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Hi guys I’m just having s really scary moment I feel unwell like my spine feels on fire and I have chills and I was dry heaving and I feel like I can’t breathe and have flank pain. I feel very worried and frightened, I want to feel healthy again and the worst part is I just lost trust and faith in doctors I feel very alone in these strange sensations. Please tell me things will be okay... I need to hear this so badly. 

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    I just can’t stop crying and thinking there is something terribly wrong I am frightened 
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    Hi Vancityraincity,

    You're going to be okay! Just take deep belly breaths and try your best to tell yourself you will be okay. I know exactly what you are going through. I got sick back in September with what was suspected to be mono a month or two after I just thought I was dying or something because as you said doctors cannot be trusted and they just suck. I was suffering, going to hospitals and no doctors could figure out what was wrong. It started out with me not being able to breathe and then feeling like I would have to vomit (I would force myself to) and I would also go diarrhea (sorry for the tmi). Everyday I felt different scary sensations (including how you are feeling today), my body ached and burned as you described it, sometimes my left arm would feel weak or numb, I would get tingling on my face. With the body aches, I would ice them if they felt like they were burning. But, if they just felt sore I would use a heat pad! I still randomly have moments where I feel like I can't breathe well and I start to panic, but then I just try my best to breathe and calm myself down. I know it's so scary but you will get through this. This virus effects our whole bodies, but with time our health will hopefully only improve more and more everyday.

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      Tonight I actually had an episode where my heart was racing and I felt like I was super anxious and couldn't breathe .. I honestly thought I was just going to pass out. But I just prayed alot and breathed deeply. I don't know if you are religious or not, but throughout this whole sickness, prayer has helped me tremendously. I always pray for my physical & mental health now and healing. My health is something I took for granted before getting sick.

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      Hi skippy thank you for your reply I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I worry because my mono EBV and CMV Showed past infections doctors literally have no idea what is wrong with me All my tests have come back perfect and I’ve had extensive tests. 

      Did you ever get like a “sick taste” in your mouth when you felt like this? 

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    Yes I had the same issues. Lots of blood work and sonograms all coming back normal. Some doctors just made me feel crazy and told me I had anxiety, acid reflux, and what ever else they could come up with. Even though EBV shows past and isn't currently active I believe it still effects us. I don't think I really got a taste in my mouth like that from what I can remember, I would just get a really dry mouth rolleyes

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    how long have you been showing symptoms? mono can effect just about any part of the body and the virus is different for everyone. things will get better in time. i recommend advil to reduce fever and take painkillers for your back. rest up and drink lots of fluids. you should be ok.
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      i've had mono for 5 weeks now (habe had symptoms for 2 weeks. i e experiences normal symptoms of mono (my glands have got very swollen, i have had a series of 100°+ fevers) and my abnormal mono symptoms have given me the most trouble. i've had blood ans bile in my urine and stool, heartburn-like pain on the right side of my body for several days. this also made my back feel very tight and i had to lay down a lot.

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    Hi Van,

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a bad spell at the moment. I do want to reassure you that you WILL be okay and WILL get through this. I totally understand because when I was going through it I felt I was going mad too and needed someone to understand and tell me that. The stress of the whole situation and worry just heightens the nervous system into overdrive when already dealing with such horrible symptoms and it can feel unbearable at times I know.

    But remember this is temporary Van, it WILL pass - remember this has a zig-zag nature, ups and downs and things will level out again and become more manageable, until the stage that full recovery comes which I absolutely 100% believe IS going to happen for you - every lapse like this is your body getting on top of another element of the virus so try to think of it like that although I know it's hard when feeling so horrible, and once it's got on top of it you won't feel that way any more.

    Maybe trying a herb like passion flower or evening primrose oil, as well as B complex and/or Co-enzyme Q10 might be really good right now, as they are good for soothing pain and calming your whole system down as well as giving energy and restoring you feeling more normal again.

    Thinking about you and Van - please be assured that you WILL get through this, definitely in no way will you be stuck that way - I went through all the same emotions and periods of intense symptoms and fear and pain - it DOES get better despite it feeling crippling at times. Hang in there man, thinking about you and do keep going back to the doc and getting bloods monitored regularly too is another thing for reassurance that I used to do.

    Most important though, in these days when feeling this way - just go slow - REST, take things easy and be kind to yourself - do something that helps reduce stress and distracts for a while, watching tv or reading or listening to music or a short walk or whatever you feel you can manage - it's an achievement when feeling this way.

    Hang in there Van - thinking of you and you are going to get through this - trusting God with your recovery, I know He won't let you down.


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