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sarah24378 sarah24378

Coming off 2.5mg of olanzapine.


I plan to come off as soon as possible as i need to lose weight for surgery.

I cannot get dissolvable tablets. My plan is to alternate 2.5 and 1.25 for 2 weeks then 1.25 for 2 weeks. If that goes well i will jump off then if not i plan to crush the tablets and eat the powder and alternate 1.25 and 0.6 ish for 2 weeks then 0.6 ish for 2 weeks then off.

I have only been on then nearly 5 months and although i think they help the weight gain is too much. I am on other meds which mean i will be getting totally meds free.

Any advice or experience welcome. What withdrawal symptoms can i expect ?

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  • maybefine maybefine sarah24378

    If it's the same for all, I had body stinging, dimming of contact with people, world was losing brightness, i have a natural fear of people and started fearing places. But that's my fears, they have dispersed. I'm psychotic, but i go out to do things all the time. i started sleeping by the end of the withdrawal. Sleep is the restorer. I was very defensive with people, nobody could even pay attention to anything i was talking about, i had voices in my head, i was arguing with them. I decided not to trust the voices, personally.

  • bridget46879 bridget46879 sarah24378

    Coming off olanzapine is the worst.... I got down to 1.25 and then went to nothing, the first few days were ok but then it kicked in and now I have irritability, anxiousness, finding it hard to think straight, hot and cold temperature, not sleeping well for the past week.  I hope it subsides soon cos I don't know how much I can take. I was on Olanzapine for nearly two years, the doctor knows that I am coming off.  when I was taking 1.25 it felt like I was taking nothing so I decided to stop taking it all together.  Yes weight gain was a problem and sleeping for longer.  I will keep trying until I am fully off this medication.  this is the 3rd or 4th time of trying to stop the meds.

    • apu91247 apu91247 bridget46879

      Bridget how are you tapering.which dose are you in when you started tapering?.1.25 is big to jump off.they are suggesting 10% taper every four are you feeling now?your symptoms subsided or you reinstated 2.5? please reply as I just started tapering from 5 m.g

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 apu91247

      Sorry for not replying earlier I did not get a message to say I had a reply.  I went from 1.25 to nothing, yeah I probably shouldn't have done that however the pill was so small I did not think my pill cutter would have been able to cut it without breaking it.  I am 10 and a half weeks off now I had bad insomnia for weeks so found it difficult at work concentrating etc.  I feel that things are better now but I just take it day by day as I never know whats in store for me the next day.  I have been keeping a diary of what my symptoms have been and will enter it once I have completed 3 months.

      I wish you all the best coming off this drug. Let me know how you get on. Bridget.

  • bridget46879 bridget46879 sarah24378

    Yes it has been 10 and a half weeks since I stopped olanzapine/zyprexa and I have lost 5 - 6 kgs however I have been going to the gym as well and eating better.  My sleep has improved but not entirely, I get about 7 hours sleep.  I have been getting headaches recently but today they are not too bad.  I feel restless at times and impatient, can't sit still for long. Anxiety has lessened.  I can't eat as much as I used to I get a sore stomach.  How are you going? 

    • sarah24378 sarah24378 bridget46879

      I came off at 0.625 too. I was fine for 5 weeks but the last 2 to 3 weeks has been hell. Severe anxiety, bad tummy with nausea and awful headaches. It has been nearly 8 weeks now. I didn t think withdrawals would kick in 5 weeks after stopping.

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 sarah24378

      Congratulations on getting this far! I started feeling withdrawals about 3 weeks in and it was torture.  I still have bad days but the good days help me to stay on the course of abstinence.  I take magnesium for sleep and this has helped. Have you lost any weight yet?

    • sarah24378 sarah24378 bridget46879

      I am very confused. My nurse says i cannot be withdrawing as it would have started earlier and be over by now. They want to put me on a different mood stabiliser as they say it is my symptoms come back. I just don t know. I am on ther meds.

      What were you symptoms as i am not sure if this is withdrawal or not ?

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 sarah24378

      I think your nurse thinks you have become unwell because it was 5 weeks after coming off meds, however I think these are withdrawals.  I have read that the withdrawals can last up to 3months or even more after coming off olanzapine.  My withdrawals started after I came fully off meds but for some ppl. it was during the tapering, its different for everyone.  Part of the withdrawal is that you will feel as though you are becoming unwell but it is all part of the withdrawals - which were: deep depression, high anxiety, insomnia, feeling unwell I've written a post earlier with withdrawals at the time.  I have not taken any other med except magnesium.  I wish you the best but listen to your inner self as well, there is a difference between withdrawals and becoming unwell, although the symptoms are the same the withdrawals wont last.  It is tough but you can do it. Bridget.

  • apu91247 apu91247 sarah24378

    Dear Sarah and Bridget,what is the pattern of your tapering?did you hold one month for every reduction of Tapering?

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 apu91247

      I tapered every two weeks but take it as slow as you can to avoid the intense withdrawals.  I am now 11 weeks off nearly 12 weeks off.  I have recently started sleeping from 10pm-5am which is better than before.  However I get tired in the afternoons, which is hard as I work 8am - 4.30pm Mon - Fri.  However going to the gym and eating healthy helps a lot.  I have lost 6kgs so far.  But yes, sleep is the restorer!

    • jennifer63404 jennifer63404 bridget46879


      I have read your posts, thanks for sharing. I have been on Zyprexa for about two years. 2.5 mg every night. I have gained a lot of weight, sleep too much and feel tired throughout the day. I stopped taking about 6 weeks ago. At first I didn't notice any negative effects other than sleeping less. This week however, I have not been feeling very well. Reading this discussion gives me hope that maybe I am ok, that maybe it's withdrawal symptoms. I am going to hang in there for a while longer.

    • apu91247 apu91247 jennifer63404

      Jennifer did you stop olanzapine 2.5 mg cold turkey?If yes,what a mistake.You should reinstate and stabilize.Once you stabilize for few months,start tapering very slow and get rid of that drug.For tapering tips Google for surviving antidepressants, olanzapine tapering.wishes.

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 jennifer63404

      Thanks for your message, yes slow taper is best. However you will still get withdrawals just probably not as intense. i am now 17 weeks off Zyprexa and still experience some withdrawals and less sleep but I have no intention of going back on meds.

      i have lost 7 kgs and am feeling much better. Also let yourDr know to get support and let close friends, family and colleagues know as you may need to tell with them about how your feeling so they can understand and support you. i had a diary of each week and withdrawals I had this helped me when lookng at my progress. It is long and and hard but worth it.


  • egbert01 egbert01 sarah24378

    Hi All,

    This is my first post and not sure if done it in the right place. But my question is about coming off 2.5mg olanzapine.

    I’ve been on 5mg for the last 10 years for schizoaffective disorder. It is like schizophrenia but with mood aspects to it such as mania. Basically this medication has kept me symptom free.

    About six months ago at my instigation, and after talking it over with my psychiatrist, I went from 5mg down to 2.5mg over a month. This was done by taking 5 and 2.5 on alternate nights for the month. The only side effects I noticed was at the point where I effectively went from 3.75 to 2.5 (ie. at the end of the month) and they were a cold sweat at night for one or two nights and a bit of mild insomnia for a couple of nights. I have not experienced any further psychotic symptoms since cutting down.

    I now want to test the waters a bit and see if I actually still need to be on this drug. I am planning to drop from 2.5mg to 0 over a month. I plan to do it by taking 2.5 and 0 on alternate nights for a month. Does any one see any issues with this seeing as though my drop from 5 to 2.5 went so smoothly?

    I would ideally take 1.25 for a month but I get 10mg tablets so it’s hard to cut them down in to 1/8ths.

  • marty32903 marty32903 sarah24378

    Hi Sarah I just wanted to say to you and everyone else coming off olanzapine be very careful and cut down slowly as I just stopped completely one day and that was last august and have many problems caused by this my doctor is little help for me have been house bound for a month now because olanzapine gave me diabetes type 2 came of in august because I felt so unfit and my weight gain sleeping was just not happen ING and my anxiety hit the roof so I walked so much in august and September hopefully this will help me sleep no it didn't but because my apertite was so bad lost 2 and a half stone in two months my feet went numb the day after I stopped olanzapine and still are now I have nuoropthy caused by diabetes and get terrible spasms in my body when I try and rest and sleep since stopping my memory is terrible I can't think straight and don't remember how to spell a lot of word's I'm clumsy keep spilling things I used to be a fairly intelligent man I'm 55 by the way and was put on 20mg of olanzapine for 21 years for personal ality probs I was never skitzaphenic but being on that tab can give you the symptoms although I have health problems now I just feel different I feel alive again and have been given my head back I feel so bad for not getting of this alfall drug sooner look on the net everywhere you can find someone talking about it and you tube to and don't give up get off it but please please talk to your doctor and come of slowly I am not saying everyone should come off but your doctor will help. I just recently found CBD oil 10% strength has been a great help for me sleeping start with a couple of drop to try and build up. My olanzapine made me sleep so much it's hard to sleep without but don't take CBD with olanzapine it will double effect I am just saying I believe in the oil and it has helped me I hope to have helped Somone with my article and get back to me if I can help in any way as there is other stuff I know but tired now.

    • apu91247 apu91247 marty32903

      I am sorry Marty ,that what you are facing now?did you stop olanzapine cold Turkey!? What a mistake.Are you facing dreams like hallucinations?I cold turkeyed risperidone and fasing dreams from more than one year.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      Hi apu91247 yes went cold turkey it was a big mistake but have found out a lot more since then and I'm definitely going to change my doctor I have been having fits when sleeping since August and after arguments with him yesterday he has just put me on pregabalin and what a difference no twitching or spasms. That's why I was so confused I think and hope and I can move on. I still have hulosonations and bad totally random dreams but not last night so far. I broke my foot a month ago having a twitch at night kicked a table and that's why painful to walk just need to rest. Not taking cbd oil with new med yet see how I go. So to sum it up olanzapine gave me diebeties witch later caused neuropathy and T L E my doctor is useless and I know he is probably covering up for his mistakes as he is so reluctant to give me any help. If you're doctor doesn't work for you then get a second opinion it's your life after all and although it's been a hard battle I see light at the end of the tunnel. Don't give up.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      My dream state I know now is from withdrawal from olanzapine and also

      TLE caused by being on it so long. I've had two spasms in the past month when asleep lasting 1/2 sec that were so bad I kicked my bed and broke my foot each time.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      Hi apu I just wanted to stop taking them but had no advice or insight in how to. My doctor did this and imidiatly changed me to quitiapine overnight. I trusted him but later found out he had no authority to do this only a qualified sycaiatrist can make changes to new antiphycotics and basically he started my downfall.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      What side effects are you having I may be able to help. I was on both of them at different times. Please let me know what doses you were on and for how long too. And any other meds you are also on with olanzapine now.

    • apu91247 apu91247 marty32903

      My sleep was Disturbed with hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations due to risperidone cold turkey.So he put me on 5 m.g of olanzapine.Even though I am sleeping 8 hours, hallucinations are still there.

      I tapered olanzapine slowly.Now I am at 2.5 mg dose.Other medicine I am using is tryhexiphenidyl 2 mg at mornings.I am taking whole b vitamins at afternoon.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      Are halusioations happened during sleep or half sleep or in day when awake are you feeling paranoid. Or anxiety. Any sweating palpitations or depression. What is your concentration like and are you restless. And how is your appetite. Have you put on weight or have you lost any.

    • apu91247 apu91247 marty32903

      When I first cold turkeyed risperidone I faced only sleep disturbance.When I attempted to sleep dreams Disturbed my sleep.If I sleep with effort dreams Disturbed my sleep.So again I went to the same doctor who put me on risperidone and olanzapine.I cold turkeyed both.Then I faced all the things you have written.Full day suffering until 2 weeks.Then I changed the doctor.,who helped me to taper risperidone slowly ,and put me on olanzapine for sleep also helped with tryhexiphenidyl for not to have any ugly side effects like tremors from olanzapine.From olanzapine I lost appetite.My weight is stable.

    • marty32903 marty32903 apu91247

      Your appetite will definitely inprove so don't worry there. Dreams are related to olanzapine either on it or worse coming of Wil not improve much while on olanzapine I'm afraid. But can be accelerated by alcohol caffeine or certain vitamin suplyments. I wouldn't take b vits unless you really are very dificant as they just don't go well with olanzapine. Much better to have smaller doses in food as I found my body absorbed them easily better. Even rice crisspies I still have a lot of now and no nuerophen tabs for pain. No smoking vaping fine 6mg or lower. Cbd oil helps bad dreams to and more continual sleep to instead of waking every half hour.

    • bridget46879 bridget46879 marty32903

      Are your fits intense? I have ripped a tendon in my shoulder and i have no idea how I did this except that I remember having restless sleeps last year when I was trying to come off olanzapine, I'm sure I was flinging my arms around in my sleep and then it got really sore the next day.  I have no real explanation for my shoulder as I was not playing any sports or anything at the time, but you broke your foot that's pretty hard out.

      I am now 22 weeks off Olanzapine, still have bad sleeps, but feeling way better and have lost about 9 or 10 kgs. Finally drug free!!

    • marty32903 marty32903 bridget46879

      Hi Bridget nice to hear from you been feeling a little bit better these last few weeks now am eating again and trying to get as much exercise as possible but have neuropathy in my feet now and it is difficult to get about

      Even with all this pain and suffering from my feet and lack of sleep I still think coming of olanzapine was the best thing I have ever done. I am alive again and enjoy the little things in my life that just use to pass me by will talk with you again take care x

    • marvn08642 marvn08642 marty32903

      Hi marty i have been on olanzapine for 2years now i was on 5 mg a day december last year my dr ut me on 2.5 at night i have been off drugs for 3 years just marijuana it has been 3 months since i have been on 2.5 at night next month my dr is taking me off the meds will i get withdrawals please reply back

    • apu91247 apu91247 marvn08642

      If your doctor will make you to stop olanzapine 2.5 mg too quick you will get withdrawl which will effect your sleep. Buy pill cutter online and make 2.5 mg tablet into 4 pieces. First month take 3 pieces, second month take 2 pieces, last month take 1 piece. Next take 1 piece alternate day for 20 days then stop.In this way you will come out olanzapine safely.good luck.

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