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Hi, I'm 17 years old and I live in the UK. I've been diagnosed with Blepharitis by seven professionals and have had the condition since I was 9 years old, maybe even younger. I was bullied relentlessly throughout school because i was the 'red-eyed freak' who looked like a horror movie character. Over the years I have grown used to the medication and frequent hospital trips, but lately it's been bothering me that no medication seems to have effect on my eye. It's always bloodshot and inflammed, often with cysts and styes and to be honest, I just want to be a normal teenage girl. I want to look in the mirror and see normal eyes looking back at me. Please, if anyone has any advice, I'm desperate.

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    Dear Chantelle,

    Kids sure can be mean, can't they?

    So, you're out of school now? Are you working? Assuming you are,

    are you getting any grief from anyone there? (Particularly in retail,

    it's amazing how little attention people pay to each other, so if you

    work in a shop, you may get less negative attention than if you're

    in, say, an office.)

    How come you've been to SEVEN professionals on this? That's a

    lot of medical people! How many were ophthalmologists? That, I'd

    think is the kind of 'professional' you need to be talking with.

    Now, re the bullying -- even if you don't get much (or any) any more,

    please consider this, to possibly make it easier for you to deal with

    what happened in the past: The old 'sticks and stones can break

    my bones, but words can never hurt me' saying. It's true, but -- as

    you well know -- hard to accept when the likes of bullying is going


    Please keep an eye on this forum. If a new or different treatment

    option becomes available, there's a good chance you'll learn of

    it here first. There are a lot of smart people here who have vested

    interests, as you do, in getting relief from this condition.

    I'm lucky; Mine flares up infrequently and disappears almost as

    fast. I even question the diagnosis sometimes.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Dear Chantelle,

    My name is Lynda and a friend and I have killed Blepharitis. I have posted to many on this site.

    I used WET ONES, antibacterial handwipes, in the red box. I realize you have to go on line to e-bay or have someone from the US order them for you.

    My friend had her Blepharitis go up to her eyelids almost to her eyebrows. She used an Avon Facial Scrub that was an antibacterial that killled it. I could not find that product for sale any longer so I looked on the internet to see what other products had Benzethonium Chloride in it. That is what was in the Avon Facial Scrub that killed it for her. I found WET ONES and I had them at home.

    I tore each one into 8 sections (small) and I used 2 each on eyelash areas 4 times a day for a week and a half. I then went down to 3 times a day for a month. After that I went down to 2 times a day for several months. I had an itch once or twice and I jumped on it with the wipes for a day or two then it was gone for good.

    If you are alllergic to detergents or fabric softners you could be allergic to these. I suggest you research Benzethonium Chloride for yourself. There is a Blepharitis US Patent 3236730 that used one type of Benzethonium Chloride in it for the eyes and it was working. It went in the eye.

    My findings are from personal experience that you don't need to put it in the eye just on the eyelashes and I would think at the gland openings.

    You can wear mascara and kill this at the same time. You need to buy new makeup. Buy throw away wands on the internet (beauty sites). You use 2 wands for each time you put it on. Never put a used wand in the mascara. One wand for each eye. There are throw away applicators you can get from the drugstore (chemist) to put on eye shadow. Never put a used one back into the new eyeshadow.

    You also need to use 2 washrags when washing your eyes or takin off the mascara. I used white so they could go into the bleach load. I read this after I did it on a Blepharitis site too. You don't want to re-infect each eye again.

    This really works and you can check other areas on this site for those who are doing it. My grandson couldn't stop laughing at me posting. Just trying to let people know they can get relief and quickly.

    One young man said that the chemist would order him something with Benzethonium Chloride in it.

    Hope this information helps you soon.


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    Hello Chantelle

    What a horrible time you have had. One day bullying always backfires so those who bullied you will hopefully get their just desert.

    What I don't understand about this Blepharitis is they say its caused by bad eyelid hygiene which is a load of rubbish! When I was told this it made me feel like I was dirty. I have got it mainly in my right eye, at the moment its quite bad it seems to flare up from time to time and then usually go of its own accord but for some reason it isn't shifting this time. Its horrible as it pushes my eyelashes out and I have gaps along the lash line.

    As Lynda has advised try and get the Wet Ones. You will have to do the same as I have done and order them from the USA as the ones here in the UK do not contain the correct chemical. If you go onto Ebay you can find them. The only problem with that is they take a few weeks to arrive I'm still waiting for mine!

    There must be different strains of this Blepharitis as there are so many different symptoms people seem to have.

    You would think in this day and age they would be able to find a cure for it but it seems to be something like a Superbug!

    At the moment I'm trying Canesten Double Strength Thrush cream and Tea Tree Oil along the lashline. It seemed to be helping but at the moment I'm not sure it actually is!

    Lets hope between us we can find something to cure it!! Incidentally Chantelle what have the Consultants given you to treat it?

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    Chantelle I got my Wet Ones from the USA today. Its not ebay its Amazon you will find them and for 2 boxes it costs roughly £14 including postage. I bought 2 boxes just to make sure the active agent was Benzethonium Chloride and it is, therefore I've ordered another 2 boxes.
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    Dear Chanetelle,

    I am going to give you the short form of my research on why the WET ONES work.

    Please notice what causes Blepharitis and what the Quats (what is in the wipes) kill.

    A friend and I have killed Blepharitis and many are having the same success using the WET ONES, antibacterial hand wipes that have .03% Benzethonium Chloride or Benzalkonium Chloride and do not go into the eyes. They go on the eyelash areas to kill it. Only people who are allergic to hand wipes, shampoo, detergents, fabric softners or spermicidal jellies should not use them. They also contain Lanolin, so anyone allergic to that should not use them.  Most people or 80% of people can try this method.

    People are using BAK (Benzalkonium Chloride) as a preservative at .01% in steroid meds and quite a few eye drops, even lubricating drops. The wipes do kill it and do not go in the eyes. Here is a very condensed version of research to explain why.


    What causes blepharitis?

    There are three main types of blepharitis: staphylococcal blepharitis, seborrhoeic blepharitis and meibomian blepharitis. All three types can cause similar symptoms.

    Staphylococcal blepharitis

    This type of blepharitis is thought to be caused by a bacterium (germ) called staphylococcus. This bacterium commonly lives in low numbers on the skin without doing any harm. However, in some people, it seems that this bacterium causes a localised infection of the eyelids, resulting in blepharitis. Exactly why this happens in some people is unclear.

    Benzethonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride are called Quats. These are the ingredients in WET ONES, antibacterial hand wipes that have killed Blepharitis for several people. Below is the TOX report I found.

    Quats are effective in destroying a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms. They are effective in killing the following microorganisms while cleaning the surfaces upon which they reside – all in one simple step.

    1.                   Gram negative and gram positive bacteria like salmonella typhi, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus epidermidis and pseudomonas aeruginosa,

    2.                   viruses like HIV-1, Herpes simplex 1 and 2

    3.                   Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria including methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

    4.                   and fungi like trichophyton interdigitale (athlete’s foot).

    International Journal of Toxicology

    3 Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Benzethonium Chloride and Methylbenzethonium Chloride


     This is the last paragraph of this small document.

    One person told me she had her eyelashes grow back and she had had Bleph for 20 years.

    I hope this info helps you.


    In clinical studies, Benzethonium Chloride produced mild skin irritation at 5 percent but not at lower concentration. Neither ingredient is considered to be a sensitizer.

    It is concluded that both compounds are safe at concentrations of 0.5 percent in cosmetics applied to the skin. A maximum concentration of 0.02 percent is safe for cosmetics used in the eye area.



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    Dear Chantelle,

    I found out just today that the wipes sold in the UK have .3% Benzalkonium Chloride in them.

    I used the ones in the US and they have .03% Benzethonium Chloride in them.

    That is a hughe!!! difference. Please if you are to try the wipes use the ones sold on the internet that are safer.

    Sorry I had no idea there was such a difference. It does explain why honjon, on this site, went down so fast when using the UK ones. They are not safe around the eye in that hughe amount.

    Thinking of you,


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