Help please...recommendations for surgeon to do Trochanteric Bursectomy in UK

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Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have had very painful Greater Trochanteric Bursitis

for over 10 years! I have had many steroid injections, physio, acupuncture, MRI's etc.etc,

and nothing has had any lasting effect. I now cannot walk without crutches and then only a very short distance. The pain affects my sleep and greatly affects my quality of life.

I have been reading about Bursectomy surgery, but cannot find a Dr who does this proceedure.

IF there is anyone out there who has any knowledge of this condition, especially the

Bursectomy surgery, I would love to hear of your experiences.

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    have you asked about total hip replacement surgery? they place components to replace the joint which in many cases dysplasia is the join out of allignment in the hip socket that doesn't fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone . remove the bursae a the time of surgery and restore your mobility .

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      I did not ask about total hip replacement.....hopefully do not need that!

      My question was about a Greater Trochanteric BURSECTOMY .

      Strangely it seems to be a taboo subject in the Uk.

      PLEASE can anyone advise of a Dr / clinic that provides this surgery?

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      i know what you asked . The answer was to open your mind to THR discussion to improve your mobility and quality of life.

      The main issue is that bursitis can take a toll on the hip ball joint the back and other areas. Many treatments and causes exist for bursitis. I had same issues and THR helped me with the pain and improved my mobility and quality of life.

      Sometimes it is necessary to use steroid drugs or have the fluid from the bursa analyzed. This is the usual protocol for first treatment. Was that done ?

      Bursitis surgery only becomes an option when nothing else works. The traditional procedure to solve hip bursitis is a bursectomy. An incision is made and the affected bursa removed.

      There are two bursae in each hip. The inside and outside of the greator tochantor area. It is a simple procedure with a short recovery period.

      Hip replacement surgery is not necessary unless there has been damage done to the hip bones and bursae issues exist for long periods of time can result in damage to the hip ball joint.

      Ask a hip specialist about X-ray , however not everything always shows up in xrays or catscans. Bursitis for 10 YEARS is extreme length of time . Sometimes this is linked to stress from activities and the placement of the hip ball joint or a tiny fracture in the GT causing the wearing down of tissue in surrounding bone at the ball joint.

      Look it up for yourself. Do some research. If it is constantly getting worse over the years, it simply needs to be addressed. I have had three THR surgeries to improve my quality of life. The bursae was removed in both hips and did not resolve the pain. That is why THR was the best option for me.

      Please continue to see docs who will help you. We are not docs here . I am simply discussing the possibility of THR as a solution from my personal experience.

      See a surgeon ask what is recommended in your case for relief from pain after 10 years of bursae inflammation.

      You can get better . Continue seeking treatment.

      Good Luck... Sending blessings your way.

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      Hi barbara66703......thankyou for your long reply.

      I have just had hip x-ray results that apparently show that my hip

      joints are Ok but back not. Hopefully I can still push my NHS GP to refer me to a hip team.

      What country are you in? Sadly in the UK now the NHS doctors

      try to fob patients off by bouncing them from one team to another,

      without any action ( hardly cost effective).

      As to research....I trawl google constantly for information.

      Latest is that, I am now told that my lumber back is very bad ( have seen 3 osteo surgeons) but no action planned and that I have Gluteal Tendinopathy, so sent to another Physio again!!!


      No one seems to know anything about Bursectomy although it is

      listed on Nhs website as a possible surgery. The Physio looked at me in horror when I mentioned Bursectomy and said that I needed the bursa to support the movement of tendons etc. When I said that my research

      states that bursa regrow....she just looked at me blankly. I have now seen 6 different physios, all seem to be uninformed and useless, just want to give patients painful exercises to do.

      Finding a doctor who is willing to listen and give proper latest advice, seems to be impossible!

      I am so glad that you have found a solution.

      all best wishes .

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      I hope you can get better help . NHS is recovering from Covid still. The same here in the US. Doctors and nursing care is at the lowest they are all quitting . Health care and health Ins is not great here either.

      Persist in your search for answers until you find answers to help decrease the pain. I know how painful it is with hips and back issues it greatly interferes with mobility and quality of life. Also I too was told my pain was coming from my back. I know the difference between pain from back or hip. In many ways it is so incredibly insulting. Yes back issues can be a problem but the pain is not the same as hip pain.

      I wish I knew how to help you other than telling you to not give up. Keep pushing for answers . It's the doctors job to help you and find the issue that interfere with your life and relieve severe pain, not yours. Today it seems like we need to make the diagnosis and treatment before they listen.

      I believe exercises with hip pain makes it worse and also back pain. The only thing are the mussels holding the back and hips can be strengthened. At your own risk of creating more pain with bones and joints.

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      HI barbara66703....thankyou for your words of encouragement!

      Although I feel like giving up, it is obviously not an option.

      Strange and difficult thing is that the pain resides in one area for weeks/ months, then ups and changes to another spot.....bursa to gultes ,

      to facet joints, to Si joints, then possibly swaps to the other side and repeats the same senario. This bouncing about makes it very difficult to explain to a Dr my symptoms, they glaze over and must think

      "neurotic patient"!

      It also gives them a" get out " of ever coming up with a definitive diagnosis or solution.

      I am really so bored with with it all, if only drs took a multi-disciplinary

      approach.....and of course with the NHS as it is there are many months to wait between seeing each different team....been going on so long, that I

      expect, that are now using my age, to do nothing!!!!!

      Sorry to bore you with all of this...but it is lovely to off load sometimes!


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      barbara66703......just to add, that I have listened to your advice and pushed my GP to refer me to the hip team.....of course I will be very lucky if I get an appointment this year!

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