I just quit olanzapine cold turkey after almost 2 weeks/5mg. how bad are the withdrawals?

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I have OCD and I was put on olanzapine because of it . I have ugly side effects like anhedonia , muscle contractions and cognitive problems like difficulties speaking , thinking and with the memory.

The medication was taken for a length of 12 days / 5 mg . The doctor told me that is ok to quit cold turkey after just 12 days but reading your stories made me very sad and worried

Can you please advise me or tell me from your experience what should I do to go out through this without too much damage ? Will I have bad insomnia/anxiety/depression after just 12 days ? If so , how can I managed it ?

Please Help!!!!



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    Can I fix the insomnia with sleeping pills and then try to wean off slowly from sleeping pills?

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      Sleeping pills which are called Benzos are more difficult to wean off,you need to visit surviving antideppressants org forum to get immediate help.

      we are not alone, millions are suffering.

      Today I am completely cured,with the guidence of that divine forum.

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      Did you have any problems coming off Olanzapine? please do let me know

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      Hi Mazzi ,

      It's been almost 9 weeks since I've stopped and my sleep is still no good . It is fragmented and I feel tired during the day .

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      When you came off it, did you experience sleepless nights?

      I've been on Olanzapine for one month and when I dont take it for a night, I dont sleep at all that night.

      Has that happened to you? please let me know.

      Also how many mg of Olanzapine were you on? Are you taking sleeping pills now to help you sleep?

      I'm very worried about not sleeping at all without this medicine. Private message me if you find it easier to reply. Thank you in advance.

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      You need to tapper off the drug gradually. Check survivingantidepressants.org for tips how to tapper Olanzapine.

      Definitely don't take sleeping pills (benzos)! You would just become addicted to them in addition to being addicted to Olanzapine.

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      Yes,i am completely alright now,by the help of the site Surviving Antidepressants dot org. you can find

      fellow members who are in the process, moderators who can help you to heal like me.

      its a free of cost volunteers site.

      no money involved.

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      this means you took my suggestion light.

      the reason why we suggest that site,its legally right site to suggest

      its free of cost

      it runs by dedicated volunteers and responsible people with experience

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      You might have to go back on it and taper down every 2 weeks by 5%.

      I was on 10mg and went to 7.5mg.. I can tell the difference. My sleep is bad and I get bad headaches. Weaning down is a lengthy process but seems to be the only way to go if you want to sleep normally again.

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      Did you experience any muscle movements or twitching while you were taking olanzapine?

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      Yes,that is the problem with brain medication,it is no cake walk to use,being in medication is too hard,with each person with different experience,for some people making fatal consequences like paralasis etc.

      so,i determined to tapper in systematic way otherwise cold turkey too alteres brain chemistry and makes the person suffer all the consequences same like being in medication regularly.

      Read once again the method i suggested about the tappering method.

      Follow it carefully to get out safe from the medication.

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      how long have you been off Olanzapine? How much sleep do you get now without it?

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      I have tapered it from july 2016 to December 2018,from 10 mg to zero.

      From October 2020 i started sleeping 8 to 10 hours,normal.

      before that 2018 to 2020 it varies daily.

      But ok.

      I never touched any sleep tablet ( benzos)in my entire life.then or now.

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      Did you used to measure the tablets on a scale? or did you just cut the 2.5mg tablets into 4 pieces and have it that way?

      I have a pill cutter but dont have a scale.

      Also do you still get muscle twitches??

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      I never did coldturkey as i could not bear the effect of cold turkey, immediately i reinstated without any delay of two weeks,then i found help from the forum surviving antideppressants org ,and i started tapering by soaking few hours,dissolving the 10 mg tablet in 100 ml water.and reducing 10 % with monthly intervals.

      please note: i am not a medical professional,i am not advicing you anything or insisting you,i am saying i did taper in this way and came out safe from the olanzapine.

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      so you didn't face any insomnia when you came off olanzapine?

      I appreciate all your replies by the way.

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      Are you feeling any better?

      Are you getting at least 4-5 hours of sleep?

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      I was once there,where you are today.

      Hope fellow sufferers too get some information from your thread.

      I totally understand ,you are unable to concentrate on any specific site and cannot search for information.

      better you buy 10 ml syrenge to measure out 10 % from the solution.

      Do the math properly.Every month reduce 10 % of total ml.But not current ml.

      Savour remaining.

      My diet and calm ,serene life style helping me.

      I never had insomnia in my life.

      I have increased sleep inducing diet daily.

      Softly cooked rice,curds,water,raw onion,until stomach full at 6 pm.

      300 ml Warm milk with three pinch turmeric powder,at 9 pm.

      Rest of the day eat what ever you want.

      I never had coffee and tea in my life.

      Take each day as it comes until you reach your normal brain function.

      It's only two weeks, reinstating helps to get rid of drastic withdrawal symptoms.

      Gradual tapering saves from insomnia.

      Tapering at 10 % is the result of the great research and it helps in real manner.

      I never had insomnia,nor before olanzapine neither after reaching zero.

      But while on olanzapine,my sleep quality became poor.

      Hours reduced.

      I was functioning ok and so so on 4 hours sleep.

      Gradually all suffering gone and I am back to normalcy.

      Now,i even comfortably forgot what happened to my brain by ignorantly using olanzapine,its all back to normal.

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      Well I quit cold turkey after 2 weeks and I was taking 5 mg .

      I never had days with 0 hours of sleep after quitting but I had instead a broken sleep .

      Since I've stopped I had good days and bad days . I sleep on average between 4h-6h hours first round then again 2h- 3h . In the begging my second round of sleep was not so restful because I was sleeping in semi conscious state but in the last weeks improved a little and is pretty restful . Usually I wake up slightlty tired and I do not feel in my best shape .

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      My sleep improves a little bit and yes I am getting 4-5 and sometimes even more .

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      I am felling a bit better in the last time and yes I am getting 4-5 hours of sleep I the first round and sometimes even more and than I go back to sleep again .

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      I quit Olanzapine 6 days ago and my sleep isn't good. I get around 3 hours light sleep each night with so many dreams. I really do hope it gets better as time passes. I can fall asleep but seem to wake up after 1 or 2 hours then find it difficult to get back to sleep. I'm in and out of sleep and feel very tired throughout the day.

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