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I dont know if this is the right place to put this query. I'll try.

I had just had my2nd hip replacement and was doinbg some exercises when i heard a crack

My hip was X Rayed and I was told I had fractured the greater trochanter bone....I have never heard of this but apparently its at the ip, close to where the replacement was done,

They discovered afterwards I have osteoporosis so thats why it fractured easily.

If anyone has and tips I would be grateful.....6 months since I had the hip replacement, 5 months since the fracture and I'm still on 2 crutches most of the time and in quite a lot of pain especially when I waken up in the morning. Its so frustrating.

The hospital said there was nothing they could do about it and it would heal itself but would take a long time. I think its a long time now and I still have a lot of pain.

Even if you havent had the same thing anyone with hip pain that has any suggestions....Help please



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    I'm in not quite the situation but I can sympathise with you.  I'm 68 and at the end of April I slipped over in the garden, heard a crack and realised I had broken my femur.  I, too, have osteoporosis which was why it broke so easily.  The next day I had an operation to put a nail into my leg to join the two separate pieces of bone together.  The operation is done by drilling into the trochanter part of the femur which is the stickyout bit at the top of the femur and then the nail is hammered in and it's held in place by screws at the top and bottom.   The break itself doesn't hurt but the outside of my hip and near my knee still causes me problems, with pain and stiffness, especially in the morning before I get up but the stiffness goes with exercise and has definitely got better in the last month or so.

    I didn't realise how long I would still go on feeling pain and discomfort, even after over three months but it can be quite normal to have some discomfort after a year or more .   I don't know about hip replacements but I was told to put full weight on my leg from the morning after the operation.  Apparently the bone heals quicker the more weight is put on it so I am wondering if you are not doing yourself any favours by still being on sticks.  I was on two sticks for about six weeks but then went on to one stick but have been walking as normally as I can for a while now without any sticks.  I have a friend who is quite overweight and she has had two hip replacements in the last five years and she still walks with a stick but this may be to get the sympathy vote rather than that she actually needs them!  The difference between her and me is that I was quite determined to get back on my feet as quickly as possible as it would have been so easy to take it easy and get driven around everywhere but I'm an active sort of person who wouldn't want that.  Have you tried putting more weight on your legs rather than relying on the sticks as this might be the cause of your on-going pain?  It's good that the hospital have not told you that there is anything wrong which was my worry because I thought the pain I was having was because something had gone wrong but at the six and twelve week checkups the bone had already started to heal and it was all going along fine but there's a possibility that I might have to have the top screws removed as they are sticking out a bit which could be why I am still having some discomfort.   I think you just have to accept that it WILL take quite a while but maybe look into doing more walking without the sticks, or at least without putting any weight on the sticks but perhaps ask a physiotherapist if this is OK first.  If you're reluctant to do much walking because of the pain you might actually be slowing down the replacement of bone by not putting enough weight on the bones to make them heal quicker.  Hope this helps.

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      Hi Spindles

      Thanks for your reply....most people havent even heard of that included until it happened [eek]

      I'm 68 as well.   I think it bothers me that they said they couldnt do anything about would eventually heal itself and it doesnt seem to be doing much LOL I suppose if i sat and thought about it I'm doing more than I was 6 months ago. Just doesnt feel like it LOL

      My hip bone {on the outside} is agony first thing in the morning. Then of course the scoliosis and OA play up as well so its hard to know what pain is from where.

      Although I'm using crutches I'm putting weight on my leg. Its not like a broken ankle where you are non weight bearing and sort of swing on crutches. When I'm outside I use 2 crutches but use them in a walking motion, not both together.

      I do walk around the house with no crutches but for waddle LOL  I twist at the pelvis as well. They did say I would be left with a "dip"......I'm not steady enough to walk outside without them.

      I'm back to driving again, I'm a volunteer for Arthritis fact am sitting with the Tee Shirt on now  LOL because I have an afternoon  session today. So I'm not exactly sitting would drive me crackers to be stuck in the house.

      I walk outside with one stick if I'm not going very far......The problem with a long distance and one stick is that my side gets very sore leaning on one crutch and my arm of course

      On 2 crutches I'm now trying to go to our shopping centre {its large} its flat and walk with as  little weight on the crutches as possible.....just enough to keep me stable and stop me falling in a heap LOL

      You have been through the mill havent you?

      A lot of things and a lot of pain and possibly more to come with another op to get the screws. I have a plate, screws and nuts in my ankle....accident 5 years ago.....and I opted to leave them in if they wern't doing any harm. Thats the same leg as the hip replacement and the fracture LOL

      I'm of to yoga tomorrow afternoon. Its chair yoga but I can stand during most of it.....cant lie down LOL  would never get up again. and I cant balance on one leg either YET

      Thanks for your help



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    "I do walk around the house with no crutches but for waddle "

    Ah, the waddle, I know it well.  It takes a bit of concentration not to waddle but I have managed to do it but easily slip back into the drunken sailor walk at times.   You say that I have gone through it but you have had more things happened to you than I have, although having said that, I have had diabetes for 19 years and am on 4 injections a day but they're no problem, have got osteo-arthritis in my hands and ostoporosis in my hip.  You even manage to volunteer and do yoga so that's two things more than me so you're not doing too bad.  I can't balance on one leg either and I'm still having trouble walking upstairs normally and, if I'm in a bit of a hurry, I go up on all fours like a monkey but  I'm gradually managing although it must look highly inelegant from the back!!  I think we just have to accept that at our age it's going to take time, just so long as we don't get called  "elderly" as that really annoys me, I'm not elderly, elderly is 86 not 68!!!

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      Of course we aren't elderly......I still havent figured out what elderly is keeps moving as I get older  LOL

      If walking in a straight line in the house I'm not bad but if dodging things I really waddle and as I said twist at the pelvis a bit.  I do try to concentrate but at the moment the concentration is outside and not leaning on crutches, just using them to stop me falling ....does that make sense. If I have one crutch I do have to put weight on it.frown

      I dont even know where my osteoporosis is or how bad it is. When the result of the DEXA scan came back they said I had it but it wasnt very clear....could be  the OA masking it a bit or the epilepsy meds I take.

      You and your diabetes and me and my epilepsy  LOL but like you thats no problem now......I drive etc have been stable for 33 years but still need to take the meds.

      I've got an extra rail on the stairs now and can get up and down no problem......a bit different outside.wink

      The yoga is a gentle yoga......some people sit during it. The instructor knows about me and problems and she has osteoporosis and shouts if she sees me doing something i shouldnt be  LOL

      Great to hear from you

      I'm in the North East of England by the way




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