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Hemorrhoid Banding Yesterday - My Experience

I had two hemorrhoids banded yesterday by a colorectal surgeon. I know I terrified I was so thought I'd share my journey.

The Day of the Procedure

I had to fast from 7am for admission to hospital at 11am. They said no prep but I did a suppository anyway just in case. They wheeled my into theatre at 1pm and given my general anaesthetic. I woke in recovery with no pain but was given pain killers. Once awake enough I went to my room. Ate a bit, had to do two wees and could go home at 7pm. During that time my pain was a 2/10 and discomfort 7/10. There was a little gauze in my bottom as well. I felt really sick on the drive home, maybe motion sickness but it passed. I declined all extra pain meds in hospital but had my Panadol and anti inflammatory before bed. They also have me 20ml lactolose to take.

The Next Day / Today

I woke with about 2/10 pain and 8/10 discomfort. Also have some pelvic discomfort. I took another Panadol and another antiflammatory. I moved around a fair bit taking care of my little one. After an hour I was able to open my bowel. The gauze came out and it wasn't so bad. My anus did hurt a bit and had to pat dry with wet toilet paper. I had a sitz bath and went to bed. Was feeling a bit sick.

I woke and went for a little walk. I did a suppository because I also have a rectocele and needed to clear it. It wasn't to painful to pass the BM after but it has made me a bit sore and also uncomfortable in my pelvis. I've been laying down and put a bit of ice between my bum cheeks.

I had some blood in both bowel motions

My surgeon told me ppl get pain because of a Banding being to tight, band near or last the dentate line, to many banded at once, thrombosis. I guess my bands have Been placed ok but he said thrombosis could happen at anytime.

So in general I'm uncomfortable with some pain but not horrible. I do think the suppose made it worse but I didn't have a choice 😕

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  • Sadi.26 Sadi.26 JustMe81

    Do not use any kind of toilet paper or wet paper simply use water and use dry clothes.

    You must use warm water everytime after bowl movement. 3times a daily use sitz bath (15 minutes) daily.

  • michelle34409 michelle34409 JustMe81

    I will possibly be having mine banded but didnt realise you would be put out for it . Are you in the UK ?

    • JustMe81 JustMe81 michelle34409

      I'm in Australia. I think some surgeons put you under and some don't. Personally I think it's a good idea to go under general or at least be sedated. It's a sensitive area and prone to muscle spasms. If the body goes into a little bit of shock at the Banding it would hurt.

  • JustMe81 JustMe81

    Day Three

    I was feeling ok the afternoon of day two but unfortunately must have eaten something that gave me A LOT of wind. I must have passed wind 40 odd times between yesterday afternoon and the morning of day three. By this time my bum was starting to feel sore because of it. So with my breakfast I added a de gas with my pain meds to try and stop the wind. Fingers crossed.

    I had a BM within thirty minutes of waking which hurt a little, because of all the wind. Still feeling a bit sore 10 minutes later so sitting in a sitz bath. Once I finish I will head back to bed. Didn't get much sleep cause my kiddo was coughing all night. Bit nervous I will catch it.

    Pain is about a 3-4/10 but I blame all the wind I had.

    When I wake up I will use some ice

    • JustMe81 JustMe81

      I think saying day three was misleading

      I had the Banding 2pm Tuesday and it's now 10am Thursday. So really days are three but true time is 1.5 days

  • JustMe81 JustMe81

    Well I'm a week out. Things took a very bad turn and I've got an anal fissure. I cried for two days with the pain. I sa my CRS yesterday. I'm rather scared. I will do all the things I read and have been prescribed and hope it goes away

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