Help with Chest pain & abdominal discomfort PLEASE!

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Hi there, Ill try to keep this short, with as less waffle as possible!

For two weeks now I have been suffering with a heavy pressured chest pain which also feels like my heart is fluttering sometimes. Over the two weeks its getting worse with other symptoms listed.

1. Dull achy pain under my whole rib cage at the front , typically more in the morning before food. Simular to pain I experienced with gall stones 8 years ago but gall bladder was removed.

2. Chest pain on left hand side. Pretty much constant all day but more so after food.I also have a shortness of breath and the feeling of a lump in the back of my throat!

3. Digestive problems. For years I have been fighting the doctors as my hair has been falling out. Finally im am being trested for low serum ferritin levels (iron stores)

4. FATIGUE! This is a big problem for me! It comes on so quick and fast after eating that im fighting to keep my eyes open.

5. Stomach churning after eating

6. I have been on & off ill since dec 13 with bloacked sinus, coughs, colds etc.

I have been to the doctor three times in two weeks. One saying I have post nasal drip, 2nd saying im not having a heart attack and today he said I might have acid reflux but i should have burning sensations in my throat etc. He said theres no need to send me for xrays as my heart & lungs are fine!

So can anyone please help or tell me if these symtoms are simular to acid reflux or hiatus hernias. Any help, advice leading to a better understanding will be very much appreciated as I sit here in pain scared to drink a cup of tea!!!

Man Thanks

Sarah x

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     I have also silent reflux and gastritis. I read a lot about it. It looks like you have silent reflux too. I do not have chest pain but I have read one may have it. 

    I have been on a diet for already more than two weeks and reflux gets better. It really helped. Tea is not good for reflux.sad(

    did doctor prescribe you PPI? 


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      Good morning irina,

      Thank you x he did prescribe my a drug called osmeprone but I'm yet to pick it up. I think medication for this will just mask the underlying cause.

      Can I have what restrictions you have on your diet? Are there specific things I cannot eat/drink or is it trial and error?

      Thank you for your help xx

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      Hi Sarah,

      i have not heard of such medication.

      The diet I have is based on the book written by a very good American doctor Jammi Kaufman"Dropping acid. The reflux diet and cure" you can find it on Internet. 

      There are many limitation there but it works. I do not eat any food lower than 4-5 ph level, no sweets, very little fat. I have been on this diet not long time yet around 18 days or so and my cough is gone, pain in my stomach is much less, I still have reflux at night but not every night and my voice is still hoarse. I am going to stick to this diet as the doctor advised. She explains all very well everything in that book. 

      I hope we will feel better. 


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    Sounds like hiatus hernia. This can cause the reflux when you are asleep. Try raising the bed head 6 inches. Eat little and often. Avoid fatty food. Wear loose clothing. Avoid laying horizontal. I got worse using ppi's. Use alkaline water to neutralise pepsin that can get embeded in your throat during reflux.
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    If you are getting bloating you may have bile reflux. Try digestive enzymes with your food. Do you get gas ie belching or pressure first thing in the morning. If so make sure you take the enzyme with food before a watery drink. Keep in touch with your gp because although these suggestions may help you need proof of HH and you may have something going on with the pancrease.
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      Each morning has been varied over the two weeks. Sometimes I wake with the pain under the ribs with feeling nauseous and toilet trouble (loose). This subsides over the morning. But the chest pain comes every morning not long after waking. I'm keeping a food diary as of today, keeping portions small and clean organic food. So far a cup of tea with soy milk has caused abdominal cramping. Little too scared to eat much so it's only been natural yoghurt with some berries. 

      I suspect that since having my gall bladder out my symptoms have gradually got worse to this point where it's scary now. I'm going to start taking lecithin to help with digestion as I suspect that's why my body does not absorb iron. I thinkninmay get tested for food intolerances as well.  

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    If your poo is light coloured and floats you may not be absorbing the fat. Your symptoms are very similar to my wife's. She is being investigated for pancreatic function. She has seen some benifit from using the digestive enzymes as I mentioned earlier. The treatment for the pancrease is digestive enzymes called creon. At the moment even with the enzymes my wife still needs oramorph for the pain after eating. She is eating very little just hope she is proscribed the creon. Sounds like you may have more than one thing going on. 
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    Hi Sarah...I hav had similar problems all put sown to anxiety...however I feel the anxiety is the result of a heath isuue rather than the other way around.....I also have a Hiatus hernia and wonder if there is pressure on the vagus nerve which goes from the stomach to the heart to the brain and can affect all thsoe places as well as others inbetween. I am seeing my Chirporactor tomorrow to ask them but also going to ask about a stool test for helicobacter pylori....I had that a few years ago and tested positive to it and I rmemebr I had thos symptoms as well then.....That is cured with antibiotics and also diet.....check out the David Hompes site on helicobacter......hope one of these things helps you.
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