Help with insomnia after taking Prednisone

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I was put on Prednisone for 10 day taper for ear infection.  (30mg-5mg). In the past week I have been having insomnia now after being off for 15 days.  Can this happen?!  If so when does it get better?  Please share your experiences.  No one understands.  Dr’s say can’t be Prednisone.  Please is there anything I can take to help me?


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    Are you also taking pred for pmr? 

    My husband (who doesn’t have pmr; he was given high dose pred pac following an anaphylactic reaction over a month ago) has just the opposite—tired and weak. We read online that pred reactions can last for months.  He is a little better but still not his perky self.  

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    Everyone on this forum is on pred for years - at higher doses we often have problems sleeping but few of us here at present have got off pred to be able to say if the sleeplessness lasts!

    After only 10 days and it having been a taper you SHOULDN'T have problems - but everyone is different and I have heard people complain their sleep problems lasted longer. It may simply be you have got into a bad pattern and subconsciously expect to be unable to sleep so notice when you are awake.

    Have you tried all the usual things to improve your sleep? Such as a bedtime routine, not using any screens in the last hour before bed, having the bedroom really dark and removing sources of disturbance. It is also recommended not to lie awake tossing and turning but to get up, maybe read a book in another room until you feel sleepy and only then go back to bed.

    Often when you THINK you didn't sleep at all you actually slept a fair bit - and one thing that is recommended is not to have a clock or your mobile phone in the room so you are not tempted to look at the time when you are awake. We naturally wake and fall asleep again during the night, if you don't look at the clock you are less aware of it.

    Google sleep hygiene tips - you should find loads of suggestions.

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    Try an allergy remedy (like Benadryl — some people take it the night before an interview or presentation when they absolutely need their 8 hours)

    Or a natural sleep enhancer like melatonin, 5HTP, or theanine. Ask your health food store person.

    Good luck!!


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    Hi tracey1313

    Pred can upset your Circadian Rhythm sleep pattern. Your normal sleep rhythm should return after a while, but there are things you can do to help it along. some research on 'Circadian Rhythm and Prednisolone/Steroids....

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    Do not take sleeping medications.  They do not allow you to get the deep restful sleep you need.  Try strategies to reset your circadian clock.  Get exposure to the sun or at least bright outdoor light early in the day.  Avoid caffeine or alcohol in the latter part of the day and try not to succumb to a nap later in the day either.  Do not eat your supper too late in the evening, maybe a little snack near bedtime will be good.  If you can, have a warm bath before you go to bed.  This will draw heat from your core to your extremities and help you get sleepy.  No screen time for at least an hour before bedtime.  Read a slightly dull book.  Keep your bedroom as dark as you can.  

    And don't stress about it.  Eventually things will sort out, you'll get the sleep  you need.  

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