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dani40249 dani40249

Help please. So scared

Hi, I’ve been on 60mg of Paroxetine for 7 years. I am trying to get off it. Last time I tried I turned into an anxious mess with severe depression. I have now reduced it from 60 to 30 over 2 weeks but my doctor has told me to just go down to 0 from 30 cutting by 10mg one day at a time. I’m now on 20 and I can’t sleep so I took oxazopam to help me sleep and I had the most terrifying/real life dream. It was awful. I’m just so fatigued and scared. I’m also on Cymbalta now- 60mg (2 weeks) as the doctor wanted to have another antidepressant in my system while withdrawing from Paxil so I don’t fall into a hole. I’m afraid now to reduce to 10mg tonight and then nothing. Any advice please would be greatly appreciated. I’m scared I’m going to go mad from these drugs.

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  • judy1964 dani40249

    I was on paxil for about ten years,  I went off of it very slowly and still had a terrible

    time.   Just know its the withdrawls causing symtoms ,,I had a rapid heartbeat and felt awful it slowly got better and now I only take a xanax when I get anxiety..I would say it took about six months to get out of my system I know many wont agree but thats what it felt like for me..stay strong and calm you can do it!!!!


    • dani40249 judy1964

      Thank you for your reply Judy. I’m sort of hoping that eventually I won’t need any drugs except the occasional Xanax too. I really hate being on these antidepressants. Fingers crossed the next few days when I stop taking Paxil completely, I don’t feel too sick. Apparently Cymbalta is a better drug to be on. We’ll see. 

  • casper76564 dani40249

    Hi, I've been on a Seroxat (paroxetine) 40mg for 5 years and then doctor told me to use Seroxat 30mg together with  Mitrazapine 30mg and it was fine for last 4 years (all together 9 years) due to very stressful event looks like Seroxat stopped working, completely lost my appetite and lost my mood, very bad mornings as day progress I feel slightly better, my doctor also put me on Cymbalta but 30 mg only (now one week on Cymbalta) while tapering  Seroxat down 10mg by each week, I also hope this Cymbalta will start work soon as before I was on Zoloft for 2 years and than Seroxat last 9 years, both Zoloft and Seroxat were started working within one week, reading Cymbalta is dual acting and should be better, hope for both of us will kick soon and we start feeling better.

    • dani40249 casper76564

      Hi Casper, I just noticed your reply today. It’s been 3 months since you replied so my apologies for not getting your message. How are you going now on the Cymbalta? I really struggled getting off Paroxetine with Cymbalta in my system as well. So my doctor stopped both and put me on Prozac. My anxiety is back. I’m not sure what to do. I noticed that Cymbalta was great for my anxiety but the side effects from going off Paroxetine was not calming down. So Prozac seemed to fix the side effects but not my condition. 

    • casper76564 dani40249

      Hi dani40249

      I was on Cymbalta for about 2 week’s then I developed tinnitus and I stopped using Cymbalta, then my Doctor put me on Cipralex I was on it for 4 week’s going up to 15 mg with no improvement, then Doctor put me on Coaxil (Tianeptine) 3 x 12,5 mg plus 2 x Xanax XR 1 mg while still using Mirtazapine 30 mg before bedtime, now almost 4 week on Tianeptine I can say it reduces stress but morning depression is still present although better than when Paxil stopped working, I did not have any problems going off Paxil, no so called Brain zapps, nothing, now only hope this Tianeptine will start soon to work as I have read it takes somewhere between 4-6 week’s to kick in

    • dani40249 casper76564

      These drug changes and getting the right combination is just so difficult. I’ve now been on Prozac for 6 weeks but the anxiety is still awful. Not sure what to do next. My psychiatrist said that maybe I should try Cymbalta again as it was working for my anxiety. I don’t know. I’m tired of changing drugs all the time but I just feel sick and want the anxiety gone! 

    • casper76564 dani40249

      Yes to find drugs that will work really makes me tired, also when I started with Zoloft it started working within one week same when I started Paxil also it took about one week and I was feeling wonderful for next 9 years now I do not understand why now nothing is working that fast and struggling with depression is something new for me as before starting Zoloft I was struggling with depression for one week once started Zoloft all was gone in one week after Zoloft stop working I went to Doctor immediately and she gave me Paxil and in one week I was feeling great again, now it is almost 4 months since Paxil stop working and tried already 2 kind of antidepressant and did not feel better, this is third one and still struggling, so I ‘m like in the new territory as before all was going fine fast that is what bothers me and makes me confused.

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