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  • karenbee 1

    Olanzapine long-term effects

    About 10 years ago, I was forced to take olanzapine for supposed post-partum psychosis (a diagnosis which I dispute to this day, but anyway...). I had to take 20 mg a day for six months. Then was allowed to stop. Ever since, I've been really ill with a long list of maladies. Formerly highly energetic...

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  • Noca 2

    Zyprexa a drug not suitable for anyone, under any condition

    The number one way to indentify a terrible doctor, one who is reckless and has no regard for patient wellbeing or safety whatsoever is one who prescribes their patient Zyprexa.  This is a drug being handed out to treat anything from anxiety to sleep disorder, none of which it has ever been approved to...

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  • Kazza72 2
  • robert67545 2
  • robert67545 2
  • Utopia 2

    Olanzapine Withdrawal

    Hi all,  After reading most of the posts on here, I decided to write my current experience while I realise some of the posts' age on here vary between nine months to three years, but I hope that someone can hear my shout and give me a hand.   I was put on Olanzapine back in June after trying a different...

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  • acemccool63 2

    Brain shrinkage

    I have been off and on Zyprexa for 3 years in conjunction with various anti depressants to treat depression and anxiety. My main dose was 10mg but I had taken up to 30 mg at one stage for a short period of time. I am freaking out because today I read today that Olanzapine causes brain shrinkage Have...

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  • ann55375 5


    been prescribed this to complement mirtazapine which isnt really doing much.  All comment welcome

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  • denise02341 2
  • ger00232 3

    Olanzapine for GAD

    I've been on olanzapine for 2 weeks now and although i felt a benefit after 3 days I slowly fell back and now I'm feeling worse. My psych has told me to split the meds to 5mg at night and 5mg in the morning. Im 2 days into the split and I feel flat and crying again uncontrollably. I feel lost and flat....

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  • Guest M

    Coming off Olanzapine

    I have been on Olanzapine or over 6 years now from when I was diagnosed Borderline personality traits and all I can say is that I have endured 6 years of living hell. I have been taking 10mg every night for that time and piled on loads of weight, felt lethargic no confidence and started experiencing...

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  • kat50 4

    cutting down on olanzapine

    I've been on olanzapine along with venlafaxine and mirtazapine for depression. A doctor put olanzapine into the mix to help with sleep and appetite.  I'm still depressed but another doctor said lowering the olanzapine might help. He thinks it's not working with the anti depressants.  Anyone had the same? 

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  • ivan45338 1

    Olanzapine 5mg a day. Positive experiences?

    My name is Ivan. I am taking Olanzapine for anxiety. It doesn't appear to be having any side effects although I am experiencing erection problems. My psychiatrist thinks given the low dose of 5mg a day I should be looking elsewhere for the cause. What I am looking for is positive stories as I am committed...

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  • Zerodark 3

    Meds mix a nightmare

    Hi I am 42 , on vortiloxitine olanzapine plus a load of other. But still I dive hard every few weeks I am on 10mg evening and 5 in the morning. I just know it's not the right combo but I am not a doctor. Just some advise who also "dives" frequently

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  • bruce47310 2

    One step Forwards, five steps back

    I live in New Zealand and we have our own small commercial cleaning business. Some three years ago I was sectioned into the Mental Health Unit Against my wishes) because I became convinced that my wife was trying to steal my BMW 535i.  That was not hte case, by the way, but my wife became so angry she...

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  • jennifer99414 2

    Swollen hands feet puffy eyes

    I just started at 2.5mg I've been on it about a week and a half. Today I noticed swollen hands and feet. My eyes have been puffy and even my lips feel a little tight or a tad swollen. Anyone else experience this in the beginning? I will definitely tell my dr but just concerned. Thanks

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  • sue31490 2

    Do you all take Olanzapine at night?

    hi, my husband is on 5mg and he takes it at night. This knocks him out for 12 hours sometimes, it can be so hard to wake him up. He is then quite snappy & moody too. My question is would taking it during the day make him really tired do you all take yours at night? Thanks

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  • Sas32 1
  • matthew03419 1

    Question about olanzapine and increased appetite

    Hello.ive been on olanzapine now for 6 years.i didnt get any weight gain at all for the first 3 years or any change in my weight remained stable.but for the last 2 years i have had an increase in my hunger,only at night.never during the day.i am also on lithium and zoloft.if anyone could...

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  • michael58834 3

    Help please

    Hi All Just started lexapro 5mg two days ago for anxiety and depression brought on by the anxiety. I was on sertraline for a year but came off it a few months ago as Dr and I thought I was ready but I guess I was not as I have relapsed so dr put me on lexapro to see how I get on. I took my first pill...

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  • johny21679 1

    Zyprexa(olanzapine) 5mg

    hello there, i've seen on the drug info that zyprexa can cause hallucinations even personality disorders in rare cases ofc. my question is if it's possible for such a side effect to exist with the specific low dosage(5mg) thanks in advance.

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  • ashley67914 2

    Coming off Olanzapine...

    So...heres my journal so far. I was on olanzapine for 6 years,after going through what "Health professionals" NHS called MANIA AND PSYCOTIC SYMPTOMS. I was sectioned for 5 weeks by my family as they were worried about my mania and "psycotic" symptoms.Yes i admit,something happened to me,i was believing...

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  • kat50 4

    Coming off olanzapine

    I've been on olanzapine for about a year and also take venlafaxine and mirtazipine. My doctor has decided to take me off olanzapine. I've been on 10mg so my dr has decided to take 5mg for one week then the 2nd week one tablet every other day for one week. Not feeling too great. Anybody have any have...

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  • jason25187 1

    Seeing spots while taking zyprexa

    I take paxil and zyprexa ,, i recently noticed a big spot in my vison that blocks out all in a spot in my feild of vision ... I wanna know if this is serious should i seek attention or can i take something for side effects?? Jason

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  • sharon12462 5

    I start this tomorrow

    Hi all needing some input please. Best time to take this med , are there many side effects &;how long it takes to feel some what better. Thanks for reading

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  • pami99022 1
  • alison81137 4

    olanzapine for severe anxiety

    Im looking for some reassurance so please no horror stories. For people out there that take thisbmedication. Is it normql to experience heightened anxiety when starting/ increasing it?

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  • tonia 2003 5


    Just started on Zyprexa 1.25 mg for an add on to taper off Paxil. Paxil just stopped working suddenly in July and have heart palpitations and occasional panic attacks. Jittery and shaking hands. The Zyprexa has helped, but I'm just worried about being able to come off of it and the side effects. My...

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  • caroline50055 3

    Olanzapine/Zyprexa at very low dose for severe anxiety - any good?

    Hello What are people's experience of very low dose (1.25/2,5mg) olanzapine for severe anxiety / sleeping problems? It has been suggested for me. I have severe anxiety and severe depression. Does it really help with anxiety and it is better than benzodiazapines for anxiety? - I don't get on that well...

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  • aria2 1

    Anyone experiencing swallowing problems?

    Hello! I have a somatic delusional disorder and also some swallowing issues due to GERD. I was prescribed zyprexa but scared to take it because one of the side effects could be swallowing problems. Does anyone have experience with this or know how common it is and at what dose? I really want to start...

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  • Pipalongstockin 3

    schizoaffective disorder

    Hi everyone I noticed this website last night after having a very stressful experience with my son who siffers with psychosis. I have been reading some very interesting blogs from people about alternative medicine. Breifley my son was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder 3 years ago and was put...

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  • phil74723 2

    I have just started taking olanzapine

    I have been on olanzapine for 5 days I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 10 days ago after struggling with depression over the last 3 years , my friends and family noticed my manic episodes more than I did, I searched the forums looking for how these tablets will effect me but I was unable to find...

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  • Guest M

    I have been on olanzapine for about 6 months. I suffer d...

    I have been on olanzapine for about 6 months. I suffer depression and BPD. I was put on a low dose to help try and control suicidality. On the whole I think it has worked fairly well, although I still have a few shaky moments. I've not really had too many side-effects, although even at the low dose I'm...

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  • anne32859 2

    Help, SOS, PLEASE !!!

    Greetings from Calgary AB. ​Where to start I'm the new kid on the block so please have patience with me.  (Lots of patience). My shrink just put me on Olanzapine and the first two days were great. ​I was lucky to say that I have not had any side effects.  Today I noticed a bit of dry mouth.  That I...

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  • feliborr 2
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