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Had hs for around 20 years, but only had a diagnosis last week!!    mostly had the breakouts under my breasts, armpits and grion, now i have it on my lady parts. . . i had painful ones before but nothing like this pain!! . . . . currently got an ice pack between my legs. Spoke to dr who was absolutely useless,' come to the surgery he said', ' cant walk i said' 'go to a+e' he said. . . . absolutely useless. I  had flucloxacillin last week which havent done a thing. This is hurting sooo much i dont no what to do, i can hardly walk. . . let alone get in the car an drive as the dr suggested, any one no of any over the counter pain killers or anything that will help, im so desperate , im a grown woman an cant stop crying.   x x


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    Hey susie

    Flucloxacillin has stopped working for me as well.. Tell your doctor that and they should give you something else..

    I had a big lump in my groin last week.. I went to the chemist bought some dressings and tape.. Tape myself up!! This helped me as it's the rubbing on clothing that kills!! The John Wayne look is in at the moment for me wink Had hot bath with salt twice a day to make the lump calm down..

    There is a cream you can get from your doctor, it's not the best but does help if you put on over night or as I did under my dressings before I taped myself up..

    I'm currently under a dermatologist, but have found a tablet I work well with yet.. It's took me 10 years to actually get diagnosed and when you are it's still as confusing!!

    Everyone is different, try all the things people say on here, some of them may work and some may not.. It's different for everyone..

    We all know how you feel, and there comes a point when I was, this is not going to stop me from doing the things I want to do!! Hence strapping myself up!!!

    Good luck and try everything!!!

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    Hi susie totally understand your pain and I know what you talking about as far as the doctors, you should apply a hot flannel instead of ice the heat will bring down swelling as well draw the head closer to surface best painkillers I've used is cocodamol or nurifen extra fast, u could try a hot bath to it always helped me can I ask how many days had the lump been there? So sorry to hear your pain I really do know how you feel it's horrible
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      Hi,  thanks for replying,  this lump started on saturday. . . pain started on monday.   x


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      Ok I always find that the bigger lumps are there less time they small ones so keep applying a hot flannel as much u can and have a hot bath I do this all the time with my hs lumps and it's there 3 days before it pops I mean you know it's so much better once it has popped lol and defo keep it clean once it has coze u don't want any infections, if this doesn't help within 2 more.days I would go to a&e and have then drain it coze I know that pain is unbearable , also once it has popped try cover it when your at home I covered mine all.the time for like 3 years and it always either got.worse or kept reappearing.

      Also when you see ur doctor ask about antibacterial scrub I.used this and it works wonders, for. me.using to many different products always made more lumps reappear so try not to use to many different gels and stuff on them.

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    Hi Susie I had one of these huge nasty ones on my inner thigh once.   I was the same as you and could hardly walk.  The pain was indescribable.  I did manage to get to the doctors and he sent me to A and E to get it incised.  That's the only thing I know to do.  I certainly couldn't have put anything on mine or even touch it as it was so painful.  The slightest touch had me crying in pain.   It needs lancing or incising now.  Can you get a cab instead of driving yourself.   This would be easier for you.   Bev x
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    Try to eliminate nightshades on your diet. And some people say to try the paleo diet.

    You should be careful with the food you eat. Coz sometimes it causes the flareups.

    I tried removing the nightshades and it works for me. I also stop eating preservative food as much possible cause most of them has some spices that belongs to the nightshade family. And also i stop eating sweet cause i think it cause flareups.

    Also try putting some turmeric paste overnight it helped me reduce the pain and the swelling went away a little. Also try drinking turmeric tea everyday it might help you.

    I hope this helps. smile

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    Hot compresses and try using PRID to draw puss out.. that should relieve some of the pressure. Mine always seem to hurt worse a few days before they open. Hope you feel better soon.

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