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Kazza72 Kazza72

Help on coming of olanzapin

Hi I am coming of olanzapin I have reduced it by 2.5 so now on 10 mg does any one no what side affects I might get? Started reducing it on Monday

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  • robert67545 robert67545 Kazza72

    10mg is still a strong dose.

  • DrNoIdea007 DrNoIdea007 Kazza72

    My son is currently in a psych ward - we thought we had successfully tapered down his Olanzapine over 3 months - he was doing so well - he actually started to think for himself again!  After 7 weeks of being off it completely, he started to get insomnia, then athathisia, sweats, restlessness and then hallucinations.  He ended up in ED with psychosis (which by the way, he never had before starting these drugs).  I pleaded with the Dr's not to give him any more antipsychotics but they said "it's best practice" for his current state.  I had no rights to refuse as his mother - it's a Mental Health Act law.  I told everyone that all the antipsychotics he's been treated with over the last 3 years have made him mad and that he's had all these symptoms whilst on them.  I saw about 4 different Doctors, all of whom said Olanzapine cannot give you psychosis, it's to treat it.  Not everyone is my son and one basket does not fit all - and reading forums like these makes you realise how trapped people are and how little Doctors know.  I've asked the Psych's whether they've ever read forums like this one and also surviving antidepressants - and none have!  Please keep us up to date with your progress.  Need to know there is some hope for my 17yo to one day taper off them again.

  • margaret69208 margaret69208 Kazza72

    Hello Kazza  for 11 years I was taking Olanzapine 5mg  for the last four weeks I have been taking 2,5mg of Olanapine  I know that drugs affect people in different ways but the last several days it has been horrendous suffering severe stomach cramps, acute anxiety, panic attacks  I had to call out the paramedics as I thought I was having a heart attack  shallow breathing  confusion   the shakes  that I could not control and head slapping I had no control of my arms  I stayed in bed most of the time   I have had conflicting advice from two doctors one saying that I should stop taking Olanzapine and another saying that should  go back to 5mgs Olanzapapine Whilst taking Olanzapine I have had Septic shock which nearly killed me (25 per cent survival rate) and a stroke that has greatly affected my mobilitty and can not drive due to lack of co ordination.with my brain.  Today  I have managed to go out but I still do not know what to do about taking dreadful drug  I want to come off it but at present cant take the withdrawal symptoms  that affected me  As I say Kazza people may react differently to drugs but can only comment on what has happened to me  I wish you well Kazza keep in touch from Margaret

  • Doc1122 Doc1122 Kazza72

    I didn't get many side effects while tapering off, when I finally came off, the weight dropped off rapidly & I did get very anxious over things and of course not being able to sleep which I'm still suffering with & I've been off of it for 18 months or so

  • emer72441 emer72441 Kazza72

    I came off olanzapine myself. Leaped from 10 mg to 0 mg and no side effects other than feeling more alive, altho i did experience more trouble than usual getting to sleep at night after stopping the dose. Personally I never felt olanzapine did me any good but rather just slowed me down - mentally and physically. 3 months after stopping taking it and my metabolism hasnt returned to what it was before i was went on olanzapine (i was on it for 4 months and on a dose of 17.5 mgs at one point). I hope olanzapine hasn't done permanent damage to my metabolism but i fear this is the case

    • kate85501 kate85501 emer72441

      You echo my sentiments emer.  I also quit cold turkey after taking it for 2 months against doctor's advice and recommendations.  How are you doing these days?  Did your metabolism improve?  Are you sleeping better?  Please share your progress as it does help people like me.  Thank you and kindest regards.


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