Help? In pain but tests are clear. Any advice???

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wondering if anyone has had any similar symptoms and has had a diagnosis?

i started getting abdominal pain upper right side and lower left side beginning of December i assumed it was IBS as did my GP

however my pain has changed and it on the upper left side just under my ribs, i have started getting mid to upper back pain as well.

I have started getting constipated and looser stools as well. i got referred for an ultrasound which showed Gallstones but the surgical team and gp have decided not to remove my gallbladder due to it not being inflamed but will monitor it incase it gets worse.

ive had this pain on my left side under my ribs and my back which comes and goes it seems to be more painful when sitting.

ive ended up in A&E due to the pain where they conducted a chest x-ray, ECG, blood tests for liver and kidney and Pancreas all which were clear and in normal levels. The hospital ordered a CT scan for the next day which again showed nothing and everything was fine. The hospital and my GP said it was just Acid.

I dont usually get heartburn but have been frequently clearing my throat for about 18 months and get a burning sensation in the top of my throat. i have just had a Gastroscopy which showed nothing either.

I am stuck now i dont know what more to do? ive had so many tests and everything has come back clear, yet i am still in pain ( it isnt severe pain just a dull uncomfortable pain, sometimes a sharp pain) the pain does come and go bit is happening daily. I have spoke to my GP who said its still Acid reflux and to follow a low acidic diet and take Lansoprazole.

i suffer with really bad health anxiety but my GP isnt interested in my symptoms anymore and said only lifestyle changes will help.

Anyone else suffer from any of these symptoms and had a diagnosis

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    I'm having very similar symptoms. Its more painful to sit and im dealing with constipation as well. I have pain on both my sides in my upper abdomen but its worse on the right side. I also get pain on both sides in my lower abdomen but not as frequently as the upper abdomen(which is pretty much constant). The only thing I don't have is a burning sensation in my throat. I have been diagnosed with Mild Gastritis, Bad acid reflux, and a hiatal hernia. I am not even convinced those things are even causing all my symptoms. My anxiety is through the roof and I wish the pain would just go away. We might be in the same boat. My pain started on my right side first and then evolved too. They did an ultrasound of my liver, gallbladder, Pancreas, Right Kidney and I also had a chest x ray along with bloodwork. been in the ER 3 times. Everything looks fine they said, not even stones. Now i've been on Omeprazole for 4 days and my symtpoms havent gotten better. This is truly terrible to go through and i have so much sumpathy for those who have been dealing with this for longer than the 3 months i Have. I also dont know what to do anymore. 😦

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      hi thanks for replying,

      sorry to hear you are going through similar symptoms.

      I dont know what more i can do or ask my GP to do? ive had issues with acid reflux for nearly 2 years but it hasnt caused abdominal pain. when i mention this she just dismisses me saying all your tests are clear if you had something wrong we would of found it.

      I have noticed the pain in the left side stops after a bowel movement but flares up again within an hour or so. could it possibly be IBS along with acid reflux?

      I have had so many tests think ive had 4 blood tests in a month, X-rays, endoscopy CT scan all clear.

      hope you manage to sort your symptoms out as well it is horrible being in pain all the time, ill keep in touch if i get any answers as well! 😃

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    hi i wondered how you both were? i have similar symptoms too.

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      Hi Amy

      Still the same really, upper left abdominal pain has gone from being constant to just appearing sometimes throughout the day for a few minutes, still having mid/upper back pain, its a strange feeling its not painful just uncomfortable especially when in certain positions and the feeling moves around my back.

      No diagnosis apart from GERD but i am now following a low acidic diet and eating less and often and taking Lansoprazole daily had helped the stomach pain.

      Will be contacting my GP next week regarding the aches in my back but i assume she wont be interested.

      I think anxiety hasnt helped my symptoms either i was constantly googling my symptoms and it was coming back with the worst results possible, but thankfully all my scans have been clear.

      have you had any tests yet?

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      yes i have had three rounds of bloods, mri of abdomen, ultra sound and endoscopy - all clear

      the only thing was i tested postive for h pylori which i was treated for and had it tested again and was clear.

      pleased you are finding some relief

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