Help With Side Effects Taking Antibiotics For Back Pain

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Remember the worse side effect in the study was from a subject that was taking the placebo - vomiting blood! Try not to create problems overthinking this. That said, the Clavulanic acid really kicks it up. It's cerainly not candy, and there are some things to consider.

Antibiotics can be rough on the liver. If you are experiencing some atypical reactions, flu like symptoms, you may need to have liver profile monitored or do the single dose, or just the Amoxicillin. If you have had any liver damage like hepatitis, this could be a concern.

Taking over the counter medications for typical reactions are fairly well known and a pharmacist would be a great source.

Some of the more natural ways to deal with antibiotic side effects:

Stomach upset is the usual complaint, followed by yeats infections. Taking pro-biotics is beneficial and this would be the place to start. There are many available and yogurt in addition as well.

Most will experience loose bowels; some natural remedies are raspberry leaf tea, lotus seeds or kudzu. Others may experience constipation, so things like high fiber foods; flaxseed, psyllium... Taking fish oil, vitamin C and A may help mucus membranes that antibiotics can effect.

To help prevent yeast overgrowth, green tea and extract as well as Castor oil, onions and garlic may provide an additional measure of protection with the yogurt and pro-biotics. Ginger root and tea may help with nausea.

Try to eat more complex carbs. Simple carbs quickly convert to glucose - this can effect the immune system as well. So, a good diet with vegetables and fruits, good protein sources like nuts, chicken, beans, halibut and salmon. Maitake and shiitake mushrooms can help boost immunity. Thymus extract, zinc and vitamin C as well. Remember, starchy and sugary foods are more difficult to digest.

The liver can be assisted with leafy dark green vegetables like collards, kale, beets, artichokes and broccoli. Milk thistle, along with mushrooms are good liver supplements. Also, sulfur based amino acids can help the liver; (DMSA) dimercaptosuccinic acid or (SAMe) s-adenosyl methionine.

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    I finished the 100 days single dose Amoxiclav regime in June 2014.  

    A mainly uneventful time aided I am sure  by daily Saccharomyces Boulardii to combat Chlostridium Difficile and Acidophilus supplements.

    Made the mistake of taking one dose late at night with a glass of water only and felt very nauseous. But as long as taken with a decent meal I had no further nausea so learnt my lesson. Applied daily reflexology to the liver point on the lateral edge of the ball of the foot (under 4th and 5th toes)  which I am sure did me good.

    I have had a kinesiologist test for 160 food, drink and chemical sensitivities which ruled out a number of things that raised the body's Candida Albicans levels  and so kept this figure to a minimum. Never suffered this side effect. Would warn people against too much mushrooms, marmite, bread  and honey in their diet,  all of which feed the body's  yeast levels .

    A great discussion mastdoc.


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    Thanks for all the advice. I'll have a job remembering to take the pills 3 times a day, let alone worry if an hour after taking them I feel a bit off-colour!! (lol).

    Just to look at some of the key points you've mentioned.....liver is in fine fettel! I plan on taking echinecea to help boost my immune system and, if recommended, strong Vit C powder. Lotus seeds sound..... interesting. I'll give it a go. I've been recommended chamomile or peppermint flower teas which I'm guessing calm the tummy?? I eat garlic, dark greens, fresh veg regularly. I'm rarely ill so I'm hoping given my thorough preperation, I'll be ok.

    I'll do my best to post updates on my progress!!

    Your advice has been very welcomed, thank you.

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      Sounds like you should do well. Look forward to hearing about your progress. Echinecea is good. I like mushrooms for immunity as well;  they take very well to heating and processing while maintaining potency. Careful with the C if you have loose bowels. Chamomile or peppermint tea is fine.

      Remember antibiotics are cooling in their properties. Vitamin C and Echinacea are as well. So, if you experience signs of overcooling, consider some warming herbs like Dong Quai root, fennel and ginger. I had studied Chinese martial arts for many years and used herbs and some techniques like Gua Sha in my practice. A nice liver formula is Bupleurum Liver Cleanse from Planetary Herbals. They have mushroom extracts as well. Reasonably priced. 

      Mushrooms like Shiitake. Royal Agaricus and Coriolus are very good for the liver and immune system. Many who do not like eating them or can't get them whole, can get good quality supplements from a company called Mushroom Wisdom. I like to take with green tea.

      But, there are many supplements and herbs you can take. Know some basics to assist; certain folks will gravitate to what they like, but the antibiotics come first. If you are experiencing bad side effects, you can cut the dose in half or just take the ones at night, then gradually try to reinstate.

      My problem with the first trial was atypical reaction, so I just stopped instead of altering the dosage/timing. Dr. Albert pleaded with me to continue, but I guess I could not..... well, got scared and couldn't "man up". Felt like I was seriously gonna die, and I'm pretty tough.... I thought! She is still mad at me! Was waiting for another trial, perhaps single dosage, gradually increasing, then tore my shoulder. Still recovering with 2 screws holding my shoulder in. Will now wait till spring/summer and perhaps monitor liver profiles.I think you will do

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    Me again.

    Just wondering how best to take the probiotic. Websites suggest at breakfast with food is ideal. Is that so if I'm taking an antibiotic at the same time?

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    Hi there

    I thought I'd give an update to my status and let you know I survived the 12 weeks of antibiotics. It all went very well in terms of "coping" but it's not made a blind bit of difference to me physically and my back pain and lack of mechanical movement continues to worsen (In all honesty, I wasn't harbouring any expectation that it would make me any better, it's just one thing ticked off the list to try and improve my situation!).

    Whilst taking the antibiotics I engaged with a registered pilates instructor and have been paying for 1-on-1 pilates lessons which have been very interesting. I've learnt a lot and incorporate much of what is being taught into my everday routines but I continue to be limited by the lack of mechanical movement and pain. It's immensely frustrating. Added to which on 2 recent occassions I've collapsed. All very dramatic but I've gone to bend over to pick something up and my left SIJ just releases the most enormous amount of pain it knocks me to the floor, followed by a searing heat up through the joint and then it's all over.

    According to my GP there isn't much he can do. So I waived the private healthcard which has led to talk of neurologists and fast tracking. It's shameful really.

    My osteopath believes the pain I describe above is being caused by the annular tear.

    I'm curious to know if there are any recommendations for neurologists working in the Leicestershire area that come recommended in your experience of dealing with cases such as this.

    Look forward to hearing from you and I trust all is well with you.


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