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  • amber1984 2

    Hemorrhoid and skin tag removal

    Hey I'm super scared I have med to big size internal prolapse hemorrhoids and skin tags that needs to be remove I'm almost 33( in July) with 4 kids all c secs. Is there any way to get thru this with minimal pain?

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  • AaronDH 1

    Can surgery for prolapsed hemarrhoids lead to prolapsed rectum?

    I'm trying to help a friend in a third world country who has limited access to medical facilities. He is a 30 year old male with history of internal prolapsed hemarrhoids that he has had to put up with for years because he couldn't afford to pay for treatment. Recently he accessed a temporarily available...

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  • Jopyjama 1

    Haemorrhoid banding

    I had three small haemorrhoids banded two weeks ago, and ever since have had the feeling of cystitis and my entire internal pelvic area has felt achy ever since. Is this normal?

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  • john86367 2

    Blood and Blood Clots after Hemorrhoidectomy

    Today marks the 7th day after surgery, and last night and today I've been passing large amounts of blood and blood clots for twelve bowel movements so far. It's been getting more frequent, and I have to pass a lot of blood every 10-20 minutes. The ER wanted me to wait until my appointment with my surgeon...

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  • gee11215 1

    Hemorrhoid surgery recovery tips

    Hemorrhoidectomy recovery I had a hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago. The doctor warned me that recovery process would be painful. But I didn't think it would be this intense. Here are a few tips to ease the pain. It made a world of difference in pain management for me: 1) ice packs-- most ice packs are...

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  • glen79281 2

    My experience 5 weeks after Haemorrhoidectomy 

    After 5 weeks of doing the operation and especially after passing through some really horrible times of pain and misery I promised myself that I owe it to everybody out there to share my experience so that you can derive benefit out of it. I had suffered from haemorrhoids for 20+ years and it is only...

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  • sophie60258 1

    Haemorrhoidectomy: Positive recover tips! 2 weeks on!

    Hi Everyone, Its been just over two weeks from my surgery and I really wanted to post some tips that I have found/finding helpful in my recovery and some positive thoughts post haemorrhoidectomy surgery! Context: I am a 30 year old woman, slim and in fairly good health based in the UK. I have been...

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  • JustMe81 2

    Booked in for Banding on mid July

    Hello all, Well I finally worked up the courage to book on my banding. I am getting one large hemorrhoid banded and injected in July. I am scared but also hoping for the best. I have a few hemorrhoids but read it best to do one at a time. I would love any after care tips :-)

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  • SimonMcG 2

    Surely there should be some improvement?

    Last Thursday I was in hospital for a day surgery op initially thought to be to treat an anal fissure. It turns out that there was no anal fissure but the procedure was carried out coupled with banding of haemorrhoids. On Friday I managed to get out for a walk to get my regular medication (I have several...

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  • Vamping 1

    Blood clot while on rubber band ligation

    29yo Male here. I had rubber band ligation on stage 2 internal haemorrhoids. 3 bands were placed. Since then, I have blood clot out on toilet paper during 1 or 2 mins straining. I am still able to pass gas however I do not have any bowel movement yet. I don't feel any pain and I don't think the harmorrhoids...

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  • sara81299 2

    Post haemorrhoid surgary

    Hi, I had open haemorrhoid surgary 15 months ago and I'm still suffering extreme pain and bleeding whilst and after bowl movement. To the extent it has completely taken over my life. I was wondering if anyone else on here has had any similar issues? Many thanks

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  • james59293 2

    I have cured my lifelong issue with hemorrhoids.

    Suffered since ten and now fifty seven, late Father senior consultant. Mother had the operation and was worse than before after it. I just had pain until I was about thirty and then the bleeding started, it got very bad and was a constant worry. About three years ago I started thinking of an idea. These...

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  • eileen62423 2

    Piles never stop bleeding

    After a diagnosis of piles some months ago I relaxed as I was convinced it was bowel cancer. However the bleeding continues every day - just a small amount and bright red. The doctor has referred me for a flexiblie sigmoidoscopy in a few weeks. I've just been reading Dr Google and now everything points...

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  • barbara95080 2
  • Goldenluck 2

    Banding #3 - THE END!

    Had my 3rd and final banding on Wed. June 7. Third one seems to be the charm. I can honestly say this must be how the Dr who hasn't had banding but is advising means when they say... some people go to work the same afternoon - although that very first day was painful, it's been pretty much a breeze....

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  • andrea1988 2

    My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey (Part 8)

    Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well :-) My name's Michelle and welcome to My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey posts. This is part 8. Please feel free to read parts 1-7 of My Hemorrhoidectomy Journey to see what has led me up to this point, how and why. Any questions/comments/feedback is greatly appreciated...

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  • Drew-W 1

    Inquiry into Scar Tissue after Hemorrhoidectomy Complications

    I had the most excruciating expirience with an impaction that began with unholy pain, pouring sweat, vomiting, and screaming. It lasted about 30 min. of me manually evacuating the problem followed by me crying in an Epsom salt bath. I had a hemorrhoidectomy about three weeks ago (never have this surgery...

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  • john86367 2

    Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery

    Hey guys, it's been about a day since my surgery. The pain is not too horrible like many have described (maybe I'm lucky), but it is definitely pretty bad. I recommend taking percocets or whatever pain killers the doctor prescribes you exactly. I made the mistake of not taking my percocets during the...

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  • markee02980 2


    Any suggestions on how to get things moving? I had surgery tues. Had a small amount of diarriah wed morn and a really small amount Thur morn. I have had enough food that I think I should have atleast had my first bm by now. I take stool softener eve time I take a pain pill along with lots of liquids....

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  • Tim038219 2

    My Haemorrhoidectomy Experience

    After reading some terrifying reports on this procedure, I thought I'd offer my experiences so far, especially as some of the horror stories nearly made me cancel my op!  Yesterday I had an haemorrhoidectomy for a large internal haemorrhoid, a thrombosed exeternal one and some prolapsing tissue. I also...

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  • maureen00900 2

    Five weeks since haemoroidectomy and still having problems

    I take one sachet of laxido and 15 mls lactulose each day prescribed by my doctor. I also suffer with diverticulitis. I have soft stools but evacuation is very slow and I don't understand why. I don't like to strain for obvious reasons. I am healing from the surgery from helll for internal and prolapsed...

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  • markee02980 2

    Has any one encountered this problem?

    So I am now 6 days post op. So far it hasn't been nearly as bad as I had anticipated. There as been all but 3 times that I have been brought to tears. So I'm still swollen down there and have been iceing like crazy. I have a hard time just resting tho use to being busy non stop. I had my first bm today...

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  • markee02980 2

    Surgery done and done here a lil of my experience this far

    1st day Tues felt kinda sick before even going in had a real bad headache and was super dehydrated. They gave me pain meds a ton of antibiotics and something to calm my nerves. So I woke out of recovery felt hardly any pain but assuming this is from the pain meds they gave when I got out and also the...

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  • g75183 3

    Blood coating the stool

    Help needed. 31 year old male.. relatively healthy. Ibs and haemerrhoids both diagnosed Woke up after a night of drinking and 1st bowel movement was normal....the 2nd one when wiping could see blood. Now it was the typical beer poo sorry for tmi however it was so could not tell if blood was bright...

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  • markee02980 2


    Do I clean the infection site with antibacterial soap? Like dove or something of that nature..also am I ok to take showers and wash my and larger my body to wash or will this cause potential problems? Need some tips on the hygiene part because I can't stand not being clean and feeling all funky. Any...

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  • markee02980 2

    Diet I need help please!!

    Tomorrow is my surgery. I started my flush today and have been on the liquid diet as advised with the 238 grams of miralax. I am soooo Hungary already. What can you eat when you get out of surgery or do you have to stay on the liquid diet? Or is food going to be last thing on my mind

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  • HemmoRUN 1

    Running during "H" Flare-up

    I got a hemorrhoid flare-up for a week now. Today is my 8th, and the prolapsed H started to shrink on the 7th day. Normally, my episode lasts for 2-3 days. I noticed i got my unwanted visit after running 32k (pace 5:30).  Yes, im training for another Full marathon in July. I also noticed that post short...

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  • mary90364 2
  • val-Oz 1

    Do I or don't I?

    Hi guys, I'm Val. I'm having my consultation tomorrow and then will be given a date for my procedure. I am absolutely reeling by what I have read so far on the forum. I'm really not sure whether to go ahead with the procedure now. I have had internal/external hemorrhoids for over 30 years and have put...

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  • mary90364 2

    Haemorrhoids - piles

    Hi I have external piles and also a lump hanging down. I went to the doctor the first time and was given anual cream. I used this and was not getting better back again and this time got cream and supposìtories. This helped for a while. Went back to the doctor again and got cream and supposìtories...

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  • alex91499 1

    External Hemorrhoids Bleeding

    Apologies for the gross details below. I had never had a hemmerrhoid until about 10 days ago. Then, all of the sudden, I noticed a pain down there. It got worse over the next 2-3 days. I realized it was a large external hemorrhoid. I applied preparation H and took warm baths. By about the third day,...

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  • Greenjelly 1

    Please tell me this will end

    Hi. I've been getting hemorrhoids on and off for the past ten years or so but it's always been manageable and just uncomfortable. Recently they've gotten a lot worse. I went to the doctor but the suppositories they prescribed were over $100 (I'm in the wonderful US) and the cream for external weren't...

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  • sally2016 2

    Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery

    Hi all Yes it's embarrassing. Yes I haven't shared it with my friends, but it felt important to post this seeing as I'd read everything I possibly could for the last 6 months leading up to last Friday. I had my op on Friday. I'm a healthy, 32 yr old woman who was lucky enough to get these piles during...

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  • Raw50 2


    can anyone please tell me if they feel pain from their haemorrhoids into their outer labia. 

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  • markee02980 2

    Sooo Sumthin Came Up

    As I said before my surgery is on Tues at 1230. I am currently taking the depo shot for birth control which I've now only been on a month. So as far as your period is concerned it can stop it completely, cause spotting, a super long period, could be heavy or light. So I have yet to figure which one my...

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