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Help my 15 year old daughter


My 15 year old daughter has finally been diagnosed with Hiperhidrosis, we are waiting an appointment from hospital.  Does anything actually work? I feel so bad for her it affects everything in all aspects of her life.  She will be doing her GCSE's next year and if its anything like this year I dnt know how she will cope.  Her hands are the worse, I would like to try the  Iontophoresis machine I think.Does anything herbal help anyone?  Many thanks Jo

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  • dimmy jobyonekanoby

    ENDOSCOPIC THORACIC SYMAPTHECTOMY (ETS) is the usual procedure which inolves making small incisions in each side of the chest to sever the nerves that control sweating mainly under the armpits and palms....i think it is a fairly simple procedure maybe as day surgery or an overnight stay in hospital. I think there is also a treatment where the sweat nerves are cauterised electrically. ALSO there are botox injections which works but you have to keep having this done. I am a 60 year old man and excessive sweatting has had a major affect on my life so i do sympathise. I have never done anything about it but should have done. I have tried all the clinical strength underarm anti perspirants i,e, DRICOLOR...but the best i have used is TRIPLE DRY puti it on at night every other night and still shower the next day as normal.,,its very effective. The main things when your daughter goes to the hospital is to stress how much it is having an adverse effect on her life and that it is making her very depressed otherwise they might not take it seriously especially bearing in mind her age as they might say she will grow out of it...has she had blood tests for over active thyroid or pitituary gland??? wishes

  • dimmy jobyonekanoby

    Hi there!

    I saw a dermatologist today about my excessive sweating . He precribed me a tablet called PRO BANTHINE which helps with this problem. Look it up on google and ask your gp about it,,,regards

  • dylan62269 jobyonekanoby

    So sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis. I had been suffering from Hyperhidrosis since the 3rd grade and it is terrible, especially during your childhood/school years. I tried everything including medication (which worked briefly but the dry mouth and blurred vison side effects were bad), Iontophoresis (did not work at all and very painful), botox in the hands (very, very costly at about $1k per session, worked a bit but had to do it every few months and there are also side effects including the inability to clench your hand, making it difficult to write). At the age of 36, I finally made the tough decision to have the micro ETS surgery performed by a doctor in San Antonio. I had been on the fence about ETS for years due to the fear of the compensatory sweating in other areas. However, last year, I learned a friend of mine's sister had the procedure done 18 years ago and was still happy with the results so I finally took the plunge. The procedure itself was a piece of cake and only took about 30 min. I have 1/12 of an inch scars under both armpits. There were a couple days of recovery but I returned to work 3 days later. My hands were bone dry after the surgery and I was absolutely thrilled. That said, about 5 months later, my right (dominant hand) did start to sweat a bit which was heartbreaking (this is very rare). However, my right hand only sweats now in extreme heat when I am working out (not in my day to day activities and not when I am anxious). As for the compensatory sweating, I do experience some of this but again only when in extreme heat or working out. It is minimal on my stomach and back but I would hands down rather experience this compensatory sweating than the day to day wet hands that inhibited me in so many ways. You may want to try other options before considering this route but it absolutely changed my life and I highly recommend it. My only regret is not having done it 20+ years ago! The doctor I used operates on people from around the world that come to him including young children (his youngest was 5!). I should mention that my insurance didnt cover it but the doctor did work with me a bit. The total cost was $9k but it was worth every single cent and they also offer financing.

    Good luck with your daughter's treatment. Please let me know if you have other questions about my experience, I am happy to help!

  • lucy 73679 jobyonekanoby

    Hi, I completely relate to your daughter, firstly let her know she's not alone trust me it helps. During my GCSE's my exam papers would be soaked by the end of the process, as a teenager people tend to tease you and I also realised that made things a lot worse.

    I would suggest waiting until the hospital appointment as if your daughter has an underlying condition that causes her hyperydrosis, an iontophresis machine may not be effective. In terms of herbal treatments they're definitely worth a try, for me personally it didn't work, but again everyone is different.

     I continue to deal with hyperhydrosis, however I believe for me breathing exercises, meditation helped me to a certain extent giving me relief for even a few hours.... Which felt amazing. 

    I hope your daughter finds a solution and tell her focus on positive aspects of her life, if anything it helps with her confidence if not hyperhydrosis. Good luck for her GCSEs next year!!!

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