hugs 

    jay x


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      Hi there Jaynee smile

                                      seemed to be doing OK for a while but just felt like I couldn't cope lately. I find it difficult because I don't have a partner and although I'm a great nurturer I would just love someone to look after me once in a while, this evening is one of them, I am exhausted, it takes me ages to bounce back after work shifts. I did loads of exercise last week and was eating healthy too.............................

      up, down, all over the place,

      never mind eh, it'll soon be Christmas rolleyes

      atleast I'm home tonight with my darling kitty,

      Thanks so much for caring XXX  

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      Hi everyone!

      MrsMerm, I too have been suffering with similar symptoms, teeth/ears, really rotten and so run down.  I really do feel for you especially having to do your nursing job, I could not cope!  I think you are doing so well, I don't think you have to be menopausal to forget where you put things, but it's just 10 times worst when your worn out.

      I can't really follow up on good advice given, but I do think a trip to you GP would help. 

      I used a herbal tea that simply contained lime flowers, it is very helpful in aiding sleep and helping to ease headaches.  There is quite a bit of information about lime flowers tea on-line.  I confess I stopped for while taking any herbal preparation including teas.  

      However lime flower tea is relatively gentle, but it is excellent and will help you sleep.  It is also helpful for the liver too.

      I forgot to post about this as I had stopped taking it.   I may have to start again myself.  

      I hope things improve for you.  It's helpful to read Matron's and Jaynees post, there is light at the end of the tunnel!


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      Hello MrsMerm,

      This could very well be a blip-and I also work in healthcare with alternating work shifts which does not help during this time. I know you are upset that things that we normally let go, bother us. Hey, I get upset that my memory is not what I believe it used to be, yet I work with a bunch of young ladies, who have the same issues, be it memory, emotional, aches/pains and anything else that seems to really upset me at times. I believe it's my outlook, as I realize my body is changing and at times I'll be honest, it saddens me beyond comprehension. Then I'll snap out of this funk and carry on as the others do. 

      As for having a partner, I feel very guilty much of the time as I wonder how the heck he can stand to be around this unpredictable person I have become. It cannot be pleasant for him at all. There are plenty of times I wish I were by myself, so I don't disappoint anyone else! So I guess the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence at times.

      Just know that this is most likely what Jay says, a blip that will pass. Hang in there my dear and give yourself the compassion you would give others. It is so easy for us to nuture others, that we forget about ourselves, I'm guilty of that one big time. Hugs to you and kitty!biggrin

      Annie xx

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      Thank you so much for your caring words,

                                      Good night

                                              Mrs M xxx

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      Thanks so much Dear Annie,

                                                      our job is so hard sometimes, but it keeps me going. Most of the time I just love my independence but it would be nice for some hunk LOL cheesygrin to do the shopping and make my tea once in a while, dream on lol

                                        Good night Annie

                                               Mrs M xxx

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    Oh nooooo mrsmerm!  Your posting made me really feel for you.  I am certain it is most definitely the hormones and not you!  If it was your normal personality, you would not even notice or be concerned!  Your posting also made me smile because of the similarities....shift worker, stressful job, looking after others, no partner, just a cat!!!    Only yesterday I uncharacteristically snapped at my line manager, and then thought about the possible consequences.  He is a total ar*e, and so the last thing I have wanted to do is to talk to him about hormone problems!  However, I have a very responsible job and cannot afford to make mistakes, or lose my job!   My memory is shot to pieces.  On one day I lost my locker keys and left my proximity card at home which meant I couldn't even get into the building, let alone into my locker to access my work files.  ARGGGGH........!! for you showing emotion with a patient, I think that is absolutely human and appropriate.  I am sure that you are not blubbing with everyone.  I too have felt tears welling with certain people (and that was before my hormones went haywire!), as has a colleague.  Plus a good friend of mine who is a nurse, like you, has too.  I totally believe there is nothing at all wrong with showing empathy and that you care.  So......chin up mrsmerm, we are all here for you.  Give that kitty a big cuddle and be kind to yourself.  Like you, sometimes it's tough without a partner......sometimes it's a bonus;-) ...... But you have to remember that you are doing great.  You are doing a tough job which is very draining and takes it out of you.  I am sure that you are also doing an excellent job.  So please, give yourself credit for managing all of this and more whilst your hormones are playing silly buggers!  Big hugs to you xxx
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