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  • andrea1988 2

    My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 4)

    Hello everyone! My name is Michelle and welcome to Part 4 of My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey! Please feel free to read parts 1, 2, & 3 to see how I have arrived to this point and why. Thanks in advance for reading my posts. Any comments/feedbacks is greatly appreciated as well. So, it's very late as

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  • andrea1988 2

    My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 3)

    Hey everyone! My name is Michelle and this is part 3 of My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey posts. My surgery is in exactly 3 days from for this Thursday (April 27, 2017). Please feel free to read My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey part 1 & part 2 posts to see what has led me up to the decision

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  • JakeWoods 1

    Can hemorrhoids affect stool shape?

    Okay so for about two years now I think I have what I believe to be hemorrhoids. I can see visible lumps upon inspection of my own bottom. Theu definitely appear to be hemorrhoids but I haven't had that confirmed by a doctor. Symptoms I experience: Sensation of pressure in the anus. Some

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  • hernino17854 2
  • glen79281 2

    My experience 5 weeks after Haemorrhoidectomy 

    After 5 weeks of doing the operation and especially after passing through some really horrible times of pain and misery I promised myself that I owe it to everybody out there to share my experience so that you can derive benefit out of it. I had suffered from haemorrhoids for 20+ years and it is

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  • Goldenluck 2

    Banding #2

    Hi all, I just had my 2nd banding on April 12th. It felt pinched that day and I felt pretty great that afternoon. My experience from the 1st one prepared me for #2. I knew it would hurt for about a week or even two. On day 6 it is the worst!! I'm not sure what it was but it felt like there was a

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  • stephen14173 1

    hemorrhoids or not?

    Hi. im a 14 year old male and for weeks upon weeks now inside my anus it very slightly stings but feels more tickly. I thought it could've been pinworm as I had it last year but that itching was unbearable and this doesn't feel as bad (sometimes does) and there is no worms in my stool. It tends to

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  • Drew-W 1

    Inquiry into Scar Tissue after Hemorrhoidectomy Complications

    I had the most excruciating expirience with an impaction that began with unholy pain, pouring sweat, vomiting, and screaming. It lasted about 30 min. of me manually evacuating the problem followed by me crying in an Epsom salt bath. I had a hemorrhoidectomy about three weeks ago (never have this

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  • medo90500 1

    bleeding in my stool

    i have a painless have not done anything about it in a long time since its not pianful but this morning when i stool i saw blood in my stool even when i tried using the tissue paper it was stained but later when i try going to the toilet the 2nd time there was nothing like blood

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  • andrea1988 2

    My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 2)

    Hi there everyone My name is Michelle and this is a part 2 of My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey posts. Feel free to read My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 1) to see what has led me up to this point. My Hemorrhoidectomy surgery was originally scheduled for April 28th, 2017, but this week it has

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  • chris54721 1
  • john9394 2

    piles (uk(

    So hey. im an 18 year old male. and ive been suffering with hemorrhoids the past couple of years. and i decided to see a doctor about a year ago . first time she stuck her finger up my butt and said there was nothing to worry about. ever since then ive been twice and i just got prescribed laxatives

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  • fitzwaffle 1

    Itchy butt after bad bout of diarrhea

    Hi everyone. This is probably going to be gross but I have a question. I'm in school and I recently stressed myself out so much that I got really bad diarrhea for about two weeks, I went to the doctor and they gave me some medication and my stools became more solid again. However now, whenever I

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  • EmBem1983 2
  • jenna51447 1

    Consultant says there's nothing there..

    For two years I've had excruciating pain and some bleeding when passing motion and it's getting worse and worse. The GP referred me to the colorectal consultant as could see nothing external. After a long wait i have been today and the consultant put a small camera in and had a quick look and said

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  • maz61 2

    Where can I have a laser haemorrhoidoplasty?

    Hi. How can I find which hospitals offer laser haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP)? I have grade 3 or 4 haemorrhoids and this procedure seems to be much preferable to the traditional haemorrhoidectomy. Has anyone had LHP and how did it go?

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  • gemma38756 2

    Hemorrhoids. how long before doctor referred you?

    I was wondering how long you all suffered before the doctors referred you. To a specialist or for surgery? Ive been suffering with an external prolapsed hemorrhoid for two weeks now. Im in agony all day and the pain wakes me up at night. due to other health conditions i need my sleep and no stress

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  • nic45066 1

    Hems slowly killing me!

    Guys I need advise! I've had active hemorrhoids now for 6 weeks and it's slowly killing me. I've had three external ones which now two have turned into skin tags, but one is still slightly inflamed. One internal one also which doesn't seem to hurt as much. The doctor has put me on rectogesic

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  • hernino17854 2

    Fatigue in my 4th week Post hemorrhoidectomy G3

    Hi to all, I'm still in my medical leave and its my 4th week after the surgery. Tho, the surgeon originally gave just 10 days leave after my surgery. It was very hard to explain to my employer that I need more weeks ro rest because I'm very easy to get tired, I can't tolerate too much walking, my

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  • pezz 2

    My Haemorrhoidectomy experience - A good one

    Hi, After 10 years of suffering from haemorrhoids I had a haemorrhoidectomy. This was the best decision I've ever made. I found information on the surgery to be rarely available and often misleading, so I'm very keen to share my experience. For context I am living in Australia (Melbourne), had my

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  •  John4747965 2

    terriblepain on anus

    hi had a colonoscopy and 3 piles banded 4 weeks ago ever since had excruciating pain on outside of anus saw the surgeon 2 weeks ago he said everything was hell it is  saw gp had a cat scan last week to see if its nerve pain get results in 2 days cannot sleep with the pain it is unbearable

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  • anonymous marty 2

    My Experience: hemorrhoid surgery 6 days after...

    My name is Gary. I am 57 and have had problems with hemorrhoids for years. It was getting to where I was spending two weeks out of the month basicly ok due to constipation from opiate medication I have to take. Then one week where I use the prep H to push the roids back into place. Then often a

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  • sassy2909 2


    17 days post op , just wondering whether its normal to have some of the "dissolavable stitches" still? A few fell out after the first week, but i can still see a knot of one where i think one of the skin tags were removed!

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  • ransika73378 1
  • neil31417 2

    Hemorrhoidectomy recovery experience

    I had a hemorrhoidectomy a couple of years ago and I used this site quite a lot during recovery for tips so i decided id finally share what happened with me in case it helps others.  My piles were BAD. they didnt cause me pain but they eventually got to a stage where they were bleeding CONSTANTLY.

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  • andrea1988 2

    My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 1)

    Hi there! My name is Michelle and I am going to be 29 over the summer plus my husband & I are going to be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this summer as well. Today is March 29th, 2017 and I'm scheduled to have my Hemorrhoidectomy on April 28th, 2017. There's a chance I might have it a few

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  • sassy2909 2

    Haemoroid op

    Had op on thursday. Went in at 7.30am, was down for op at 8.45am. Back in cubicle at 11.15am. Felt really sick and had massive sore throat. Nurse gave me something for sickness. Manage 2 cups of water, and half a i couldnt go home till i had a wee. Tried took 5 mins as muscle werent

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  • norb01501 2

    Are medical treatments always necessary?

    I have a grade 2 internal hemorrhoid. The one that prolapses during bowel movements. It used to be a slightly thrombosed grade 3 which became external. Anyway, it ruptured and since then it became painless and completely matches the symptoms of an internal one. I went to the doctor's office right

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  • gee11215 1

    Hemorrhoid surgery recovery tips

    Hemorrhoidectomy recovery I had a hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago. The doctor warned me that recovery process would be painful. But I didn't think it would be this intense. Here are a few tips to ease the pain. It made a world of difference in pain management for me: 1) ice packs-- most ice packs

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  • gatnardo 2

    Surgery or no surgery - what to do?

    I have grade 3 hemorrhoids.  At times (like now), they can get painful afer eliminating - hurting for an hour or so.  They pop out pretty badly, but I can always manage to push them back in.  I have an appointment with a colorectal surgeon in a couple of weeks and not sure what I want to ask them.  I'

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  • willg 2

    Sore bottom after HALO / THD

    11 days after a THD / HALO the outside of my anus is still extremely sore. Cleaning up after toileting must be done very gingerly and delicately, but any method just makes the area more sore. All of the surgical procedure was internal, so I don't understand why the outside is so sore. Is this normal?...

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  • sassy2909 2

    9 days post op question

    I am 9 days post op. I have had this smell from the area since i had the op. The area seems to be healing nicely, no redness or discharge, so that says to me theres no infection. Could it just be because i havent been using soap to clean, just plain water as told by the dr. Did anyone else notice

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  • tess94652 3

    How long does post op discharge go on for?

    I'm on day six following ligasure haemorrhoidectomy for internal piles and external tags, and was advised to wear a pad at all times, as there would be some bleeding and discharge post op. No bleeding now but still quite a bit of discharge. There's no help line at the hospital and I don't want to

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  • chris1171 2

    Prolapsed Haemorrhoids stage 4? help please

    Hello, I've had internal piles for what appears to be some time, and about 8 weeks ago, had my first session of banding. It doesn't appear to be successful, I appreciate it can take a few sessions, but after passing a very hard stool on Thursday of last week, I've been in agony with a clearly

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  • Nape93 1

    Bleeding external hemorrhoid - medical advice

    I am a 19 year old male that got my first serious hemorrhoid around a month ago, there was slight bleeding when using the toilet however apart from that with ointment and care the pain subsided. However three days ago the pain returned as bad as it was last time, yesterday I began bleeding heavily (

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