Help! Inconclusive test results and worried!

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The last few months have been a real rollercoaster! I have had stomach and constipation issues for a least 20 odd years - I've had hiatus hernia repair and a hysterectomy done in the last 4 years - bowel issues had now become increasingly frequent and worrying. A lot ties in with IBS - but some not! I have what I would call 'attacks' where I become quite low in mood - followed by a dull headache - followed by extreme fatigue - then comes diarrhea. 2 weeks ago I passed red blood in my diarrhea - followed by a poo the next day - also with blood in it. I called my GP - had blood tests done & stool test - all came back clear. In the past 6 months I have had my thyroid checked, a colonoscopy which showed nothing and in the last week a clear coeliac test. This weekend I find myself passing no poo - only mucus - first brown, then orange and finally clear - it was so bad last night I had to wear a pad so I didn't have an accident - it was actually dripping out at one stage! I noticed I had an oily substance floating on top of the toilet water. Currently I am constipated - except for passing this weird mucus/ oily stuff!

Anyone help? Any suggestions? I've had 2 full blood tests in 6 months that show nothing! At the moment actually seeing a GP at my practice is almost impossible. - all done by phone! Saw a nurse for the blood tests - and that was it.

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    Could be IBS if everything is negative. Straining for a bowel movement can cause fissures or haemorrhoids which produce fresh red blood. Try a stool softener for constipation and Imodium for diarrhoea.Do you have shifting abdominal pain during your flare ups and any food reactions? IBS often causes anxiety and anxiety can cause IBS.Low mood is common with IBS. Headaches and fatigue can also be IBS symptoms along with stool colour change and mucus. People often talk about getting orange stools with IBS.

    All my tests were inconclusive too and it took three and half months to diagnose IBS. Have your doctors mentioned IBS? Keep going back to your doctor for a definitive diagnosis. Even change your doctor if necessary. Everyone's IBS is different. I had four different types of pain that moved about, constipation with loose stools, nausea, extreme health anxiety and back pain.

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      Thanks for replying Pippa ! I am pretty sure if I had haemorrhoids they would have mentioned this when I had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago! That was why I called my GP a couple of weeks ago. I am having intensive physio on my back at the moment - so I don't think that is helping the situation. They have probably labelled me with IBS - but have never said - that's what they think I have. Actually seeing a GP is so bad where I live mostly you get a phone call and that's your lot - in fact the last doctor I saw was out of hours service!!!! It is that bad!!!

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      Fortunately, doctors don't just label you with IBS. They do extensive tests to rule out causes other than IBS and only diagnose it when all your tests are negative. If your doctor thought you had IBS after all your negative tests, you would be told this and that would be your diagnosis.I can't see why your doctor would not tell you. Are you living in a remote area that makes it difficult to see a doctor?

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      Hi Pippa,

      No it's not so remote here - but my GP surgery are constantly short staffed - so actually seeing a GP is almost like winning the lottery right now! I think I have more chance of having tea with the Queen! The last time I was in there for bloods to be taken I just saw a whole bunch of nurses running around. My bloods were taken by a healthcare assistant - did not see a single GP in the practice. It's quite disturbing to be honest. I think because my blood results are OK then they are not bothered to do anything else. They don't even give you the results - the receptionist does that! It used to be a very good surgery - but now iI have my doubts!

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    Go to a hospital E/R. They will see you immediately.

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      Thankfully things have calmed down! I can't vomit - so I reckon I had a 'tummy bug' . If things hadn't got better I would have done that - it was a bit disturbing at the time!

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    Might be internal bleeding if it comes out without you pushing or leaky gut. The weird mucus/oily stuff could be bile aka stomach acid (google what it looks like), I have had this where I push real hard and no stool but this sticky white/yellow stuff (have never seen it before this constipation!).

    you have to change your diet immediately aka NOW:

    no fried food/bread/sugary drinks/coffee/cookies. drink warm/hot water/milk/tea.

    try to eat all boiled organic food lol, this is very hard, i can't even do it.

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      Thanks John,

      Perhaps I have IBS as Pippa mentioned - I've had stomach issues for long enough - it's just they have evolved somewhat in the last 12 months or so. Could be I'm just getting OLD 😄 I am always quite chirpy when my tummy is not giving me the run around. I already cook a lot of what I eat - highly processed foods do not agree at all! I don't do much alcohol either. I mainly have constipation - and that's drinking 3 litres or water a day and eating 25 grams of fibre!!! Soooo frustrating!!! But really appreciate your comment!

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