help im scared im having a heart attack

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I'm 17 years old female and I feel like I'm having a heart attack my heart feels like it's being squeeze my left arm is numb and i have heart burn and I'm really tired I tried to tell my mom and dad but there not listening it gets to the point where we are screaming at each other I hate it they don't under stand I'm in tears everyday this can't all be health anxiety can it for 3 months I've had all of the symptoms of health anxiety it's getting so bad I feel like I'm dieing every day nothing helps I also get stomach pain like I've done so many crunches but haven't done them or exercise I'm so scared that something is wrong with me my cousin was 12 and die because of his heart but he had it ever since he was born I think that's what trigger this I'm so lost and don't know what to do no one seems to care I just want to be normal again and live life but this is stopping me I don't want to die I'm scared I'm having a heart attack I'm scared to go to sleep because I'm afraid I'm going to die in my sleep does anyone else have any of these symptoms

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    Hi felicia, personally in your position I would make an urgent appointment to see your GP. At 17 you can do so without your patients permission, though I would urge you to tell them afterwards. Tell your GP about your symptoms and family history. They should send you for tests that provide reassurance. Make sure you mention your cousin who died at 12 and that you're worried you might have a heart problem
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    Hi felica;

    I am very sympathetic for all those things that you are living with right now.

    I want to re assure you firstly that you are in the right space by entering into discussion about the anxiety and all those horrible side effects which are very common to all of us in here.

    You are so young but this also is not unusual at all as I myself have only been using this anxiety forum for 17 days and I am feeling all the positive benifits of what this room is all about.

    This is a safe space for you and I to come into .

    We are able to discuss exactly how it is for us and without comdemnation and being misunderstood as we all find we are by those looking in on our illness .

    Outsiders have little clue in how to handle us , they havent a clue of what to say and many times it really sets us up to go further into despair.

    No one is to blame here .

    But what i want to encourage you to understand is it has taken courage and shows to a great depth that the way things are for you is not what you want out of life and not how you would want to live.

    Your future is bright and there is light at the end of this dark tunnel you know to be called anxiety today.

    If you can manage not to hold onto all those feelings towards what others say about you and how they have reacted to your need for support an help in areas that are totally foriegn to those loved ones like your family as you desribed it leads to arguments and more resentement.

    Allow yourself to wave good bye to all that negativitiy at this moment and if you can restore each of these feelings with something that is far more meaninful and helpful to yourself.

    If you can imagine and start to concentrate of all the great things about you . all those things that make you stand out for who you really are and to encourage yourself that you are going to be just fine.

    Then start to use some breathing techniques of deep long breaths in and out to clear all those twisted and confussing thoughts that torment you over and over again.

    Know that you are now in the right place

    You are amonst freinds here .

    trust me you are with your new family here .

    We understand where you are coming from and we all want to see you move forward in your life as you open up like a flower int he spring time.

    As you accept the disability that is part of you and acknowledge that it entails some extra care and self exploration you will begin to be able to start to unravel the chaos and the tormenting nature of what Anxiety can do to us all here.

    I can go on and on here but I just want to deliever good news to you that you have arrived at the best starting point ever , and are amongst a whole range of people that may be strangers right now but in time , and it doesnt take much time you will begin to find this is actaully like coming back to family and being in a space wher yoiu can be understood and supported for all it takes .

    And as in many case here begin to feel the ehaling and restoration set inside your troubled soul and allow the healing to grow and grow inside.

    And before too long it will be others asking you for advice and your support for something they too are so lost with but having been through all this you have the greatest of possiblilty to become a very unique and amazing individual with great gifts of compassion and insight in how to just be there for others.

    be assured we are all fighting for your recovery .

    You are not alone

    You have new freinds right here

    Welcome to the forrum.

    Experience the change day by day and often momnent by moment.



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    Hi felicity, I'm in UK so my suggestions were related to what to do in UK. Try again to talk to your parents. Would it help to write down your symptoms and what you are concerned about and show it to them?
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    I've been suffering the same symptoms as you for around 5 months and I'm still here! smile

    Anxiety causes very real, very frightening symptoms but as you've been feeling like this for 3 months and you accept you have health anxiety, I don't think you need to worry about your heart!

    However, I'd see a doctor just to put your mind at rest!

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    Everyone has very different symptoms, you just need to overcome this with the mind. Recently I've found out how important taking slow, deep breaths are and focusing on your breathing. You are normal, don't ever think you're abnormal, we all just take stress in different ways.
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    Thank you guys I pray to God every day I feel like I'm getting worse I just threw up and I have heart burn I'm scared they still don't listen to me my left arm hurts and my heart and my whole body feel week I feel like something really bad is going to happen im so scared
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      Please listen to the advice people in here are giving you, many of us in here know exactly what you are experiencing at this moment.

      Its really important that you listen and act on the advice so we can all count on you getting through this with all the support you need right now

      Action needs to start with you and non of us can start the ball rolling in a way that will start to bring you the recovery you so badly need.

      Its important so much that you go see a Dr without delay if if cant get to see a GP then I would encourage you to walk into an A and E department.

      Please put all of our minds at rest and do the right thing.

      let me also itterate that you are not dying as your head tells you are.

      This is real and debilitating Anxiety and it must be treated.

      my thoughts and prayers extend to you through the night .

      I hope that we get some positive feedback in the next days to assure us you are doing much better.



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      Thank you it means a lot and I'm sorry I just get so scared I really am listening to what Every body has to say and it means a lot its nice to know that people care your right I need to do this my self I'm just trying to find a easy way out because I'm so sick of it but there is no easy way all of you guys are really strong I just think the most thing that makes me mad and I'm pretty sure everyone can relate is that you tell someone how you feel and they don't believe you they make you think your crazy and they won't listen it's been feeling like boy cry wolf a lot and they just don't understand I'm in that place we're people say I'm fine but I don't believe it I hate it because I do but my mind won't thank you for taking the time to write
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      Felicity, one of the things you can do to help yourself is Cognitive Based Therapy (aka CBT). I used a really good book titled Overcoming Depression and Low Mood a five areas approach (the counsellor suggested this book was better than the one on anxiety). In it are techniques that I think everyone should learn and practise to keep their mind healthy as they go through life. Workbook one is available free as a pdf on google. This helped me enormously.
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