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kate85501 kate85501

Success Story: Stopped Olanzapine (Zyprexa) Cold Turkey

First off thank you for this wonderful forum.  I looked long and hard for success stories of people who came off Zyprexa cold Turkey successfully and was unable to.  I took zyprexa for 2 months (started at high dose foolishly by psych doctors @ 30 mg) and then self lowered to 10 mg once I got out of there 1.5 weeks later.  Abruptly switched to abilify (10 mg).

The withdrawal was hell on earth.  I thought it would not get better.  After about 3 - 4 months off zyprexa and 1.5 months off abilify, I am much better and feel much like normal self again.  My sleep still needs some work, sleeping 5 hours now, from zero sleep once I stopped taking zyprexa.

So I wanted to start this thread to let anyone stopped zyprexa cold turkey or plans to stop cold turkey, that it can be done. Most people on the forums warn against it however due to difficulty of withdrawal I think.

I will post more details on how I did it soon.

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  • marty32903 marty32903 kate85501

    Hi Kate good to hear from you and yes just shows you do not have to be a prisoner to this dangerous drug. I was on 20 mg for over 21 years so it really hit me came of august 17 but due to complecations with diebeties 2 witch olanzapine gave me. I am still unable to walk have been in since boxing day but my mind is pin sharp never been better. I have my emotions back and actually get tears in my eyes with everyday matters like sad films or people with amazing uplifting story's. I am so glad that I came of olanzapine and would do it all again I am never listening to a cyciatrist that doesn't listen to me first. I had a berievment in the family all those years ago and went of the rails a bit so they misdiagnosed me and I paid the price I was never phitsofrenic or harmful to anyone and fell gutted I lost my life on that s**t. The worst thing is no one wants to know about this stuff so keep this knowledge going and if you can help one person who doesn't want to be on this you have done something worthwhile and you can know that.

    • melvin11 melvin11 marty32903

      It's remarkably easy to get labelled as nuts. Once you're taking this stuff there's no doubt: you ARE nuts!!

      This is  simply a chemical cosh that keeps a human "down". 

      I am still on it and still looking for the exit door. Help me.

      A life on drugs is just an existence.

      i want more than that.

      My choice was Olanzapine or lock up ( no doubt with Olanzapine).

      Freedom is all I cherish.

      One day I will be free.

      our bodies look after themselves - given nourishment and nurture.

      Are you missing one of these?

      If no, you don't need anything.

      Good luck to all

  • cashew89333 cashew89333 kate85501

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I was on it for 3 months for about 15mg a day and have decided to try going cold turkey. I am on Day 5. I have had difficulty sleeping coming off which is slowly getting better.

    Your experience is motivating thank you for sharing. 

    • apu91247 apu91247 cashew89333

      Cashew what is the problem to do slow gradual taper with monthly intervals?You don't have any idea going cold turkey from15 mg . It may cause serious and permanent alterations in your brain, which happened to me .

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      The sooner you are off this drug the greater chance you have of a full recovery. Believe me. Any change in brain activity caused by olanzapine is much more control able once off this shocking drug. They just don't tell everyone this. My brain has reset itself in 6 months be patient. Noted improvement after 3 months unbelievable you just feel so alive again. Get anything you can for sleep though even cbd oil which I used saved my life. Take protein drinks water. Avoid caffeine. Alcohol. And sugar. Until appetite returns. Don't give up I nearly did. Stay somewhere where you are not hassled. Avoid stress as much as possible. You will experience haloisinations. Night mares. Sweating. Weight loss and frustration this is normal I found for me. Please note that I am not a doctor or pharmacist or have any conection with medical awareness. I am telling you how I dealt with coming off 20mg of olanzapine. Witch I took for a staggering 21 years. If I made it so can you.

  • kate85501 kate85501

    hi again guys,

    So I wanted to write this update to let you all know how I'm doing.  The withdrawals from zyprexa and abilify are basically gone, except for the sleep which is slowly getting better.  

    Just some notes on what I did to successfully come off Zyprexa cold turkey.  Exercise, I did a juice cleanse for a full day, which was very hard for me when I stopped due to low blood sugar, ate very healthy foods, cut out processed foods as much as possible, drink lots of water, exercise daily and sweat as much as possible, support and love from my spouse and children, support from very close friends who I confided in, and I read the book and took some supplements recommended in a book called "How To Come Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely".  

    Other supplements I took: Magnesium, Vitamin C, B12 and B6, Fish Oil.

    There were many days I had suicide ideation and thought I would never get better.  I want to let you know, that the process is slow and you really have to just take it day by day.  The improvement doesn't come in leaps and bounds but rather gradual very slowly.  I think it's safe to say 3 months is where you see significant improvement.  

    My best to all of you and I will check back time to time to answer any specific questions.

    Zyprexa is a horrible drug in my opinion and frankly I think most if not all psychiatric drugs are dangerous and difficult to withdraw from.

    Love, peace, patience..

    my very best to all of you looking for hope in coming off zyprexa or abilify.


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