Will I lose the weight gained by zyprexa?

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Hello ! I was on zyprexa for 4 and 1/2 months and am off them . I have gained 9 kg ! The first 3 months I was on 10 mg , then for half a month on 5 mg and slowly tapering on 2.5 mg. Now I am off them for 20 days but I've lost only 2 kg..I don't know what to do..I am on a diet but the weight does not fall !Is it reversible? Any experience on that? Has anyone successfully lost the weight gained on zyprexa?

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    I was on it for almost 20 years and was exercising all the time! Almost everyday never lost a pound! Than in April I was in I.C.U for 3 days as they tried to detox me in only 3 weeks! Laid 64 min near death! Long story short! I have been vary ILL since then and barely eat anything! Don't exercise! But don't loose weight eaither! It's Now almost Dec. And I still struggle! This was the pill from hell! And no one should ever be put on it! Unless they have schizophrenia and can not be healed any other way! I feel so bad for you ,but unfortunately ! I hear this story on this format! Over and over! Thank the Lord you were not on it that long! Elly Lilly should be held responsible! I know I will never be the same! 20 years of my life gone! God Bless you!

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      Thank you for the response ! So havent you lost any kilos yet? Before I take zyprexa I was on antidepressants for 9 months..So I believe my metabolism has been slowed down due to this, as well..

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    Remember that even though you stopped 20 days ago, Zyprexa has a long half-life, it's not completely out of your body before 14 days ish.

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      Thank you for the response. I am now 1 month off zyprexa but my weight is still stable. Has anyone got any successful weight loss story?

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      You talking about weight problems.. didn't you have any SLEEP problems when you came off this drug ? First majority of people SLEEP seems to be the major issue.

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    Well, I was on zyprexa for about three years, in dosages ranging from 5-10 mg/day. I put on quite a bit of weight in those three years before I just one day declared to my pdoc that i wasn't going to take the pills any longer and quit.

    Fat is fat, whether caused by zyprexa or anything else. I believe it will eventually respond to diligent diet and exercise. I do think anti-depressants, antipsychotics etc. can mess with our metabolism

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      you mean it will mess with metabolism forever? permanent damage? did you lose the weight you gained?

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      Not forever. It does mess with metabolism but that's only while it's in your system. As it's leaving mine I can feel everything going back normal slowly each day that passes

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      Yes but it does improve. My sleep is perfect since off with an occasional night where i'm up pretty late.

      When I say perfect though I mean I sleep.. It doesn't feel refreshing at all though. I'm at a point where if I don't use a cpap machine I wake up and my day is total crap. But that's not withdrawal, that's the damage Zyprexa and possibley the other med I was on had caused.

      But every day I feel improvements in other ways, like cognitive for example. I always over exerted myself and just today for the first time in years I didn't have to and was actually somewhat productive. Gives me hope =)

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      I've been off Olanzapine for 13 days and I've not slept for the past 11 days. I only took Olanzapine for 2 months, I dont know what to do. I've tried chamomile tea, magnesium supplements, promethazine and even some melatonin tablets, nothing seems to be helping me to sleep. At times I feel like going back on olanzapine just to get some sleep.

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      Not sleep good again too had to take some again =\

      Umm all I can think is you either need to go slower or maybe you still need to be on it? Have you talked to your doctor about coming off? I wasn't able to until I finally was able to tell my doctor I wanted to be off and she agreed.

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      Are you still sleeping with a cpap machine? if so, how do you think zyprexa put you on a cpap to sleep? how did you know you had sleep apnea from zyprexa?

      i currently quit cold turkey after three months on 5mgs and im struggling with insomnia and i think its because im not breathing as i fall asleep. im afraid quitting cold turkey has effected my CNS and i cant breathe anymore as i start to fall asleep and accured some form of sleep apnea.

      thank you


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