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Coming off Olanzapine

I have been on Olanzapine or over 6 years now from when I was diagnosed Borderline personality traits and all I can say is that I have endured 6 years of living hell. I have been taking 10mg every night for that time and piled on loads of weight, felt lethargic no confidence and started experiencing heart pains. I have had absolutely zero social life in that time and felt unable to think or communicate with other people. I decided just over a month ago to stop the treatment and now am starting to feel much better. I have lost a stone in 2 weeks and look much better ,I am now able to think clearly and have much more energy and motivation to do things. To help me stop the Olanzapine I have avoided alcohol completely (this always put me back to square one in the past). I am finding it difficult to get off to sleep without the aid of the drug but more excercise through the day is helping with this. I will never return to taking this drug again as I feel it has robbed me of 6 years of my life.

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  • Guest Guest

    dear markuk

    my experience of olanzapine is very similar to yours. but my worse nightmare is trying to come off it. its taken me months of very distressing anxiety symptoms every time i reduce (once a fortnight). however, at night when i suffer the most i drink a glass of cider which helps me thru and calms me down. i'm currently on the tiniest dose of 0.5mg at night, so NEARLY there. another month should see me off it entirely. my advise to anyone even considering reducing is to do it extremely slowly. and wait till your settled on the lower dose a couple of weeks before reducing again. i believe it's called \"discontinuation syndrome\" and has a high incidence coming off olanzapine and is not true withdrawal symptoms.

    • Ash1234 Ash1234 Guest

      I'm trying to come off olanzapine but I get muddled thoughts till I have 2.5 mg in the morning.i was on 10mg at night.then went to 7.5 but reducing it by 1.5 has caused the muddled thoughts. Is there anything that can help with that while coming off olanzapine ?

    • zuzana17 zuzana17 Guest


      May I ask how much mg were you on?

      I am reducing from 7.5 and feeling not great, lots of anxiety, not interested in activities, just like a zombie.

      Were these your similar symptomps?

      Thanks Zuzana

    • melvin11 melvin11 zuzana17

      Hello Zuzana

      You have to be mindful that everyone is different and it is not a good idea to copy another’s tapering.

      The real problem for you is whether the meds’ are making you unwell or some sort of mental illness.

      Olanzapine is overused- prescribed for any number of mental conditions because it has a mind numbing effect.

      I have never seen a good word written for it but you don’t have to look far to see many sad tales of lives ruined by it.

      Be guided by your psych but remember; no one knows you better than yourself. Get out as much as you can and live as full a life as you’re able. It is not a practice run.

      Best wishes , Mel

  • Guest Guest

    My partner suffers from bipolar. He has been on olanzapine for a year and similar to markuk he has missed a year of his life and a year of his children growing up. Whilst on the drug I can only discribe him as being like a zombie and just breathing and not living. He was a slim, intelligent Telecoms engineer but whilst on olanzapine he is too druged up to do anything and spent most of his time asleep. He is carrying so much extra weight it is hard for him to function. He is very determined to make himself and his family happy and has joined a gym, stopped taking the tablet and stopped smoking. I don't recomend drinking to anyone in similar positions as I think it just prolongs the agony and is a mask rather than a cure. Healthy eating and lifestyle is hopefully what is going to help my boyfriend live a long and happy life. I'm very proud of him because I think he's opting out of the easy option of being a vegetable (something that society wants). It is far easier for doctors to recommend these drugs as they drug up the patients so that they do not have to deal with them. Anyway, it's early days I'm keen to know how markuk got on being olanzapane free

  • bev11 bev11

    I have been taking olanzapine for 5 years. To be honest, I had no symptoms, except possibly weight gain as a result. I have been slowly coming off it. My dose was 5 mg/ night. Coming off it was no problem. Almost like I wasn't even taking it. I have a minute amount to cut out and then I'm done with it. My doctor gave me 3-month periods of cutting back , eg. 1/2 tablet at a time, but I thought this was ridiculous to have to wait this long, so I speeded It up, and there were no symptoms at all because of the withdrawal of this drug, unless you want to count ... A better mood. It will be so nice to be drug free. I do think it was helpful when I was taking all of it regularly with sertraline, which I am in the middle of giving up too. So Good luck, everyone. I'm fed up taking pills.

    • colette96619 colette96619 bev11

      It is really helpful to read your post, my son has been on sertraline and olanzapine for a year and has just halfed his olanzapine dose so came on here today to see what the impact of reduction is.  knowing that you can start to come off drugs is good to see and like you they have helped him to date.  fingers crossed that there will be no impact with coming off them.  thanks

    • lindsay42947 lindsay42947 colette96619

      Hi.  I cant believe this. I came on here for the same reason as you. I'm genuinely interested to hear how your son is doing 6 months down the line.   Can you share?  My son is also on Sertraline and is now reducing his Olanzapine.  He has stayed off drugs and alcohol for many months now and is looking forward to his brain 'working again' and to feeling motivated and get out of his bedroom.  Are these hopes realistic.. Best wishes.

    • casey200686 casey200686 bev11

      I'm on Olanzapine for the past 5 years. I'm taking 5mg Olanzapine now and doing well now. Planning to stop the medication now because knowing the side effect. Please tell me in detail how to stop the Olanzapine. U can reply my post here. Thanks a lot. If anyone know to how to stop Olanzapine,you are welcomed to PM me or reply my post here.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these in the forums. If users wish to exchange contact details please use the Private Message service.

  • christine201 christine201

    I'm at a loss as to why my psych prescribed this for me. I am weaning off diazepam & zopiclone. I've had some serious bowel probs,(long story) now nearly resolved, have severe osteoarthritis, and I experience phantom limb pain due to below right knee amputation. I was prescribed Tramadol for my arthritis. It gave me anxiety hell. After 4-5 weeks, I weaned off over 2 weeks, then just stopped ct. Was quite happy with no anxiety. Then a dear friend suddenly turned nasty & insulting, harassing me with hurtful emails, all over money. This was the last straw, on top of all my health issues, & weaning off the 2 meds, which was causing some anxiety, but nothing major, a little down at times too Told my psych. She prescribed olanzapine She said it's non-addictive. I researched it, as I hadn't researched valium & zopiclone when put on those, and they caused many probs, (I was put on valium to supposedly help with my tinnitus, zopiclone as I'd had a bout of sleeping trouble, due to pain) so, after reading up on this olanzapine, I'm wondering what the heck is she doing to me? She'd told me zopiclone is non-addictive, when it's now found to highly so. I can vouch for that! Well, after reading as much as I could on olanzapine (zyprexa), there is no way I'm going to take this med. I am also on Mirtazapine 60mg, nortriptyline 10mg, zoloft 25mg, oxycontin 20mg, & 30mg, oxycodone hydrochloride (endone) 5-10mg prn, pandadeine forte, which is 30mg codeine with 500mg, paracetemol 4 daily, Gabapentin 1800mg, in divided doses daily. Also as stated above, diazepam 5mg 3-4 daily, zopiclone 7.5mg 2 daily, not nightly, (It's a sleep med) but daily. I want to get off all these brain, soul & mind destroying poisons, except perhaps gabapentin as phantom limb pains can be unbearable when you can't rub your leg, foot or toes etc. I no longer suffer depression so will wean off the 3 anti-deps next, then the painkillers, as they no longer work on y arthritis pain. I'm a great believer in Natural Therapies, and already my bowel probs are nearly resolved by taking Chinese herbs. All that needs to be done now, is to have my bowel prolapse operated on. I can now eat solids again, after 5 months of near starvation, & losing 16 kilos from lack of solid food,(but that's another story). Olanzapine is the issue here. Why would my psych prescribe this, when I am not bipolar, schizophrenic or manic/depressive? I'll never ever again mention I've been a little anxious or a bit down. I was referred to her 10 mths ago, to sort out my meds & start me on a weaning off valium plan (which she didn't do) and all she's done is prescribe more dangerous drugs such as seroquel to begin with. I weaned myself off that after 2 weeks of weirdness & nausea. Told her & she then prescribed sertraline 50mg. Too much, I felt so ill on that dose, but was a little depressed at the time so I cut the dose 25mg, as I wanted to trust her & give it a fair go Still on 25mg, but feel I could do without it. Next was the dreaded zopiclone & I trusted her again when she said it's non-addictive. I was having a little trouble sleeping, due to pain. Became addicted so fast that I began needing it during the day, as I was highly anxious when I was put on Tramadol. After weaning then stopping Tramadol, I do get a bit of anxiety if I don't take zopiclone, but can't wait to be off it. I DO NOT like drugs controlling me! Unfortunately, I find I still want zopiclone during the day. I'm down to 1 & a 1/2, but am prescribed 2 a day.

    I WOULD NOT TOUCH OLANZAPINE WITH A TEN FOOT POLE! Not after reading the horror stories from people on this med. Thanks for 'listening'. question

  • Benson Burner Benson Burner

    I'm sorry other people have had problems. I started two days ago - I am not sure of my diagnosis, I think it might be bipolar II or it might be personality...there is a lot going on with me and the docs never agree what is phsyiological/neurological and what is personality... and neither do I!

    I started 10mg at night. Previously I had been in a hellish depression - not getting out of bed, not answering the phone to others. If I tried to sleep at night I would hear loud screams and crashes, I would wake up just as I am falling asleep with horrible anxiety and very unpleasant restless leg syndrome. My nice GP gave me Olanzapine to help me sleep, reduce anxiety, reduce the strength of the urge to withdraw totally.

    The first night I fell asleep very quickly and slept for 10 hours. I normally get headaches when I oversleep but I felt ok, if sluggish, and disorganised/clumsy. Before I fell asleep I felt a wonderful calm for about an hour. My restless leg was playing up but there was no way it could keep me awake.

    Second night, I took some painkillers for toothache. I also took the Olanz after eating some toast last thing. It took me two hours to get to sleep - they were great, I felt incredibly quiet in my head and just... watching a film. I can't explain how long it's been since I had that quiet sense of normality. Actually I think the painkillers were a bad idea, I had a bright closed eye halluicination before sleeping - it was very beautiful but probably not what the doctor is looking for!

    Today, I feel calm. My inner voice still goes nine to the dozen, but my head is usually in one place at one time now. I can concentrate long enough to write without my head racing ahead and confusing all the points I am trying to make.

    The most impressive thing is how I feel around other people. I feel anxious and self-concious but that's maybe because, for the first time in memory, I have the intuitive sense of what others are saying with their body language - I don't look at them as a bundle of limbs and parts of faces and words that could mean any one of a hundred things - I can quickly glance at someone and get a feeling for their mood from their body language.

    Communicating normally seems a bit easier when I am not trying to analyse and cross reference every single word! At the same time I am still anxious, probably because it's a big change, I almost feel like I am starting from scratch with social skills, an area I had been working on for the last year. I can start to see how I come across to others. What it hasn't stopped, is the mild paranoia. And I did feel pretty low midway through the morning, but it was just thirty minutes, as opposed to all day.

    I might even be a bit hypo, lol, because things appear very clear and very solid - the last time this happened I was probably full blown manic.

    Anyway, so far so good. What it has

    I know someone else who took this for a long time. It helped initially but killed her sex drive and made her put on weight. In the end it probably stopped helping her because she became delusional and suicidal. I remember visiting her at the ward once, half an hour after taking the olanz, and she tried to walk out with a crazy look in her eyes. She now takes aripiprazole, which seems to help more. Like me she also takes 300mg of Venlafaxine, she has tried mirtazipine (worked too well!), sertraline (made her impulsive, just like me), and is now being switched to citalopram because she still lacks motivation. It might be working, she just phoned me up and told me she is fed up with bumming around LOL.

    She also takes a lowish dose of Lithium. I guess I will end up on Valproate because of the closed eye / last thing at night hallucinations which are almost like Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. the bangs and screams as I fall asleep are called Exploding Head Syndrome (!!!!), this is a rare condition that I think is also linked to TLE. Bipolar itself like a cousin to TLE, which is why drugs like Valproate are prescribed for both conditions.

    The lesson here is that every drug affects people differently. Keep pestering your doctors - don't be afraid to ask - let them know that you don't expect a miracle but you think something else might work better.

    • al28825 al28825 Benson Burner

      I have the same problem where doctors disagree and don't know whether this is a matter of physiological/neurological or personality. For me this makes it really hard to know what to do with the path ahead and treatments. It's also made me really unsure of myself as to what in the world is going on with me. This is made particularly hard when I have symptoms right now that I wouldn't normally have and determining whether or not if this is me or zyprexa withdrawal is fun. So for me this not knowing is adverse for me, I don't know whether there is this aspect for you...but how do you mediate not knowing?

  • jeff29 jeff29

    Um thats not Olanzapine that's c causing all those effects, I also dont think yocu have borderline personality traits. They tend to hand out that diagnosis the same as ADHD, its an easy resolution to label a patient and medicate them without doing any real work identifying an actual mental illness. I would say that you are more in the Schizo-affective or a mood disorder such as bipolar with social anxiety disorder. Don't continue to see this doctor as they are obviously not out to help you/. I took seroquel first and then they put me on olanzipine the only thing I will say is the waking up I took adderall with the seroquel but my doctor wanted me to try without while starting the olanzipine which if I cant have the adderall Im not continuing to take this medication.

    • al28825 al28825 jeff29

      I'm curious whether the post is still up that you were replying to?

      btw bpd is an "actual mental illness". I agree it's a label that can be handed out all too easily but I can't see how a small section of writing like this could possibly convey whether someone has an illness complicated as that. Its synonymous to doctors all too easily handing a diag like that out making such a quick sweeping judgement here. Anyway identifying certain problems can take a lot of insight, and we've all met people that are oblivious to certain aspects of themself

  • adam12437 adam12437

    I've been taking olanzapine for 7 years. i was on high dosage 15mg then 10mg. now am on 5mg due to biopolor disorder.

    It is a terrible drug. I put on 9 stone, i am always tired, and my memory is frustratingly bad. This drug reduces dopamine levels in brain which effects thought. I am always slightly constapated and needs loads of sleep to function. I tried to get off it. i went cold turkey and had insomnia and felt sick, had no appitite. i lasted 3 weeks until axiety (induced by withdawal effects) was too much to bear so took half dosage 5mg. I slept that night i took it again 14 hours.

    Can someone please help me. Has anyone had simular expreiences to mine but managed to successfully get off the drug? Please tell me how long it took. and how you would reccomend i do it?

    • andy49564 andy49564 adam12437

      I was on this lethal stuff for 17 years at 15 mg.  I was huge, tipping the scales at 17 1/2 stone.  I came off in June 2013.  Within 3 months I lost 4 stone.  Total insomnia for months.  But I became human and, at 50, started a new life, involved with things (jobs, relationships) beyond my wildest imaginings.  However, due to the properties of the drug, I had over the years, unknown to me, developed coronary heart disease.  So, in March this year, I had a heart attack, but thankfully survived after emergency op.  DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER, ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TALKED INTO TAKING OLANZAPINE.  My advice?  Join a gym / get a cat / ignore the voices!!!

    • marbel marbel adam12437

      Hi Adam

      I would recommend if you are taking 5mg and have been settled on this for a while to alternate 2.5 mg and 5mg for a few weeks or months before dropping to 2.5mg.  ie take 5mg one night and 2.5 the next.  You can get a cheap pill cutter at the pharmacist. 

      This method was recommended to me by the manufacturer.  I am down to alternating 1.25mg and .625mg.  Give your brain as long as you can at each level before dropping.  The brain needs time to adjust and the longer you give it then you can avoid problems.  I used this method when coming off an anti depressant and avoided lots of potential problems.  Good luck

    • marbel marbel andy49564

      crikey andy,

      I did not know that was one of the possible side effects of the drug.  I am glad you have come out the other side and living the life you want. I am slowly weaning off this drug.

      Cheers Marbel

    • milad30048 milad30048 andy49564

      hello mate ive been taken olazapine for two years and using drugs at the same time but of the drugs but why am I getting these weird horriblw thoughys and pictures plz do reply ill end up killing me self I want to quit olazapine so bad thats not the point thought the point is im gettttting these thoughts which are disgusting thoughts plz do get back to me .... peace brother

    • Sack Sack milad30048

      Milad, how are you brother. First thing! Hang in there my friend!! Second thing. Those thoughts you are having are part of it. I know you probably don't thinks so because you never had those kind of thoughts before but thats part of being on this drug. Thirdly. Stop with the other drugs...if you mean you are taking recreational drugs. When you have these thoughts that are upsetting you you need to accept that you are having them and then focus on something else then move on. You could look at it like a smoker who is giving up cigarettes, they have urges to smoke, then the urge passes then they move on with the day without having a cigarette. Also, just remember, they are only thoughts, here one second gone the next. It's just a thought, that's all. Don't make it anything more than that. If you want to make something out of a thought think something positive and go do it, ie a run. Iv been on this stuff for 10 years and I'm almost off it. It's taken a lot of effort and hard work. I had and still have the same thoughts but there is a way through.  There are three basic changes you can make for developing your new better self. Change of THINKING and TALK. Change of BEHAVIOUR. Change of RELATIONSHIPS. It's a process and sometimes slow but you need to make changes. Stay safe brother and get well.


    • milad30048 milad30048 Sack

      mate another thng brother is that can somethink or someone see what ya thinking scared to sh*t cuz there horrible thoughts :'( plz do reply asap thanks hope its goin well for u! much love peace 

    • crissy64573 crissy64573 milad30048

      You are not the only one. I take this very same drug, and get images in my head that I did not think was imaginable. Along with disturbing dreams that I have woken up in the middle of the night from them and then was unable to go back to sleep. My theory is that since the drug makes you dull and not able to think clearly, your mind goes wild, which is followed by involuntary mental images and thoughts. You should have no reason to kill yourself, it happens to everyone, some just get it worse than others, television doesn't help with that either, example: horror movies, killer movies, rapist movies. My advice is as long as you do not make what you see in your mind reality, in any way do not try and imatate what you see in your mind, then you and everyone else we be safe, and just pass off all of those thoughts as a day-mare. Do not kill yourself over it, I made an account JUST so I could respond to your post, just know that there are people out there that know what you are going through and  still care enough to tell you not to end your life. I hope I I have helped you even a little bit. smile

    • crissy64573 crissy64573 milad30048

      I've had the same worry, but in all reality, NO one but YOU can get in your head. You alone have to suffer through it, but when there is darkness there will always come the sun. These thoughts will not last forever, and you will pull through. You are going through what they call a symptom of schizophrenia where you think everyone can hear your thoughts, which is maddening, I know, but once you snap back to reality, you'll think back and realize how far fetched it all was. I know what its like to loose complete sense on reality and forget what its like to be normal, don't be scared, it happens. I cannot for sure tell you if it is the drug...for I myself did not loose sense on reality until AFTER they put me on psychotropic drugs, so I don't know if its me...or the drugs...but judging how people are individual and very different in what they experience with mental illnesses, but the fact that the same things are happening to many who are taking drugs like this, it very well could be the drug.

    • aura01319 aura01319 andy49564

      Hi Andy,

      Congrats on your withdrawal and very very happy you`ve overcomed the heart attack.

      I`ve been on Zyprexa for 6 years as well and quit about 4 months now.You would really help me if you could please answer a few questions for me:

      1.How long you are off Zyprexa?

      1.Do you stil have insomnia? If you do,what do you take to sleep at night?

      2.Has Zyprexa left you with peripheral neuropathy or have you experienced burning and numbess in your feet (especially at night),contracted muscles and unexplained pains in your body during the withdrawal process?

      I look forward to your reply and anyone how quit and would like to share his experience with me please please e-mail me at [email protected]


    • marbel marbel aura01319

      Hi Aura

      I have been thinking about your experiences.  I would suggest if you can ring the drug company and explain the symptoms you are having.  They should have a team (prob of 1!) that looks into side effects and hopefully withdrawal syndrome problems.  They may be able to give you  some assurance that this does happen. Usually they like to hear these things through the GP s and psychiatrists but you may be lucky enough to talk to someone. Unfortunately there is probably an under reporting to the drug company so they may not have heard of these problems, though sleep problems tend to be common on this forum when reducing.  Maybe worth a try.

      If you have a supportive GP that will take you seriously then let them know what is going on. Get them to report it to the drug company!.the doctor may want to check out some other possibilities too?.

      Try the herb Zizyphus for the sleep problems.  You can take some 3 times a day for a week or two or I think others just use it before sleep?.  A herbalist may be able to help with dosages and time frames. Three of us on this forum have found it brilliant when reducing doses and in general. Others on this forum may have other things they use for insomnia.  I sometimes use 1/2 zopiclone.

      Also I have found a DVD collection called energy healing by Dr Ann Marie Chiasson useful.  There are some tapping exercises  that help with neuropathy.  I can't use the toe tapping one at the moment (useful for sleep also) as I have a bad back at this moment but they are so simple and effective that they are well worth a try.  I got the DVD set  from the local library. I use the heart centred meditation too at night in bed before sleep. Both brilliant for anxiety as well.

      Also I have some literature about withdrawal syndrome from anti depressants and 1/4 of those people who had withdrawal syndrome effects lasted more that 12 weeks so take heart this may resolve soon. They don't mention neuropathy but it is a different drug for a differrent purpose.

      I rang the drug company once or twice about problems dropping doses and someone did try to ring me from Australia to gather info but I could not hear their numbers on the answerphone. The times I talked to them in NZ they were very helpful including giving me tips on how to reduce the meds. I did strike one person who said they only talk to shrinks but why not be cheeky?.  We are the ones taking these things, why should there be gate keepers!.

      Good luck

      Strength to you!  Marbel

    • Sack Sack marbel

      ho marbel, hope all well. i have been attending a weekly mental health group here in sydney which has been helpful. they have groups in nz as well so thought i would share. the group and program is called Grow and it is based on the AA model of recovery, 12 steps. google Grow and mental health, should come up.


    • marbel marbel Sack

      Hi sack nice to hear from you.

      I have just walked in the house from an amazing holiday in the catlins in the south island.  We did lots of walking in the bush which was excellent for my back.  We saw sea lions up close on the beach, and stayed for ages in a hide to watch the yellow eyed penguins come home.  Also lots of native birds in the pristine coastal forest there.

      Thanks, you have mentioned GROW before, thank you. 

      I have been dropping one of my 1.25 m doses by a quarter once a week for the last month and am about to do that twice a week.  This is really dropping by minute increments. I am still taking .625 every second day.

      I did notice while I was on holiday that I have a real fear of heights and some of the coastal walks were a bit of a challenge and I was walking as far from the edge as I could. Most of my usual life i feel pretty in control!.

      Hope you are well Colin.  What sort of things do you talk about?.

      Peace Marbel


    • Sack Sack marbel

      Hi marbel, wow sounds great! Back to nature eh. We are over there at Xmas for 3 weeks tripping around South Island. I had a bit of a wobble last week and had to back up to 2.5mg from 1.25 and .625 two days a week. I dropped back to 1.25 last night but will have to take it easy again to get back to where I was. Was pretty frightening, hearing voices etc. I had two weeks on my own with my 2.5 year old daughter as my wife was oseas working. Was going fine but last two days got a bit too much and I fell apart. I take my hat off to single parents, that's a hard row to hoe! Plus I had let my fitness slip so it was a recipe for disaster. Still got back on track quickly which is good and actually feel pretty good now, gained some insight into my fears etc as well so not all bad I guess.

      In the meetings we follow a set program each week. Discussion, experiences, problem solving and learning/teachings. We also share how we  became to be Ill, what led us to grow and how we are doing as we recover. I have been going for about 8 weeks and last Monday was my first time giving testimony, where you tell your story/journey. It was very difficult be open an honest about what I had done, what had happened to me etc as I had not even admitted it to myself and here I was telling the group. But I gained strength from hearing the testimonies of the other members during the previous weeks. Believe me, my story paled in comparison to what some of these people have been through and endured. I was brought to tears by some. So it was a very empowering moment as I opened to the group who listened without judging. It put things into perspective and context for me as well as I listened to what I was saying I realised how I had come to be who I was.

      So that's what we do at Grow marbel. The program was created by mental health sufferers in Sydney in 1957 who got together and created the program to recovery. I hope you are well, have your feet up and are enjoying the relaxation that time away in nature has brought to you.


    • marbel marbel Sack

      Hi colin

      sorry it has taken me so long to send this to you.  I have lost my reply twice this week and have also been away at my mums for a few days.

      I hope you are feeling ok on 1.25 or 2.5 it does not matter which level you are on as long as you are not having those uncomfortable symptoms.

      My pharmacist did recommend when i had problems reducing the anti depressant to stay at the higher level for three months before reducing again.

      Yes young children are super demanding.  I have done quite A bit of nannying and am always grateful to be able to hand them back at the end of the day!.

      Congrats for sharing with your grow group what you have experienced.  I am happy for you that is was so empowering.   Maybe one day i hope more of society understands our experiences better too. I am pretty careful who I share with but your group sounds awesome.

      Marbel xx

    • kendall7858 kendall7858 andy49564


      How did you manage to get through the total insomnia for so long.  I go 1 night with insomnia and I go balistic.  I can't imagine.  I am on 15 mg of olanzapine and 200 mg of doxepin and I barely sleep even on that so insomnia night after night must be HORRIBLE. I can't imagine.  It is so counter intuitive that we need to stop the drugs to recapture a normal sleep pattern.  I think that the drugs disrupt normal sleep.  I also just came of klonopin and temazepam as well so this could explain my difficulties right now.  I also have screaming tinnitis since going on the olanzapine.  My prayers go out to you. Stay strong.


    • Sack Sack marbel

      hi marbel, thanks for the reply. just wanted to share something. I have been taking this stuff for 10 years at 6 oclock on the dot every night. Most days i wake like i have a hangover, drowsy, grumpy etc then battle through the day. I have pretty much delt with daily symptoms of over analysing things, thinking people are talking about me etc etc All me me me stuff. This has been on a minor scale as to what happens when im off the meds and experiencing psychosis but the same kind of things, just to a lesser extent. Anyway, the other day i went and got my new script as i was out of meds. Got home and read the label....take 3 times a day! I thought "why have i been taking these at night?" So i started taking them at 7am instead. The change was instantaneous. My day was more relaxed, clearer thinking, more focused, better concentration. And then that night i had the best nights sleep in years, went straight to sleep and woke up like i had never been on meds, full of energy and ready to go. that was nearly a week ago and every day/night has been the same so far. I cant believe i was taking them at night and feeling so bad for so long when i should have been taking them during the day all along. Do you take day or night marbel? its only early yet but i also dropped from 2.5 to 1.25 when i started the day regime with a hiccup. I think because i have been dealing with these day to day occurances with little in my system during the day i am so much better equipped now at the lower dose during the daytime. And if you think about it the meds are doing "what" while you sleep. When im awake i see and feel the benefits. Anyway, just thought i would share and ask if you are a day or night taker?



    • marbel marbel Sack

      Hi Colin

      wow that is a good finding. I do take mine at night.  I have been doing a jump around routine at the moment with levels and finding i am really irritable so hesitant about changing times at the moment.  I take 1.25 every four days, about .9 every four days and then .625 every second day.  Prob does not make sense but trying to get to the point where taking .9 and .625 alternating.  Aiming for the new year. I am going to get some scales so can take accurate dosages.

      Thanks for your advice and really pleased this is working so well for you.  I will give it some serious thought.

      Cheers marbel

    • marbel marbel Sack

      Hi Sack and Dhrti 

      I am writing to wish you a happy new year and thank you for helping me through the year. My reduction is going ok and i using a blade to cut the doses that are hard to cut with the pill cutter. All the best friends and to anyone else reading this forum.


    • Michael2345 Michael2345 adam12437

      Dude same here i've been taking zyprexa for 7 years also at fisrt it was okay because my last doctor got me all drugged up from 10 anti depressants a day with seroquel and other mood stabalizers plus valium at night then i had my 3rd opinion from my neuropsych he reduced all my meds and weede me off seroquel, valium and other mood stabalizers which is good now im down to 1mg rivotril plus 5mg zyprexa once every night this helps me sleep and counter act all the depressive and psychotic thoughts the problem was the weight gain even though i workout a lot and change my diet to oatmeal, tuna, wheatbread, brownrice and high protein food i still gain weight but before when i used zyprexa and worked out like crazy and changed my lifestyle to a healthy one i lost 39 pounds in 3 months that was when i was 25-28 yrsold now im 30 yrs old it seems that it has messed up my metabolism no matter how much i workout or diet i still gaines weight, can i lower my dose from 5mg to 2.5mg would this help in weight loss? And less feeling of slugishness like the person thay commentes above he said he was already on a .05 mg zyprexa is there such a dose? I know the lowest is 2.5mg and can we use fat burners like lcarnatine to counteract the weight gain, actually i have no problem with zyprexa coz it works for me the problem is the rapid weight gain, its like im working out so hard and dieting at the gym and it seems depressing and foolish coz there's no progress except that time when my age was 25-29 yrs old... Anw does anyone know another AP drug that would do the same thing as zyprexa does without the rapid weight gain thanks by the way i have bipolar II, that's why i'm taking zyprexa, what can be a substitute for zyprexa or what can i do to reduce weight gain and other health risks like diabetes thanks guys

    • Michael2345 Michael2345 marbel

      Hi marbel, same here i've been taking zyprexa for 7 years also at fisrt it was okay because my last doctor got me all drugged up from 10 anti depressants a day with seroquel and other mood stabalizers plus valium at night then i had my 3rd opinion from my neuropsych he reduced all my meds and weede me off seroquel, valium and other mood stabalizers which is good now im down to 1mg rivotril plus 5mg zyprexa once every night this helps me sleep and counter act all the depressive and psychotic thoughts the problem was the weight gain even though i workout a lot and change my diet to oatmeal, tuna, wheatbread, brownrice and high protein food i still gain weight but before when i used zyprexa and worked out like crazy and changed my lifestyle to a healthy one i lost 39 pounds in 3 months that was when i was 25-28 yrsold now im 30 yrs old it seems that it has messed up my metabolism no matter how much i workout or diet i still gaines weight, can i lower my dose from 5mg to 2.5mg would this help in weight loss? And less feeling of slugishness like the person thay commentes above he said he was already on a .05 mg zyprexa is there such a dose? I know the lowest is 2.5mg and can we use fat burners like lcarnatine to counteract the weight gain, actually i have no problem with zyprexa coz it works for me the problem is the rapid weight gain, its like im working out so hard and dieting at the gym and it seems depressing and foolish coz there's no progress except that time when my age was 25-29 yrs old... Anw does anyone know another AP drug that would do the same thing as zyprexa does without the rapid weight gain thanks by the way i have bipolar II, that's why i'm taking zyprexa, what can be a substitute for zyprexa or what can i do to reduce weight gain and other health risks like diabetes thanks guys

    • marbel marbel Michael2345

      hi Michael

      I have been taking olanzapine for psychosis and have been mainly taking 2.5 mg as I could not tolerate 5mg. (headaches, dizzyness, nausea at 5mg).  The best way to drop to 2.5mg is to alternate 5mg one day and then take 2.5 mg the next, then 5mg the next day and so on for a while like six to eight weeks or longer until decide to take  2.5 mg every day.  I learnt this process from the drug company and pharmacist and have used it very successfully. Doing this alternating of doses for 6-8 weeks allows the brain to adjust to the lower levels and hopefully stops any nasties happening like anxiety or sleeplessness associated with dropping doses rapidly.

      Good luck with your weight loss. I have read  for all people weight gain can be associated with 'medications' (also alcohol and fats I think) as the liver has to process them and this effects weight gain... also this is a known side effect of olanzapine.  So I guess you may have to discuss with someone like your neuropsych if it is worth reducing to 2.5mg (overtime!) if 5 mg is working well for you. I put on a marginal amount of weight on this drug at 2.5 mg but nothing worrysome.

      Sorry I don't know a replacement for zyprexa.  See your GP, psychiatrist or pharmacist?..  Also a pharmacist may be able to tell you if you can take fat burners with olanzapine and can probably also tell you why you are having problems with your metabolism and suggests ways to reduce weight gain.  Any way these are the types of questions I ask my pharmacist as she is awesome!

      Well done Michael for coming off all those other drugs.  Are you still in contact with your neuro psych?. and good luck with reducing your weight.



    • Sack Sack marbel

      Hey marbel, micheal and everyone else. Just to let you know I have gone fully onto meds at 7.00am rather than at night at 6.00pm. started this about 8 weeks ago, maybe less. At the time I was taking 2.5mg every day. now in just this short time I am on .625 every day with no issues at all. sleeping like a baby every night as well. I have a few "moments" but have gotten through relatively easily. When I fel a little uneasy i take the extra .625mg. I beleive because I am awake and functioning with the lower dose fresh in my system I am able to work out when I "may" need to take a little extra to ease things. So far this has happened only twice which I feel is great as I have sliced down from 2.5mg to .625 pretty quickly with no issues. My psych said a few months back that I could come off them and to have the meds on me "in case" I needed them. The day thing is definetly working for me, more energy, clearer thinking etc. Might be worth considering or trying??

    • marbel marbel Sack

      Hi Sack

      well I fell into psychotic thoughts these last two weeks with delusions about the relationship between me and someone. Oh well I thad no real insight though the last four days I did increase my meds to 1.25 in the morning Colin as you suggested and that did bring me back to reality.  So thank you for that advice.  I am now taking 1.25 in the morning and 1.25 at night and hoping to get to a lower maintenance dose sometime.  Honestly i did not see that coming and lost sleep, weight pretty quickly.  I went to my mums last week which helped but home now.  Hard on my partner when you say you feel connected to someone else even though it is a delusion.  My mother and friend said not to tell details but that was not going to work for me as I would have felt deceitful. I have been happily in my relationship for 15 years and would not change a thing!.  I think was too low dose at .625 and .9 alternating and got very happy and busy over January.  I did feel more excited about life and myself on the lower meds. bum bum

      Peace to you all Marbel

    • Sack Sack marbel

      Hi Marbel, Just keep going. Here is an insight I have gained from being on day meds, might help you along a bit. When I start to spiral it is actually more noticible, to me. When this happens I take a little extra. This usually helps me get through. Then I can get back to where I was quickly and keep moving forward. The best advice my psych gave me when we talked about coming off meds was "just have them with you when you need them" This seems to work as my viewpoint now with the meds now is not "oh, Im stuck on these things" but rather "ok, Im doing my best to get clean, but there will be hurdles and when I get to those hurdles I need to get over them". I have been doing .625mg for a few weeks now and the last few days I went without any, purely because I forgot here and there and also as I was feeling ok. Yesterday and day before I went to a dark emotional place, relationship was suffering etc. Somehow I got through this time though. Today, I woke feeling fine but took the meds as a safety net.

      I guess you and I are similar in some respects, it sounds like you have a good, kind heart and any disruption to your feeling contented or trying to do your best sends you into a spin. This is how it is for me anyway...

      My thought for the day is "we are so concerned with what goes in our mouths and how it will end up making us look ie:fast foods make us look fat and feel ugly. But for some reason we are less concerned about what we see, hear and smell. Sight, smell and hearing feed us on a mental level and if we are mentally unwell it will not matter what we eat". 

      So from here on I am going to try and feed my sight, my hearing and my smell senses with things that will feed me well, not poison me.

      Take care Marbel.


    • Sack Sack marbel

      hi marbel, just thought i would update you on progress since going on day meds. Last two weeks I have been 2 days no meds - 1 day .625 - 4 days no meds - 1 day .625 - 4 days no meds - 1 day 1.25 now onto 2nd day with no meds again. Insight gained: anything stressfull sets me off. Yesterday we got some bad news to do with a dispute we are in, tonight woke at 1am stressing about next day or so will need to be vigilant but am aware of signs and will counter with keeping busy and away from stress. Also went onto sleep hygeine program which is going to bed at same time every night and getting up at same time every morning. Theory behind this is the body resets itself into a routine of when it sleeps and when it wakes, makes you calmer and morefocused. Makes sense, i had done this everyday of my life up until about 7-8 years before issues arose. Hope you are well.


    • mjmdesk mjmdesk lily65668

      Thank you Lilly,

       Presently I weigh 14.6 stones. My diabetes doctor still wants me to loose weight. Having diabetes relies on people being fit and trim. I'm also going to start walking around the long block around my apartment a couple times a day. They say walking is the best exercise for diabetics. I'd also like to mention that my psychiatrist has reduced my Olanzapine by 1/2. I feel more awake during the daytime. Slowly but surely I will be off this medication. I also got a hold of a great e-cigarette. No nicotine. Only strawberry vapor. What a difference. I've cut back my regular cigarette usage from 20/day to 10/day... getting better all the time. What I do is smoke 1/2 the cigarette them put it out for later. If only I could cut out the caffeine in my diet. That ruins my sleep patern. I'm a coffeeholic. Almost a pot of coffee per day. Terrible HUH?

    • joanne 59085 joanne 59085 adam12437

      Hi Adam I am currently taking 2.5mg every 2 days as I am also struggling with same effects you describe. My psychiatrist tells me its not addictive and I'm frustrated and believe it is but am determined to try to get off this. Jo

    • pathere pathere Michael2345

      Hi Michael2345,

      I started olanzapine a month ago.  At first 2.5mg, second abd third weeks up to 5mg. Fourth week I asked the Dr. to go down again, and so I did.

      I would go from sleepeless, extra happy, (maniac) nights to extra oversleeping, gained weight, had constipation, bloating, water retention, shock on fingertips, memory blocks here and there, tooth infection, kidney pain on awaking, headache, and likely more.

      However, I did notice some improvements in my life.  I felt normal for the first time in a long time.

      Even down to 2.5mg, I still had side-effects piling up, so decided to go down to 1.25 (using a pill cutter), every other day. May try even less.

      This has been great...

      If this works, why are people taking such high doses?

      Weight started going down, feeling as normal as I ever felt, more able to follow through my plans, better self control (even for eating! - taking Garcinia, as herbal tea, though), more normal sleeping and waking time, 'lack' of intrusive thoughts.

      I also use homeopathy, an herbal tea combination, and due to olanzapine at this small dose, was able to come back to hatha yoga practice (using a 'health and yoga' book which I have for decades). With all this, but without olanzapine, I have had good moments, but was still losing it. Insanity (schizoaffective) was gaining space. With olanzapine at minimal doses but being backed by these alt. treatments, I am beginning to have hope in life.

      First step is sincerity of intentions.  Faith in what you have faith, and follow what it clearly directs you to do.


    • niemtin niemtin marbel

      Hi Marbel,

      How have you been doing? Which dose of olanzapine are you at now. Last time you said you would be going down to 1.25mg and .625 alternatively. How was it going on? Are you successful coming off it already? Hope to hear positive news from you.

    • marbel marbel niemtin

      hi niemtin

      unfortunately I had some bad early warning signs ie losing sleep and not eating well in January due to stressful situation so am back on 2.5mg and looks like that will be forever as been on them 20 years so brain has changed for good.  Also doctor put me on clonazepam (anti anxity meds)for sleep in june which ended up causing anxiety and then psychiatrist said to try citalopram (anti depressant to help with the anxiety)which I used to be on.  took me a year and a half to come off that. I told him that I got anxiety getting on to citalopram.  In the end i persisted and sure enough more anxiety from the citalopram so I reduced it and got more anxiety so I am now also stuck on a benzo that I should never have been put on. (clonazepam .5 in morning and .375 in afternoon) I have been offered a medical inpatient detox to change from clonazepam to valium but I am so over the drug reactions I am going to ween myself off the benzo over a long time starting next year Hopefully by that time I will have also dropped the 2.5 mg of citalopram I am on.  Honestly the doctors caused more problems than they helped me this year. I was happy to take the 2.5 mg of olanzapine but am well p*ssed I am stuck on the benzo and citalopram again!.  Hope all is better with you


    • niemtin niemtin andy49564

      Hi Andy,

      I'm glad to hear that you successfully came off Olanzapine after such a long time of using it. How have you been recently? How is the heart disease, do you feel comfortable with it now? I've been on and off Olanzapine for 15 years and your situation gives me hope to continue the coming off. Sadly, I could not bear the insomnia for just only 1 night. Can you tell your story of overcoming insomnia for months, how do you handle it?

    • julie34056 julie34056 milad30048

      Hi ive just been reading your posts as my son has been suffering very similar things.and just been diagnosed. He has been on olanzipine a week. How are you doing now? I hope things have improved

    • melvin11 melvin11 julie34056

      Hi Julie. I feel very saddened that your son is on this horrific drug.

      i reckon I lost two years of the last three due to swallowing it. My work ethic has evaporated along with any interests.

      No golf, no cycling, no social life and unable to even relax with a beer. 

      The depression was such that I felt nothing, just getting out of bed and breathing.

      Do the research then demand an alternative med, as this one should be labelled "physchos only"

      Dont be weak.

    • matlor matlor pathere

      'If this works, why are people taking such high doses?'

      I ask myself this as well. I have weaned myself off over years and only take .625 most days but I still find that stopping all together difficult. I could do it as I do not fear psychosis anymore but I function better on this small dose. I find the anxiety and feelings of foreboding return every time I stop. So if such a small dose has an effect then why put people on such high doses.

      I also agree that a healthy life style and diet works wonders as well. A little of everything does you good. A mediterranean diet works well for me. I am normal weight and very good energy levels for my age.

    • melvin11 melvin11 matlor

      .625 is not considered a therapeutic dose and probably does nothing at all for you; perhaps there's a placebo effect going on with you and your slight anxieties are best ignored.

      I fear nothing, least of all psychiatrists and see them as a last resort; someone I can look to for comfort and nurture that are badly missing from my life. Do you have this essential care from a partner?

      if you do put the meds where they belong; the pharmacy's incinerator

    • matlor matlor melvin11

      I do not think that it is placebo effect and I have tried several times and I feel it consistently causes the same effect. I will continue to try as I would like to be meds free but I like my quality of life as well. Who says it is not a theraputic dose the same people who said it is no problems to stop the medications. I do not trust them and can only go on my experiences.

    • melvin11 melvin11 matlor

      Fair comment, 

      .625 seems commonly taken in the states, but our md's in the uk seem to think of 5 mg as the minimum and 2.5 is regarded as a maintenance dose.

      as long as you are happy I think you're probably doing the right thing; each of us humans is totally unique and the drug is a one fits all chemical cosh.

      I can't buy into that

    • matlor matlor melvin11

      No, drugs affect people in different ways as we can see from this forum. I am quite scientific with my approach to reduction and have my ups and downs but I continue to strive to continue working as it is good for me. So as long as I can do this and I feel healthy I am happy.

      My health is good so I do not worry too much about this. I was started at 5mgs and have never had any side effects but I hate the effect it has on me when I reduce or stop the drug. If I had side effects I would have stopped the medication and put up with the effect as I did with Reboxatine that caused, increased heart rate , palpitations, gut problems. It is the effect it has on me psychologically that worries me. I hate to be dependant on anything.

    • anak14 anak14 crissy64573

      Hello Chrissy64573

      Need advise.

      My brother is off from zyprexa since 6/27/16. And now he is having thoughts that we donate money we can't leave the house. And he doesn't know why he has this thought. I need your advise. Do those thought go away?

    • al28825 al28825 adam12437

      I've been ardently told by a psych that Zyprexa is a drug to come off supervised with a psychiatrist, and reduced in increments over time to minimise withdrawal symptoms which sometimes can't help be avoided. 

    • al28825 al28825 Michael2345

      Zyprexa is notorious for weight gain. I put on stacks. I had one psych say while I was on it that trying to lose weight will be a losing battle :s My diag is in dispute but one explanation is bipolar, like yourself and I had two psychs recommend abilify as an alternative to zyprexa. Hope that can b of some help.

    • Fredtheman111 Fredtheman111 marbel

      Hello ive been on zyprexa for over 12 years mostly on 15mg can you offer me some advice as to how long you should wait after youve gone down and should i do 15 mg to 10 then alternated like you were saying any help would be greatly aprreciated thankyou

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 adam12437

      3. Cold Turkey vs. Tapering

      Did you quit cold turkey or did you conduct a gradual taper? Antipsychotics like Zyprexa are very serious drugs and the withdrawal effects can be debilitating. It is always recommended to conduct a very gradual taper to allow your body to slowly adjust to functioning without the drug over a period of time. In general the tapering period should be influenced by your current dose as well as how long you took the drug.

      If you were on this particular drug for an extended period of time, it is recommended to taper at a rate of 10% per month. By slowly reducing your dose, you will give your neurotransmitters some time to accommodate and adjust to changes in the amount of the drug you ingest. If you are very sensitive to even minor reductions in dose, you can request a liquid compound that will allow you to reduce your dose by fractions of milligrams.

      4. Personal Factors

      Individual factors play a huge role in determining the difficulty of withdrawal. Some people naturally are very sensitive to changes in dosage and may have a much more difficult time withdrawing. Additionally some people have much more social support than others which helps them cope with their experience coming off of the drug.  People taking other medications or transitioning to another antipsychotic may not even notice much of a withdrawal compared to individuals who were only taking Zyprexa. Some individuals have better dietary habits, sleeping patterns, exercise habits, less stressful jobs, etc. – all these factors can play a role in influencing withdrawal. Therefore it is recommended to not compare yourself to that of other people when withdrawing.

      Good luck - It took my 4 weeks to get over most of the ugly side effects: suicidal, depression, anxiety, insomnia (mod), hot and cold temp, unwell, and this lasted for days on end not off and on.  I slow tapered until 1.25mgs then I came off, first week was okay but the 2nd and third week was terrible, the fourth was hard but bearable.  I am on the road of recovery and am not ever going back if I can help it!!

      Take it slow but don't give up. smile

    • waheed76896 waheed76896 marbel

      Hi I hope someone could help my sister has 3rd Time relapse now she is on 10mg actually she is k just talking extra starts extrem explains everything just understand won’t sleep for long about 5 hours when she takes her meds and that’s it but she goes gym and normal things she does cooking all sorts just very talkative wat to do is that normal it’s been over 2 weeks she taking 10 mg 

  • christine201 christine201

    It sounds like Olanzapine totally messes up all the neurotransmitters in the brain. The fact that it reduces dopamine is terrible because we need dopamine for giving us get up & go, cognition & clarity of thought. I can understand why jeff said he's not willing to stop taking Adderall like his doctor recommended he try while taking Olanzapine. He could end up being a total zombie because of reduced dopamine. Adderall increases dopamine. It is an upper, while Olanzapine is a downer. I'm just so glad I did my research on Olanzapine after being prescribed it. There was no way I was going to take it after reading about the devastating side effects! I'm now also free of valium, zopiclone, tramadol & zoloft, having stopped cold turkey, & I'm weaning off Mirtazapine. Looking back to when I was prescribed all those incredibly nasty drugs and the hell I was suffering daily while on them, made me realize my prescribing psych didn't have a clue and didn't care. I'm so glad I suspected the combination of all these meds were making me so ill physically & especially mentally. I'm now very stable mentally, very happy & calm, my tummy pains are a thing of the past and life is good again. I'll never understand why my psych (who I never saw again & cancelled my last appt with her, back in June), had prescribed Olanzapine as I'm neither bipolar or schizophrenic but would have ended up with these neurological disorders it's supposed to help with, if I had taken it. If I hadn't researched it and began taking this drug, it would have caused a severe imbalance in the neurotransmitters in my brain. I'd be very overweight and would have worse bowel problems & probably other physical issues. It would have destroyed my life! I'm only on 3 meds now, for arthritis & phantom limb pain, & weaning off 1, as opposed to the 8 or 9 that the psych would have had me on. What a joke! Makes me wonder how her other patients fare. I was fortunate I had the foresight to study the effects these meds would have on the brain's neurotransmitters. I discovered more natural ways to re-balance these neurotransmitters. Yes, medication is sometimes needed to kick start the process of re-balancing them. Getting the right ones can be tricky though. But Olanzapine? Hmm!

    Anyone prescribed the medication Olanzapine, should research it on the net first before going ahead and taking it. Be careful!

    • mjmdesk mjmdesk christine201

      Y truth is I'm on seven diferent medications including Olanzapine and Valproic acid as well as carbamazepine. You mentioned you had bowel problems. So was I. Does that mean having diahrea? If so do what I did. I got a hold of some Bentonite Clay pills. I started with one a day. That solidified my poop. I also had a strong addiction to coffee which acts like a laxative. I also cut back on that. That helped a lot. I'm drinking decaf now and using fewer scoops of coffee grains per pot of coffee. It's all made a big diference. The Bentonite Clay pills helped a lot. I now take two or three pills a day. Check you local health food store to see if they have any in stock. If not do a google search and order them online.

    • melvin11 melvin11 christine201

      Hi. I'm wondering where you got the information that is behind your words ..I'm neither BiPolar nor schizophrenic but would have ended up with these neurological disorders it is supposed to help with.

      I firmly believe that Olanzapine has brought on BiPolar symptoms with me. Thanks, melvin11

    • al28825 al28825 christine201

      Looks like you did your fair share of research. Wondering what u remember some of the psychological problems that can occur with zyprexa? I'm trying to find clarity of zyprexa withdrawal inparticular. I don't feel like me atm and don't know what's me and what's the withdrawal. I am technologically deficient and finding it diff to find what I'm after.

    • Sack Sack al28825

      Hey there, one thing I have find might be linked to long term use of zyprexa is memory loss. Im not sure if its actually the case but I had a very very good memory prior to ten years of daily meds. Now I often forget things and tasks. Could be just getting older but I dont think so.

      As for not feelingb like you...that is definitely one of the effects it has and as far as I can tell it doesnt change much. Ive been off the stuff for two or so years and I still feel like a different person to who I was before I went on it and that was thirteen years ago..

      The good news is you can get off it and lead a normal life again.

    • DrNoIdea007 DrNoIdea007 melvin11

      ABSOLUTELY - happened to my son.  Every Dr said, antipsychotic could not possibly cause his symptoms, it's used to treat them.  I said he didn't have any of them until he started on meds.  Diagnosed with Schizo Affective Disorder after starting drugs that make you mad.  AVOID Olanzapine at all costs.

  • bonna bonna

    My story is somewhat similiar to some of yours in that i feel that this drug 'olanzapine' has stolen 10 years of my life.Ever since getting sectioned in 2004 i hae gone through what i can only describe as an absolute nightmare in the mental health system.I used to be young,outgoing person with my whole life ahead of me,iam nearly 32 years old now.When i was first addmitted to hospital i refused 'medication' as i knew i didn't need it,until one day the doctors gave me the ultimatum 'take these tablets,otherwise we will start to inject you' (horrible i know) from that day on i took 'olanzpine' .In hospital they gave me no insight into the drug or it's terrible side effects.On coming out of hospital i gained 5/6 stone pretty much imediately & was sleeping for 16 hours a day.I was put on lots of other medications along with the 'olanzapine' & even tried other medications,but always ended up back on the olanzapine,which i have been on,on its own fo the last 6 years or so.I spent over 2 years on sleeping tablets because i couldn't sleep as my eyes were rolling in my head & it took the doctors over a year & half to recognise that it was a condition callled oculogyric crisis which is caused by the 'olanzapine' ,for this they tried me on 2 different medications to combat the 'eyes rolling' side effect of the olanzapine,one was called procyclidine and the other orphenadrine,both of these drugs had there own side effects whic is 'sleeplessness' which to be honest just made things even worse.The doctors agreed that iam extremely sensitive to the olanzapine & i get all of the side effects,but insist i need the drug otherwise i will end up back in hospital & its for my on good.Other side effects included sensitivity to sunlight & red skin aswell as all the common side effects associated with olanzapine.After reading yor stories about 'olanzapine' i felt compelled to share some of my story about the drug (and yes,this is just some of it) as i thought i was completey alone on this medication.I'am determined to come off 'olanzapine' this year with or without the help of the mental health system,as i don't want to spend the next 10 years or even the rest of my life on 'olanzapine'.This medication is supposed to help,support & improve your life,not destroy it.

    btw - my diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenic . . .

    looking forward to getting off 'olanzapine' and taking control of my life once again wink



  • christine201 christine201

    Oh, that's so awful for you, bonna! Were you diagnosed as being paranoid schizophrenic before taking Olanzapine? It sounds like this drug has exacerbated any symptoms you may have had. There are better ways to improve your well-being and mental health, than using Olanzapine. When dopamine & serotonin are low, schizophrenia & panic disorder can occur. Foods high in tryptophan, such as cottage cheese, wheatgerm, chicken & turkey and many other foods, can help to re-balance these 2 neurotransmitters. Trytophan, available by prescription, also helps with sleeplessness. Extensive research into neurotransmitters & hormones, has found that most mental health issues stem from an imbalance of both the neurotransmitters in the brain and hormonal imbalances.

    Best wishes for getting off this nightmare drug. and getting your life back in order!

  • bonna bonna

    Hey Christine,No i was NOT diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia on been admitted to hospital where they first put me on medication,i hadn't had any contact with the mental health system up until that point,to be honest it was the police who sectioned me,i did NOT see any doctors/nurses before been admitted to hospital who gave me any kind of evaluation,i think the police had no idea of what to do with me other than to take me to a mental institution.I think in the UK this is quite common,the mental health system i a messy business to be quite frank,i definitely think your right though in that the olanzapine & my experience in hospital exacerbated any symptoms i had,and if the police & the doctors had have dealt with me more effectively i wouldn't have to go through that or be on medication for 10 years,like i say its a messy business

    I think doctors & pyschiatrists have no idea in how to deal with patients on a one to one personal basis & alot of them don't seem interested in your well been whatsoever & medication is an easy way to deal with people & basically brush them under the carpet . . .

    I feel the time has come to take a stand for my life & future happiness . . .

    i have had enough of been a drugged up zombie dancing to the beat of the mental health systems drum haha

    thanks for your wishes



  • marbel marbel


    I've just found your forum. I have been olanzapine for eight years. I had two psychotic breaks. One in 1992 in the Netherlands and one in my home country down under in 1998. Both due to emotional upsets (ok boy troubles). Prior to 2005 I was on Navane (old anti psychotic) and at low doses. They took this drug off the market, with out warning so I suffered greatly withdrawal syndrome and then suffered trying to find a drug that suited me.

    I finally settled on 2.5 mg of Olanzapine in 2005. I am sensitive to drugs so didn't tolerate 5mg which a new doctor tried me on. In fact this was disasterous and I ended at mums for three months with little energy, nautious, dizzy and headaches. I thought I had a virus. I dropped the drug to 2.5 again and experienced all kinds of difficulties. I had anxiety for months (never had before), mouth ulcers which the dentist said was a virus in my mouth but wasn't.

    I did some ringing around and even managed to talk to the drug company.


    When reducing olanzapine alternate doses ie if you start at a regular 5mg then take 2.5 every second day. Do this for some weeks before dropping to a level 2.5mg

    Do not skip a dose, take some every day even when you get down to the minute dosages.

    This process takes MONTHS not weeks.

    My pharmacist says if you have a problem at any level go back to the level you last felt good at then stay for a few months until you drop again.

    I am now on 1.25mg and have been for 2 years because I am weaning off another drug first which has taken some time. I use a pill cutter. If you save offcuts remember to wrap them in tinfoil or glad wrap until the next day.

    I am doing so under doctors supervision. I have a great doctor though I mainly get advice from my pharmacist.

    There are some excellent videos on youtube interviewing doctors from Finland treating first time psychosis. They give medication as last resort but do family intervention (talking) and address the problems people present with that caused the issue . Very high success rates in stopping symptons and reoccurances.

    Thanks christine for your info on neurotransmitters

    Good luck Adam. Stick at 5mg for a while until you feel settled ready to alternate 5mg and 2.5mg


  • jonathan00039 jonathan00039

    Some good advice Marbel.

    I've been on Olanzapine for years, though not bi polar or schizophrenic. On 2.5mg. I don't like all the side effects.

    I tried to come off the medication recently, just by stopping it. I was fine, then after two months I got some terrible withdrawal symptoms and had to go back on it.

    I can well believe it takes months of slow reduction of dose, before you are free of it.

    Withdrawing slowly seems to be the only safe way.


  • matlor matlor

    My experience of being on Olanzapine 5mgs for years was fine as I did not get any negative side effects and I felt well on it - working and functioning well but I objected to taking medication. I tried to stop taking it after a year and even with tapering the dose I had overwhelming free floating anxiety, insomnia, nausea, vomiting which disabled me. This was far worse than the psychotic episode I was originally medicated for.

    The Drs would not believe me when I explained it was withdrawal effects they insisted it was a returning of my psychosis. I knew it wasn't but as returning to taking the drug cured me I was stuck. I have tried several times to come off it by reducing the dose slowly but always the anxiety, insomnia and nausea returned - all be it to a lesser extent with a slower reduction. I am now on 1.25mg every other day by cutting the tablets in half and I wait until I feel good on a dose before I reduce it again. Not sure if I can quarter the tablet as it is tiny but I suppose I could try to stop completely now and put up with effects.

    I would carry on taking it to feel well but I cannot rule out that it is causing my neutropenia and increased heart rate. I am amazed that such a small dose can prevent the withdrawal effects but trial and error proves to me it does. Of course people say it is psychological but the return of the nausea often reminds me when I forget a dose and if I stay with a dose after a couple of weeks I return to normal. It is reassuring to hear similar stories from other people.

    Psychiatrist just want to medicate and if you get side effects they give you another drug to combat the side effects and so you can end up on a cocktail of drugs. They had me on 3 drugs for a psychotic episode that was caused by the trauma when my brother died suddenly. I believe I would have recovered without medication but as I was sectioned and very psychotic I had little choice. I physically fought them for days as I did not want to take medication but they held me down and injected me. I eventually agreed to take Olanzapine but it was as I was feeling more rational and in touch and now I feel I was getting better anyway. I will never know what would have happened had I not taken Medication but I do know how difficult it is to get off of it. They are starting to use Olanzapine for children with ADHD in America. I feel the children are heading for a cocktail of drugs and many serious side effects.

    I hope everyone is filling the yellow card to report adverse effects available at pharmacies.It took them many years before they recognised that there were any withdrawal effects and even now they do not think it is a problem. The drug companies would have many more of us on them by over claiming their usefulness and trying to deny the side effects if they could. I am always suspicious when the drug companies are involved in the research. If everyone speaks out they may find it more difficult to prescribe it for trivial conditions as they are doing now. Eating disorders, sleeping problems etc They have stopped prescribing it so readily for the elderly after it was highlighted that there was an increased risk of dying as it was being used for patients with dementia related psychosis or to calm them down.

    There is research and articles being published about the withdrawal effects and we should speak up to add weight to these papers.

  • michael32101 michael32101

    I have been on olazapine for nearly 2 years. It works well as I had an episode of psychosis with delusions and hallusinations (sorry about spelling). This medication solved these problems but I am now stuck on this drug and have tried coming off, even really slowly, but it seems I have to go through a hellish period of fear, massive anxiety attacks, mood changes, no sleep, severe lows, loud inner voice coming back, heart racing. The only way to stop all this is to give in and take olazapine. The fear of not being able to sleep and go through this nightmare is as bad as being ill in the first place. I often wonder if I had been able to stay in the mental hospital and left to recover from my breakdown or episode of psychosis, maybe it would have taken a bit longer, but I wish I had never been forced to take this drug. If you have a choice do not take olazapine, I repeat, do not take it.

  • marbel marbel

    Hi Michael

    what dose of olanzapine are you on?. I have just weaned myself off citalopram (anti depressant) with a great success and no side effects. yippee. took ages but worth being able to get on with life with no disturbance. I am going to come off my olanzapine this year. I am on 1.25 mg at the moment. My plan is in two months time (giving my brain time to settle with out citalopram) to start alternating 1.25 and half this dose again.

    So i will take 1.25mg one day and then .625mg the next. 1.25 the next etc

    I will do this for six weeks before dropping to a daily .625 for three months and then completely stop.

    I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous at such low levels but honestly if i just stopped cold turkey I would be a mess even at these low levels.

    I have been on a regular 2.5mg for some ten years prior to this and my body would not tolerate 5mg. I wonder sometimes that if I should be come psychotic again what will they put me on?


  • michael32101 michael32101

    Hi Marbel

    Even the smallest amount of change makes a big difference so it sounds like you have the right idea.

    I was on 5mg in the beggining, a couple of years to 1 year ago. For this past year I have been on 2.5mg only because I went against the psych doc who wanted me on 5mg. I am due to come off in July this year but I knew it would take a long time coming off, and I wanted to do it in the spring and summer happier sunny long day months. More chances to get out and exercise in the nicer weather.

    I found it easy coming down to 1.25mg it took a 4 week period, cutting 2.5mg tablets in half. I use a new tablet every day and just throw away the odd amount. I have not told doctor that I am coming off so I still get 2.5mg tablets.

    Within the next 2 weeks I reduced to nearly half that again, so approx 0.625 but this was slightly too quick and I curled up in a ball with extreem panic / anxiety attacks lasting hours. All it took was being unable to sleep for one night and a tiny amount of everyday stress and it set them off.

    I had a fear that my mental state was going back to the episode of psychosis again but I realised that this is withdraw symptoms.

    With some regular gentle exercise, determination and controlling the fear I will beat this.

    There is no help out there, everything I have experienced with mental health has been about money.

    Limited councelling, tablets thrown at you with too high a dose, the medication is to shut everyone up.

    They dont even make smaller tablets for each of us to come down off this olazapine. We have to guess small cuttings of tablets.

  • bev11 bev11

    To Marbel

    In case you're not aware of it, there is a pill cutter available at the drug stores, to help with slicing the pills.

    I once tried coming off Olanzapine but am back on it. I seem to be fine with it, just had this notion I would be better off without it. I was wrong. Possibly some time in the future, I will give it another try. I don't have any worries about taking it now. Good luck!

  • matlor matlor

    I have now been off Olanzapine for a few weeks and have survived with only minor episodes of nausea, insomnia and anxiety. See previous post as I did it very slowly.

    You are right Michael you get very little help from the Mental Health system. You have to do it yourself.

    To be informed to make the choice you need to know the real rates of re-occurrence of your original condition if you stop taking the tablets.As the withdrawal effects are recorded as a re-occurrence the true rate recorded by the research is not accurate. It is very difficult to get unbiased information. I just know the side effects from Olazapine such as developing diabetes, blood dyscrasias and raised blood cholesterol can be quite serious.but it was what it did to my brain when I stopped the first time that convinced me I wanted to be drug free if I could. .It has taken a couple of years but I have done it..

    Good luck to everyone who decides to come off the drug.

  • bonna bonna

    I'm absoluty shocked about hearing some of your stories about coming off olanzapine,I'm currently in the

    process of getting help in changing to a depoxil (depo) injection as the side effects of the olanzapine are just

    too bad.The mental health team I'am under are putting together a plan for me to come off olanzapine with 3

    possibilities of either stopping completely and starting the depo injection or tapering off before or during the

    switch.the scary thing for me is hearing your stories,and knowing that most of you are on a relatively low dose and have experienced absolute hell,Iv been on 20/15mg for the last 10 years and really don't know how my

    body will react to the switch ... Gonna be crazy I think,with some serious withdrawal I expect,just hope I get

    some good help and am not complete alone in my medication switch over.its really good hearing your stories

    and just hope with gods help I can conquer this terrible drug olanzapine ... Peace n love x

    • dhrti dhrti bonna

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    • dhrti dhrti bonna

      Hi everyone, it's been a while since I have posted on here. I was not feeling good but about 3 weeks ago my doctor put me on valium and wow I feel so much better now I am relaxed I sleep better and I am appreciating being alive. I am excited today because I saw my doctor this morning and we talked about slowly cutting down on my dosage of olanzipine it would be so nice if sometime in the near future I would not need to take olanzipine anymore. Wish me luck. 

    • marbel marbel dhrti

      Good luck Dhrti.  I wondered how you were going. Glad you are feeling more relaxed.  Slowly slowly with the decreasingcheesygrin

      Hi Sack.  Thanks for your update too.  I am taking 1.25 mg morning and night.  Had some weird thoughts again yesterday after waking at 5am so took a quarter extra this morning.  I would rather take the meds than weird thinking and more lack of sleep.  Still using zizyphus as needed and in a sleep capsule if needed.  Thanks for the tips!.


    • dhrti dhrti marbel

      Hi Marbel,

      Yes it's nice to be back and feeling better.

      Yes, I completely understand about weaning myself off olanzipine very slowly, the main thing is that the valium is making me feel so much better and I feel hopeful about slowly weaning myself off of the olanzipine. It's nice to be a part of a group of nice people like yourself where we understand and we can support eachother.

    • marbel marbel dhrti

      Hi Dhrti

      It is such a relief when you feel you are out of the hole of struggle with worries and stress and anxiety.  And generally not feeling yourself or with an anchor for the day.

      I don't know if I would feel and cope as well if I did not have you all here to share with.  I heard on radio this morning about a 3 year old detainee in the australian detention centre who was on antipsychotics and another youth who sewed their lips up.  and I AM so thankful for the safety of my home and love of my partner and friends and amazing to be able to share with you.  Still one day at a time.

    • matlor matlor dhrti

      Please be careful about taking Valium as it is so addictive. I thought it was only supposed to be used very short term, up to a week or so to avoid addiction. You do not want to go from problems getting off one drug only to replace it with different problems. It must be better to slow down the Olanzepine withdrawal as there are many of us taking a long, long time to get off of it but several have managed? Have they not?

      i have got at far as 2.5mgs a week and I would rather stay where I am for a few months than start to take a different drug.

    • dhrti dhrti matlor

      Hi Matlor, i have gone off valium it was frightening i had two car accidents withing two weeks so off it i went, they were minor accidents. u r right about how it is meant for short term use.

      i am free of olanzipine yay i went cold turkey. only symptoms is my sleep is out of sorts, i find some good cardio exercise each day helps me sleep longer.

      My doctor put me on a wonderful mood disorder drug and wow i feel great

      i am currently looking into natural supplements to treat my mild schizophrenia so wish me luck.


    • tonia 2003 tonia 2003 dhrti

      What kind of mood disorder drug did he put you on? Mine wants me to go on Zyprexa, but I don't want to. I am on Paxil and it just stopped working all of a sudden. Now I'm up to 1mg clonazepam, just to cope, but about every 4 months I have to go up. I can't get off this Paxil!!


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