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I've posted before about low TSH and diagnostic tests.

I had a thyroid uptake scan which said normal uptake and said the reason for low TSH was a hot nodule.  I have to wait till January to see an endo but meantime have read bugleweed and L-carnitine can help bind those excess receptors and lift my TSH. I'd rather not use a prescription medication as I am finally leveling out of a grief and stress induced migraines and other issues unrelated to thyroid. In other words, I don't want to rock the boat.  

I cannot find anyone (a holistic or naturopath) close to home. The closest is over an hour away and wants to include acupuncture. Insurance doesn't cover this and I don't really want acupuncture. It's costly.  I just want someone to guide me with supplements that won't interfere with Verapamil and hydrochlorathyazide for BP. 

I've read L-carnitine can raise BP. Not sure if it's true. I've read bugleweed is effective in lifting TSH but you can't say on it. I've bought both and they're sitting in my cabinet. I'm frustrated that I can't start taking them because from what I read, a doctor should guide you with these supplements. My PCP is amazing but not knowledgeable with supplements. My pharmacy can't help either with interactions.

Anyone have suggestions?  

Thank you 

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    My Endocrinologist and most doctors (unless they are integrative medicine doctors of which there are only a few) are not trained in supplements.  I took Carnitine after I read an article in a medical journal about a research study that showed the benefits of using this in hyperactive patients.  My former boss was a genetic metabolic specialist and used carnitine in certain diseases he treats and told me it would not hurt me.  Then I asked my Family doctor to order the carnitine tests so I could see where my levels were at when I started to take it and they were deficient as most hyperthyroid patients will have lost carnitine from their muscles thru urination when they are hyper, no matter what the cause is for their hyperthyroidism.  Then I found out incidentally I was deficient in vitamin D and learned that vitamin D is extremely important in thyroid functioning so added it.  I was low on Magnesium so added it.  That's how I did it.  Since these are all normal substances that are in everyone's body from diet as well as normal functioning, I was not too concerned about interactions with my meds and certainly I paid attention to my body and how it felt when I took them as well as having frequent lab testing so I could see if anything changed.  I am also hypertensive so it did not adversely affect my BP.  When you are releasing too much thyroid hormone, you will require something to block that and normalize that level, whether it be a prescription med, a supplement or both together.  Whatever works best.  From most of the postings on this Board, prescription meds alone do not tackle the problem because they fail to address the nutritional deficiencies caused by the overactive thyroid hormone.

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      Thank you Linda. I took a L-Carnitine today and didn't feel any reaction. I still have that Endo appt in Jan so I'll ask him to test me for the magnesium/carnitine/Vit D.  Although by then maybe the L-carnitine will be normal as I'm taking it?  I do take mag & D now daily and have for a long time. I take CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid - B complex  and additional B2 for migraines (which have calmed thank goodness).  

      I think I went through some kind of body or chemistry change during Jan till August or Sept of this year. I had all kinds of physical stuff happen. I'm finally feeling normal but I'm cold a lot and tired. It could be the low TSH I guess. 

      I found a holistic doc about a half hour away. He said he focuses on diet but knows about supplements. I'll see him on Monday.  I just want to get started on some routine so I don't have a large amt. of thyroid hormone in my blood.

      I'm excited about the bugleweed because that DR. website you gave me said it was great for hyper. I won't take it though till I talk to the holistic doc on Mon.

      Thank you again :-) 

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      Hi... I was Diagnosed Graves' disease just over a year ago and was pretty bad indeed ... just wanted my life to end !! Never felt that

      before !...

      I had a great deal of help on here and especially from Linda ...

      bugleweed motherwort and lemon balm Have helped me very much .

      I bought them on amazon as tinctures or liquids and mixed them in one bottle with a dropper I took it at bedtime or anytime I felt anxious and upset

      Which was a lot .. at the time !

      Also , for me .. L Carnitine Was a lifesaver got me off Carbimazole

      I'll never repay the help I got on here

      As Linda says , she's not a doctor ... but she should be !

      Hang in there .. you're going to get help ... lots of it


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      Thank you Madge. I agree, Linda is awesome!!  I appreciate all the help and support I get here. 

      How much Bugleweed and L-Carnitine did you take? I have the capsules. I read doses as high as 1000 - 3000 grams? My caps are 500 mg. I've been taking one L-Carnitine a day. Haven't starte bugleweed yet.

      Are you still on all the supplements?  Have you lowered amounts?  No side effects?

      Thanks :-) 

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      Hi Jay... I am now, after a year , since diagnosis , ... back to normal ... Thank God .. I don't know if I could go through all that again !!

      i took Carbimazole for around nine months .. slowly dropping the dose from 20mg per day to 10mg  ... and then 5 mg...  when I got to that level I was improving mentally And physically  and didn't want to go cold turkey ... so continued with L Carnitine ... I'm afraid I didn't really keep a note of what dose I took   and I did not take it every day ... every two days I took maybe 2,000mg  for a few weeks  and then dropped to 1,000mg  every couple of days...    until a few weeks later I stopped it ... 

      The Motherwort, Bugleweed and Lemon Balm    were very noticeably helping me .. as I was still in a state of anxiety .. though nowhere near what I had been .

      I bought them in 50 ml bottles ( Amazon ) of each  and decanted 

      a few ounces of each one into a large bottle  with a dropper  and would take about two teaspoons when I felt a bit highly strung  !   they DEFINATELY worked for me ....   if you put them under your tongue, either separately or mixed , they work much faster via the blood vessels there.  rather than into the gut .

      lemon balm is great to help you sleep ... as I was going at a hundred miles an hour but when I went to bed I could not sleep.  so I took lemon balm and valerian ..  those two worked well for me ....  Google to see what you think of 

      them ... and maybe ask your Dr what he thinks first.

      Bugleweed and Motherwort are wonderful supplements ...  Google them and see the great benefits associated .

      I take supplements every day and will continue to do so , as my Modus Operandi  was to treat and calm my immune system  .... not to hurt my 

      thyroid which had kept me well for many years of my life ... it was my immune system that was out of kilter... and needed to be addressed.

      I cannot believe how well I now feel.. my only problem is muscle ache and joint pain ... which , strangely were the very first symptoms of Graves' disease that I noticed on becoming ill in the first place .

      I wish you well and hope that in a very short time your health improves 

      and you have peace .💐

      M 🌹X 


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      Thank you for all of the great information, Madge. I'm so happy you're feeling well! This is encouraging for all of us. 

      Did you have to alter your diet in any way?  

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      no ... I didn't ..  

      some people swear by giving up gluten..

      I have never eaten meat in my life ... but eat lots of fish, always have , Pasta and bread ...seeds nuts and fruit and veg   ...Every day 

      don't drink alcohol MUTCH don't smoke 

       sound perfect  ?          .....    I'm not  ha..ha 

      Keep researching ...   the information to make you well is all on the Internet and here, waiting for you...

      Best of Luck .


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      Thanks Madge

      I can't give up bread either. I haven't eaten meat in years other than turkey now and then. I love fish but don't have it often enough.  I hate eggs and most cheese. 

      My diet is very limited: greek yogurt, strawberries, soy milk.  wheat pasta, marinara sauce, natural peanut butter, unsalted nuts, lentils, pea soup.

      I know I don't eat enough veggies other than lettuce and tomato sandwiches. I never drink alcohol and don't smoke either.  But I LOVE chocolate. That's my downfall so I try to buy only 90 percent bars. 

      I know this holistic doc I'm seeing on Monday will try to put me on a diet  but at this stage of the game I'm set in my ways. lol  

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      Sounds like you're doing okay Jay ... not much wrong there, I'd say...

      makes you wonder why we get ill when we don't abuse our bodies ..doesn't it .good luck at the doctors on Monday.. I'll be interested to hear what he advises you to do ..

      keep eating the chocolate ... a little of what you fancy does you good !

      keep your wits about you and ...learn ..  all you can .

      love Madge x🌹


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      Thanks Madge. I'll post after seeing the doc on Monday.

      I won't have another blood test till January when I see the Endo.

      But I have to say, I can't skip meals as I get lightheaded. I feel best after carbs. I just had blood work and my A1C was great and fasting sugar is consistently normal. 

      The odd thing is I felt sick as a young girl. Went to a doc who said I  was hypoglycemic. I feel pretty well now, other thank knowing my TSH is too low and hoping I can quell this overactive nodule.

      When I was young I had so many symptoms of messed up endoctrine system. Migraines, anxiety, heart palps. I remember being awakened every single night 30 mins. after falling asleep with tachycardia. All kinds of tests were normal.  It turned out to be hormonal because after my hysterectomy - like magic I felt amazing. No more heart palps or migraine.

      My big problem started in Feb of 2014 when my husband of 40 yrs was diagnosed with sarcoma of lungs. It was horrendous. He passed at home in a difficult way which was a nightmare. That was May 5, 2015. A week later my body started breaking down. Each time I felt I was coming out of one thing something else hit. So I know it's all stress.  Now to heal. I never had time to grieve for Tom because of my sudden illnesses. I think I'm grieving now, finally and I feel my life settling. If only I can calm this thyroid without having to have the nodule surgically removed. 

      Thanks for listening. Venting helps. 



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      Wow  !  

      thats a lot of Pain !   ..I'm  so very sorry to hear your sad story Jay ... and sorry that you lost your soulmate Too.... You can slowly grieve for your Man now ... and be happy for the time you had together ....  and hopefully will have again,  some day..

      but for now it's about you ... concentrate  on becoming whole again and 

      nurture your body .. feed it good things .. not because you're hungry but because youre feeding it as you would a plant ..  with nutrients to heal you ..

      put  supplements that you've lost , because of your illness , back in 

      to refuel the stock that kept you healthy.

      there are many supplements that will set you up again and make 

      you feel strong and mentally equipped for the road ahead..

      take care Luvvie .. these are for you ... and Tom 💐🌸🌻🌺🌷



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      Just got back from holistic doctor.  Very disappointed. He took over an hour to go over body/mind/soul connection - which is fine but I was there simply to focus on which supplements to safely take with my regular meds.

      He did some fast talking and by the time an hour was over he was laying out a payment plan for my visits. 

      All I could get out of him was to take 3 L-Carnitine capsules and said none of my other stuff: Bugleweed etc would be effective because my body didn't respond when i held the jar to my neck.  What does that say?

      So I left with a 174.00 payment but I did buy some probiotics which I know I need.  He's very anti-medicine. He tried to sell me thyroid support because he said my thyroid isn't working, yet I have hyper TSH. I don't think I should take any supplements to stimulate my thryoid. Do you agree?  So I didn't buy it. I told him I just want to block the excess hormones.  

      My L-Carnitine is 500 mg capsules. He said take 3, which sounds reasonable. But the Bugleweed dose is still not decided as he said it won't work, which I don't agree with. I bought the Bugleweed from a reputable online herb site. Christophers Heavy Mineral Bugleweed. Service size 2 capsules. 800 mg per serving.  It's a blend of bugleweed, cilantro leaf, yellow dock root.

      Anyone know if this sounds good? Next time I'll buy the tincture but I'd like to use the capsules as they were pretty costly.  Also - should I take 3 l-Carnitine caps? 500 mg each.  

      Thanks :-)



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      As long as you are not taking antithyroid meds (Carbimazole or Methimazole) then taking all is fine and yes I would start at 1,500 mg of L-Carnitine (that is Regular L-Carnitine, not Acetyl-L-Carnitine).  However, if you are on a dose of antithyroid meds, I would not take the Bugleweed as you would be in danger of going very hypo very fast.  For myself, I am not anti-medicine but I do try to use both natural and medical together.  Even my Naturopath says he wishes he had his MD so he could combine both.  The only problem I have with Naturopaths is I have to take myriads of supplements - very costly.
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      Thanks Linda. I'm not taking any thryoid meds at all. Do you think this will help with the hot nodule excess hormone in the same way as with graves?

      How much Bugleweed should I take? I'm going to order plain bugleweed as I don't want to take the additional herbs that are in this formula. I didn't realize when I bought it. I'm ordering the tincture. 

      So if I take 3 capsules or 1500 mg of L-Carnitine will this bind the receptors or do I also need Bugleweed? If so, what dose would you think is good?

      hugs xo 


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