Help me chuck the scales!!!!!

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I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to get rid of my scales,I am nw on day5 of the pills and I ama trying not to be disheartened by what my scales said last night!!!I weigh myself at least twice a day am and pm.(only when I am bein good mind,other wise I try to ignore them) when I stood on them last night they had ccrept up,I know weight can fluctuate through the day but I was gutted!!I kno that the worst thing to do is to keep weighin but I just cant help it!!!I need to throw them away but I just cant...Someone try and convince me these tabs will work pls!

Alsocan I have any veiws on how much bread is to much????

Thnkyou all for not thinkin I am a freak!!lol

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    Hi TJ,

    Do yourself a favour and put the scales in the shed....the loft....anywhere but where u can access them.

    Thats why I can`t have scales in the house chick, Id drive myself mad....doing exactly what ur doing.

    Take the bull by the horns and chuck the bu**ers out the door!!

    The tablets will work....just have faith in them and yourself. U`ll be fine.

    As for bread. Ive seen me having 2 slice toasted in the morning, sometimes I`ll have a slice of bread with a scrapping of butter with my tea at nite...depends what Im having. Ive kinda swopped sandwiches etc and toast at supper time with either dutch crispbakes or rice cakes.

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    teejay19 - please, please listen to Skye and do as she says.

    I've been on the tabs a little over 2 weeks now, I weighed in with the doc on Wednesday and lost 8lbs for the fortnight, I'd already been dieting before this and lost another 4lbs in the fortnight before this so in effect I know the tabs helped me to lose double (IYSWIM) and I know I've never lost 4lbs in a week on a diet before.

    I was the worlds most sceptical and truly didn't believe I would lose weight with a little blue tablet.

    For the last 2 weeks I was nearly demented, [b:b3ac21a337]10[/b:b3ac21a337] times a day, if not more I kept jumping on those stupid scales, even the morning of weighing in they never budged a single ounce. My scales are so far out, why put myself through it. I very nearly threw the towel in, if it hadn't have been for the ladies on this forum and reading their posts I would have done. It was so soul destroying to see those scales not move.

    My doctor promises me I lost 8lb and he says his scales are completely accurate. I asked him because I could have passed out with shock :lol:

    Again do as Skye says [b:b3ac21a337]pleeease[/b:b3ac21a337]

    Good luck my duck.

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    I really want to throw out my scales, but my dad just bought some new ones for me so I'd feel bad! Maybe I can put them somewhere and only get on them once a week instead!
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    Hi All,

    I'm the same, weighing in the morning, weighing in the evening, up & down, up & down. Promised myself I wouldn't do it, but I did!

    I hadn't weighed myself for at least ummmm.. 2 days, when I had to take my cat to the vet. While I was waiting I looked around, the waiting room was empty so I jumped onto the dogs weighing scales :!: :!: :lol: But the laugh was on me (NOT!) I have PUT ON 2 pounds :cry: Apart from being ripped off by the vet for medication for my cat I was well p***ed off :!: How sad/desperate is that :!: sad I hope the dog scales were wrong :dog: :roll:

    I will not be weighing myself until I go to the drs next week :!:

    Li'l jan


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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Shouldn`t laugh.....but that was funny. Wish Id been a fly on the wall... :D

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    smile smile smile

    arh bless ya that is quite comical!!!

    I am sat here now just chillin out but in the back off my head I am bein told stand on the scales stand on the scales who is this other voice???

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    Thats alright Skye you can laugh :lol:

    I wouldn't mind but the vet leaves all sorts of biscuits in a jar (not dog biscuits!) next to the kettle, teabags, coffee and juices :!:

    But the biscuit jar is right next to the scales so I didnt dig in :lol:

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    Don't do it teejay!! If your not happy with what you see you will lose any positive thoughts you've got.. believe me its not good when you dont see the results you want. Have a bit of patience and wait.

    The little voice is a little thought with a BIG mouth, the little thought of negativity. :devil: Take the batteries out of your scales and throw them away, I have.

    Keep reading this forum for the positive, and keep strong!! smile

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    I'm sorry to get heavy girls as we try to keep things on a light note here (if you'll exscuse the pun).

    But seriously, it really worries me when I hear about people weighing themselves too often. I have a friend who became Bulemic/Anorexic and some of her first signs were obsessive weighing and obsessively using her exercise bike (to the point of colapsing!!). She lost 6st in 6 months and was VERY VERY POORLY to the point where she was frightened to even drink water as in her mind she thought it would put weight on :!:

    I'm not trying to scare anyone but just point out how destructive these behaviors can be. My friends experience was obviously an extreme but by jumping on those scales you are sabotaging yourself and undoing all your good, hard work. And it is BLOODY HARD WORK :!:


    PS My friend has now recovered (although she still has to be careful of triggers) and has a beautiful baby girl called Lily :D

    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    Hi Kal,

    I totally understand what you're saying, a friend of mine was obsessed about her weight, kept weighing herself and because she wasn't losing started on the road of taking laxatives sad she lost the weight but ended up having to have an operation on her now disfuctional bowel due to the excessive use of laxatives.

    I think, for me, weighing myself has become a habit, first thing in the morning every morning, did all that work at the gym work :?: , did not eating at all day yesterday make any difference :?:

    Now being on the tabs its, are they working :?: I personally did well not to weigh myself for 2 days smile until I went to the vet :lol:

    Its boils down to habit and obsession, trying sooo hard you want to see quick results but jumping on the scales can either make your day or ruin it so I will be leaving it to the Doc coz I'm fed up with being deflated and p****ed off when I dont see what I work so hard for!!


    Li'l jan

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    i can't stop weighing myself either sad

    I weighed myself the other day and i had put on 5 pounds :shock: Then i weighed myself the next day and lost 5 pounds :shock:

    I'm feeling so depressed about my weight sad I need to lose weight more than anything for my confidence etc.and im trying my best sad

    Fingers crossed i've lost a little bit of weight by my first weigh in,in 3 weeks time smile

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