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I've been suffering from these for years and tried a million different things. One thing I have learnt for sure is that doctors (GP's and Specialists/Urologists) don't seem to know what they are doing when it comes to UTI's. So we are on our own for now.

I have found some things that have helped me, and it depends on why your body is out of balance so these may or may not work in helping to balance you:

- Antibiotics seldom work for UTI's and put your body into a very unhealthy state where you keep getting them - bad cycle

- Raw garlic 3 x a day (1 tsp or 1 whole clove) can work as well as some antibiotics (just be prepared to smell like garlic

- D-Mannose does nothing for me, so I wouldn't bother

- Eat paleo (cut out grains, dairy, sugar. Don't eat s****y cheap processed meats/food). Salad, homemade dressing if any, eggs, lean meat etc.

- Oregano oil - few drops in water

- Stacey Butterfield - a Naturopath in QLD, Australia, helped me a LOT. She does skype consults from anywhere.

- Advil

- Potassium citrate or sodium citrate, usually a liquid at pharmacies.

- PROBIOTICS 4 per day!!! and depending on how many antibiotics you've taken (I've been taking them a lot for 7 years), then you need to take probiotics for one month for each year of usae = 7 months for me. I use the clinicians brand called flora restore, for female gential health. Take one with water in the morning, and put one in vaginally - then do again before bed. This is really important - time to distance yourself from horrible antibiotics and save them for when you need life-saving surgery!

- Avoid SUGAR, coffee and alcohol 

- If sexually active have a solid hygiene routine for before and after, and maybe use a natural lubricant like coconut oil to minimise bladder trauma.

Hopefully this helps someone fix their UTI smile

Natural and healthy is the only long term solution, it takes time and hard work!


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    Wow!  I do a lot of the same!  Oregano oil, who would’ve thought, right?  Thank you for this, i bet it will help others!!
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    I boil two spoonfuls of "ajwain"  ( I think same as oregano ) in two glasses of water and drink that when the burning starts twice a day. it has helped.

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    Thank you Shelley.  You are so right that doctors don’t know how to help chronic uti.  They just keep prescribing antibiotics and it’s a terrible syndrome to be in for years & years.  

    The alkaline diet is supposed to be helpful as are probiotics.  I’ll try the vaginal dose, that’s new to me.  

    What about bathing?  I sit in the tub.  My doctor said no soap between legs and showers are better.  The urologist said a hot soak relieves pain!

    Dmannose has helped me but not a cure.  

    Ridding uti is definitely an ongoing thing and difficult work.

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    I just want to mention/comment that I am having a real issue with doctors not taking me seriously or finding a solution. I have been plagued with kidney stones and UTIs, bladder infections my whole life regardless of my diet. My left kidney in particular gives me issues. At this moment, both of my kidneys are full of stones. My gut tells me that they aren't functioning right and that's why i feel terrible all the time. But my doctor told me i was over reacting and yes, I am full of stones, there is nothing they can do because they are small enough to pass and i just must be prone to UTIs. I am married, we are safe and clean but I have one every day of my life for 2 years. Antibiotics don't clear it up for very long, sometimes (rarely, but it happens) i end up in ER with kidney infections. One woman who was a female pelvic specialist, not a urologist said that maybe the stones in both of my kidneys are holding on to bacteria and causing infections from the inside. But otherwise the urologist and primary care physicians have no explanation as to why this is happening constantly. As someone who practices yoga, eats organic, no dairy, used to be vegan, Drinks water all day, I am at the end of my rope. I don't know what else I can do and the doctors are not helpful. Anyone else had any luck? any doctors that do help? I am in Southern California and willing to drive at this point. I live with stones and infections and its effecting my mental health, I know it even if they don't believe me. I quit drinking because of it, one drink and I feel like hell. I don't think anything is being filtered or that I am being detoxified, headaches every gut tells me its the kidneys, my doctors tell me I am paranoid and over reacting. I am 37, 106 pounds, in great shape. Help!! Tell me I am not crazy! 

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      I’m so sorry you are going through this.  You’re definitely NOT crazy, because as i lay here, i can feel yet ANOTHER twinge if an infection coming back.  Have you tried the oregano oil yet?  I also use Thieves Oil on my feet.  Ever since i started using essential oils, it’s diminished incredibly!  I drink something called Ningxia Red, which has wolfberries in it along with Essential Oils.  Let me know if you want more info.  My name is also Audrey.... i am 52 and i am probably going through menopause.  That’s what’s causing mine.  Please reach out if you need help!  I’m happy to help.  I agree with some of these posts though!  The Dr’s can’t help!!  

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    Forgot to mention I used to drink apple cider vinegar to clear it naturally but the last urologist said that since I am full of stones that will make the tissue raw, I am only making it worse, so I stopped. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    According to other posts and the D-Mannose website, the way it works is to slowly break down the bio-film that e.coli covers itself with.  E.coli secrete this bio-film to cover and protect the colony and antibiotics just can't touch it, so it survives (and possibly mutates) many courses of ABx.  D-mannose gradually chips away at the bio-film but you need to take it regularly for weeks (no, I don't work for the company!).

    Some people confuse it with cranberry juice, which has been shown to prevent bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall in the first place.  If you have scar tissue on the bladder wall (from a previous infection) it provides nice little ledges for bugs to sit on - and then they can start to make a cosy little colony. 

    So, drink cranberry juice to prevent an infection.  It also helps to keep the urine acidic as the bugs don't like it so drink plenty of water with a little lemon juice but also try taking extra Vit C as that will push up acid levels. I agree probiotics are helpful  -especially if you've had repeated courses of antibiotics.

    I'm also a great believer in coconut oil - why put a synthetic oil laced with chemicals and perfumes (labelled lubricant!) into your body! Ugh!  Ditto sugar - ditch it, it's only useful to feed bugs on, they love it!

    Re the raw garlic: last thing before bed, chop a clove finely and let it rest for about 5 mins while you get it onto a teaspoon then get a teaspoon of honey lined up. Swallow the garlic down in one go - no chewing!  Follow up with the honey - it takes the taste away plus is a natural antibiotic (as is the garlic). They'll both happily go along your gut and get absorbed into your bloodstream where they can help seek out any bugs - odourlessly, I promise!  You may get one burp but after that sweet dreams!  No need to smell like garlic!

    Good work everybody  -  keep the antibiotics in their packets and only use them when really necessary.


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    A lot of people do not know that lemon is metabolized as Alkaline,

    Also Potassium Citrate will Alkalize the urine but is contraindicated when you have a UTI.  This is what I read, but we are not permitted to put links here, as I recall.

    There is conflicting information as to whether Alkaline or Acidic urine kills bacteria.   I think that bacteria do not like extemes either way and breed best when Urine is in the Neutral zone.

    I personally am very cautious about what 'tips' I get from other patients.  Best to thoroughly research everything and pay close attention to the authors and sources of the information.

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      Good advice, Marilee,

      I read somewhere about lemon juice actually being alkaline which didn't make sense to me so I'll read up about it now!

      My husband has an indwelling catheter and was plagued with constant UTIs because of it.  One doc said to take high dose VIt C to help keep the urine acidic and he very rarely gets an infection now (I dipstick it every day just to make sure).  This is my only reason for suggesting Vit C - and I'll stop saying lemon juice (which is what the nurses suggested!).


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      Miriam, for a while I tried Methenamine which the Urologist suggested.  It is supposed to acidify the urine and kill bacteria.  There are actually studies proven it does.  Taking vitamin C helps in addition.

      If I knew for certain that eating and refraining from certain foods would prevent a future UTI, I would do it.  However, at present I just eat what I want.  Life is too short.  I did, however, stop coffee and tea and drink only water.  


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