Help uk. Tsh 0.38 2 year aho.. hyperthyroid symptoms no help

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Im wanting help/ advice or hoping someone can point me to right doctors if possible.

Ive been feeling unwell for some time (years infact) every symptom of over active thyroid only these past few month have hit me hard, emotional, unwell with no diagnosis I feel like im going through a mental break down with my body..

The list of symptoms could write its own book, they come and go but ive been feeling unwell/ very unfocused dizzy and its driving me insane.. im really down in dumps feeling ill and always upset about what is wrong with me im hoping someone can shed some light..

My docs tested me two year ago with tsh coming back 0.38 all well and good but I still feel like crap ive had numetous blood tests/scans with no answer.. my doctor doesnt feel it necessary to retest thyroid as it was within range (0.2-5.0) and keep getting counselling leaflets handed to me.. I understand I have anxiety issues but I feel I can control this aspect and I just push myself on I have a fiance two beauty children and holding down a job although I am finding it hard to do my normal day to day things and im not enjoying going out to work when I feel this unwell

Symptoms. I feel like a hypercondriact but this is litterally affecting my every day tasks / life I feel like 100 in age im 25!! im just after some help

Itching skin - welts/hives

Cold sweats but intolerate to cold (heating always on! I get sore lumps in hand joints I believe are chilblains) always feeling cold

Aching everywhere but mainly lower back/neck

Im struggeling to even walk to school on a morning from the pain in my legs/groin (that is after ive managed to peel myself out of bed)

Very tired, nauseous, dizzy.

Back to aching.. I have had issues with what feels like my bones I have had scans but everything normal but only way I can describe it is that my bones are twisting and achy.. 1 bone very painful to touch in rib area i feel it flares up worse in cold (causes a lot of discomfort) has felt as though recently spread in to my back

I have had episodes of sleep paralysis

Cramp in feet and legs regularly

Constipation but frequently going (can feel like I have diarrhoea but once I sit on pot its not)

Although bowels can be out of whack.. loose to normal to constipated

Extreme anxiety but I feel like I have no explanation for anxiety.. feeling confused/ disorientated again making me feel dizzy

Dizzy off balance (literally having to feel like I need to hold myself up) luckily normally have a buggy to push making ut a little easier.

Dry eyes confirmed by docs (and optition after visiting with blurry vision) everything else with eyes fine with eye test

Tinitus now and again


I genuinely feel so unwell and dont even know how I have coped so far.. Please kindly offer advice

Thank you for taking time to read if you got this far

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    Syptoms i have read that i seem to have also:

    I do have palpitations regularly (daily) fast heart beat, breathlessness

    I had a very light period (totally unusual for me about 3 month ago which worried me and prompted visit to docs along with my dizziness, after typing this symptom on to nhs website thyroid came up.. again) I was tested for anemia ect blood tests fine.

    Loss of libido. Infact I can be ok then just have total loss of energy

    Tremors in hands (although I have felt the tremors through legs) tremors come and go havnt felt it in my hands for a couple of weeks

    Im just after advice or answers :-(

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      hi Chelsea, I had the palpations also, and the tremors in my arm. I had hyperthyroidism. I just got surgery done with Dr. James Norman, and dr boone.They did take out a tumor that was giving out alot of hormones. It did cause me to have constipation so bad that I was taking laxative and still couldnt go.I also felt dizzy. I did get my energy back some and am not constipated no more. Have to take calcium pills for awhile.I also can sleep now where before I took unison and a anxiety pill and still would wake up 2 or 3 times a night. If you get a chance look up Dr. James Norman parathyroid Center in Tampa Florida, You get to see a video and also it explains alot of the symptons also Good luck with everything Maria
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      Hi maria thank you for your reply I will have a look for him.

      I seem to have nearly every symptom for it which aparantly can be unusual, it is tiring!

      Hope you manage to keep everything in check I think it is a condition that will always need to be checked up on, glad you have found something that works ive heard a lot of the time they find tumours that cause everything to go out of whack :-) I just wish I could get a diagnosis for something !! I feel there is much more going on in my head than anxiety although I am getting it terrible.

      Thank you for your kindness


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      Hi Chelsea, I had alot going on also. I hope you get something that will work for you too. MY tumor had hormones that was doing alot of things to me. I do get tired  still,But I just had surgery done last tuesday. Please do check on his site, It will answer alot of your questions, It did me. Hope everything goes well for you, Let me know how it goes. Maria
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    hi, i can relate what you going thru and its hard, carbimzole works fine, my doctor told me to go back and take 20mg  from 10mg and i stopped taking them regularly ,i only take then once in a week, i am much worried taking the med regularly and have a kidney failure later,hahaha sorry doc. try different medicine and eat more banana also because i am from asia and not get used to winter weather, i only have thyroid attack when its winter, thats why i moved back from UK to philippines and starts a new business here, why dont you try staying in tropical country like in manila and philippines for a month and see the effects, i can help you while im here , i only building my dragon theme attraction project here and hoping to open it and go back in england again next sept,   by the way since i came back in manila i dont get any of those episode attack , good luck
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      Hiya thank you for your reply. Sorry you're feeling this way too its terrible at least you have found ways that give you some comfort with it I hope you manage to get to the bottom of it.. If only I could move to a tropical country that would be lovely but not really realistic in my family situation (I am overdue a holiday abroad though) what is carbimzole does this help with the anxiety? I may trial another anti depressant with them but the one they gave me before seemed to not help me out.

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    Hello Chelsea:

    I answered on the other post you were on. 



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      Hi shelly

      Thank you for taking time to reply, sorry for my long winded reply back :-)

      I read your post. I'm thinking of changing my doctor after Christmas, I took a diary with me to the docs but he only listened to a few symptoms (im getting period like pains at mo) he wasnt really keen to see the diary in my bag.. (i had bowell diary, temperature, blood pressure, list of symptoms) anyway.. so ive just had an ultrasound in my stomach to check everything out in that area results come back monday but I feel everything will come back ok like the rest of the tests we shall see..

      Im finding it hard for him to listen to me as he thinks ive just got anxiety and again handed counselling leaflet but i feel unwell I dont feel right in myself and really getting disorientated with it.

      I also understand anxiety can have similar symptoms but I wouldn't have thought feeling cold, cramps,swollen glands and a few other symptoms can be caused by anxiety I literally wake up feeling woozy/light headed and lasts all day never feel relaxed (also especially when I feel my results are on the low end ive heard people have had diagnosis with tsh under 0.5) Im driving myself to stress trying to get to the bottom of me feeling like rubbish,

      I was put on citalopram but this made me terrible I was a wreck with it like my body was literally buzzing with negativity I had jittery shakes constantly .

      I was having problems with my ears and I convinced myself thats why I was off balance and dizzy but after a couple of years with that ive just been to an ear specialist a couple of week ago who has confirmed my dizziness is not related to my ears there was irritation/dryness in ears only and using an ear spray..

      am I been unreasonable by suggesting I think its thyroid problem and its in my head or does it seem like a genuine thyroid problem to you, this is the bit thats frustrating

      Sorry again for long reply and thank you again :-) chelsea

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      Oh I have checked out the thyroid website you were on about, I contacted a clinic through the website but I either had to be referred or pay money to get around it.. also was going to book a private blood test (at a hefty cost to see the consultalt too) but I feel it will be a waste of time/money if they just follow the nhs guideline (0.2-5.0)

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    Hi Chelsea,

    Firstly, you are not crazy and you are not insane!

    I am 44 and about 15 years ago I went through exactly what you are going through for 8 months before discovering my thyroid issues.

    You are hyperthyroid, this is confirmed by your test results correct?  If so, the symptoms you are experience can all be from it because your thyroid is a hormone gland that produces regulating hormones.  The hormones regulate metabolism, heartrate, and a slew of systemic stuff so of course it stands to reason that when it's not functioning right, you can experience many symptoms that are systemic.

    Take a deep breathe firstly and know that thyroid issues though pesky, once discovered are all very manageable, even though frustrating.

    You need to go see an Endocrinologist.  They specialize in managing thyroid issues.  bottom line, if you have too much they will find ways to reduce.  if you have too little, there are meds that can restore.  

    I had papillary thryoid cancer which gave me symptoms of hyperthyroid.  Then they took out my thyroid so i went from too much to NONE.  So now i'm on a lifetime of thyroid meds to restore.

    Don't go freaking out because I mentioned the C word.  The point I'm trying to make is that Thyroid issues are pesky but with today's medical advancements, eventually they will get to the bottom of it.

    In the meanwhile, know that when a person is hyperthyroid, you will feel anxiou sand heart palpitations and you will feel nervous already.  Try (i know this is the hardest part as I'm very anxious person about my health as well so I know what you are feeling)-- but try to take control of it by reading or doing things to take your mind off the symptoms.  Tackle each symptom one at at time while you get to the docs.

    The heart palpitations are scary as hell for me..and what helps me when feel really anxiou is to sit and hunch over a bit and take deep breaths ( 3 seconds in -- 3 seconds out).  

    You will be ok!

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      Thank you for your heart warming and caring reply, thank you for sharing your story in all honesty im not scared of whats going on in my body or my head im angry, im upset im exhausted..

      I haven't had a diagnosis as my results came back normal so no further action taken, im currently in and out of docs for alsorts but I am changing docs as I feel im not getting any nearer to help I feel I desperately need. I keep getting told its depression I know theres more to it I feel unwell not down. I am so happy with life I want to enjoy it but im so worn out, achy poorly and anxious I cant.

      I went for an abdominal scan for stomach pains and was supposed to get results back last week but no one told me I had to book an appointment I assumed as with blood tests receptionist would advise

      (all my other blood work/scans over period of years have been fine im just hitting a brick wall all the time)..

      anyway so my journey goes on I just want to feel better not much to ask for is it :-)

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    Had my scan results finally..

    Diagnosed with pcos.. not really referred anywhere else or much said about it ..

    Also discussed other symptoms, trying a new pill for my anxiety


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