Hemiplegic migraine, I'm horrify

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Hello my name is Sandra and I'm 46 years old.

I had regular migraines all my life and taking regular pain killers work for me at the time and, getting some rest. But now since Saturday March 10 2018 which is last week I got this type of migraine which is similar to having a stroke.

Numbness in my rigth side of my body, my mouth dropped to the rigth side,vomiting non-stop, nausea, weak, swallowing of my left ankle, could not move, my rigth eye dropped and tears coming out without me been able to control it. Spend 3 days in the hospital but doctors can't find what I got, they said it's a regular migraine, like OMG , which I know it's not this time cause I never been so sick and so afraid .and i know my body well enough and I had to end up in emergency sick as a dog for 3 days.

My husband called ambulance twice cause I was passing out horrible , and I had motion sickness too, so I couldn't get in a car , cause within minutes I was vomiting and sweating and passing out...

What can I do? Is there any special test I need to get this solve?? Please any body help me..

I need to fly to north Carolina in a few weeks, cause I'm in England for now with my husband. I had to reboot the flight cause my head hurts so bad..im not taking medication for this, but just what they gave me for regular migraines and it's not helping at all..Im in the room with dark ligths, the t.v. bothers me and the smells get me nauseated.

What do u recommend I do? I'm so afraid of my next one becoming worse since I can't seem to feel better as days go by.

Thank u very much😢

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    Don't leave this, get further advice. Register with GP.

    Good luck

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      And thank you so much for your answers, and yes Friday we are walking to a clinic / hospital to see other doctors..

      This is so frustrating, and it's getting me so sad too...still got the massive migraine with the symptoms with my mouth going and coming like the 1 St. Time..thank u😵😩

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    I agree with the previous post.  When I had a continuous migraine that could not be treated with cycle breakers or triptans, my doctor advised that I be admitted to the hospital and given the migraine cocktail.  I can't remember exactly what the mixture is, but they administer through IV and your stay 3-5 days is dependent on going 24 hours migraine free and then they release you.  I'm in the US.  Another option for me, which I did instead was an occipital nerve block.  It doesn't work for everyone and won't take them away forever, but it did stop the migraine that I had for a couple of weeks.

    I've had most of the symptoms that you described in the past other than the drooping.  That actually sounds the most disconcerting to me.  Things like that could be indicative of a stroke and certainly nothing to mess around with. I'm assuming that they did all of the tests to rule out stroke?

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      Hello Heather 😩,

      Well unfortunately my symptoms are still here with me, and I haven't had no rest since last Saturday cause my head feels like they are lettery hitting me with a hammer, horrible..

      I cry last night cause I'm trying to find a cured for this migraines ,and they seem to stay with me as the days go by , and it's getting more frustrated cause the doctors tell me it's just a migraine, and I know it's NOT..

      I have never try those juicy cocktails of different medications you mention, but in order for that I need the doctor to find it, and give me my diagnosed, but unfortunately it seems they don't even know themselves. How frustrating it's that 🤢🤕

      After doing all the research and writing everything down, from YouTube videos ,I have come with the decision, or conclusion it's Hemiplegic Migraine that I got.

      Thank u for your support and I will not give up, cause I know I need the right treatment..🤗😱😩 and I know I'm not alone..

      My flight it's April 9 and I want to feel comfortable and better to do so..

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      They did only the chest scan for 5 minutes and said nothing is wrong, and check my blood pressure that's it.

      I had mini strokes before since it runs in my family, and heart attacks.

      I know I'm right and I need the proper doctors vto find this..

      Yes the dropping of my mouth and numbness was a horrible experience..I still get my mouth numb,my lips..

      How sad is it we can't get a lot doctors to see our rare disease.

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    Hi Sandra

    my heart goes out to you!  I wish you could get with another doctor that can help you!  I get migraines and when I just start to feel a headache coming on I take a Rizatriptan ODT right away and try to rest...I also take a nausua medication that helps.  The important thing is to take the Rizatriptan right away when you think you are getting headache....if you wait until it's a bad headache then it's too late.  Once you take the Rizatriptan and if your headache is still with you after two hours....you can take another one but not more than 2 in a 24 hour day.  This is for my migraines.....I hope you find help and are feeling better so you can make your trip well!  Please keep us posted.


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      Hello Wendy🤕

      I'm right now in , England and still with the bad symptoms and it's horrible living this way.

      I'm so sorry you and other people go though this cause it's not easy been this sick.

      I know I need to look for the right doctor that's going to listen carefully to my symptoms.

      I go back to North Carolina on April 9 hopefully I don't get it worse , cause it a horrible thing to live with and specially cause I don't get the right help..

      Thank u very much🤔😩🤕🤢

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      Hi Sandra

      I hope you will be able to get help and relief from this pain and symptoms  there before you leave for your trip.  If not.....There are wonderful doctors in North Carolina in the Raleigh-Durham area.  You need to see a neurologist that can find the problem so you can have quality of life and ease your stress.  Stress is definetly a trigger.....try hard to be calm....I know it is not easy when you are going through this.  I will pray that you will find a good doctor and pray for healing for you Sandra.

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    Have you ever tried any of the triptan medications? elotriptan, sumatriptan and etc...taking it as soon as you have symptoms can stop a Migraine & keep it from progressing....zofran/ondancetron can treat nausea(they use it for chemo patients, one dissolves under your tongue)...these symptoms DO fit Migraines, the effects of which can be very debilitating & be extremely scary, they can change from one to next, have multiple causes, they can be very severe & last long periods....if they didnt find anything in hospital then you should try to find TRIGGERS/CAUSES and treat your symptoms. Your Dr. should be willing to help...you should keep a journal of what you eat,drink & routine to see if certain foods, bright lights, medications, poor sleep, hormones and etc...could be causing them, catching it EARLY(go into dark, quiet, take meds,try heat or cold on side of head can help and sleeping can help) like I said treat your symptoms and if they cause anxiety maybe they can help with that too...ask a doctor or pharmacist what meds are available and get your Dr. to make your quality of life better, if they WONT,go to another Dr & be willing to try whatever they ask...Best Wishes to you and hopefully with proper help you feel better, Migraines are like a nightmare but most symptoms are temporary and will go away and not do permanent damage...lots of info online about triggers(there can be multiple causes) HOPE YOU CAN FEEL BETTER SOON

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      Thank u very much I hope I get the right doctor to and me cause this is killing me softly, and I need the right medication..

      I'm not giving up

      This is so frustrating and I try all kinds of over the counter pills ,bbut my head feels like it's going to explore and the pressure in my head it's horrible day and night.

      I'm taking a bit funny and my mouth goes to one side from time to time..

      I'm so sick of meds and nothing works for me cause unfortunately they haven't giving me the right medicine to treat this type of migraine.

      I know it's not just a migraine, and of course I know my body too well.

      I also got my ankle swallowing which is weird cause I'm regular weight.

      Hope you feel better too.🤢🤕😩🤔

      I'm wondering if I can fly with this since I'm feeling the same, and my pressure in my head won't stop.

      I get motion sickness too making it worse for me to fly.🤢🤕😩

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