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Hemorrhoid surgery recovery tips

Hemorrhoidectomy recovery

I had a hemorrhoidectomy two weeks ago. The doctor warned me that recovery process would be painful. But I didn't think it would be this intense. Here are a few tips to ease the pain. It made a world of difference in pain management for me:

1) ice packs-- most ice packs are not shaped for your butt and the flat ones only numb the butt cheeks, not the surgical site where you need relief. So make your own! Buy diapers (any size 3-6) and fill it with 3-4 cups of water and put it in a ziplock bag (for hygienic storage) and in the freezer. Once frozen, the diapers are curved perfectly to your anus area and won't drip as it melts either because the gel is designed to hold in liquid. I use one diaper several times before tossing. Just put it in a ziplock bag and refreeze.

2) squirt bottles--clean yourself with squirt bottles, not even wet toilet paper or baby wipes were gentle enough post surgery when the area is extremely raw. I bought two big squirt bottles at the drug store and fill them up before any bowel movements.

3) Boneal-- after cleaning the anus with the squirt bottles, I apply boneal (otc lotion for anal cleaning) lotion on toilet paper and dab it on my anus. It relieves the pain and itching that come later in the healing process.

4) sitz bath-- Do this 2-3 times a day and definitely after a bowel movement. Sometimes, I have my bowel movements in the sitz bath to ease the pain. Just remember to rinse it with soap and hot water right away if you have a bowel movement in there so you don't sit in fecal water and develop a uti on top of everything else.

5) if possible, stick to lots of veggies and soups for the first two weeks to allow the wound to heal. No starchy foods and anything binding!!!

These tips were given to me by the maternity nurses after I had a baby, but they are completely relevant here and I am especially grateful for the ice pack diaper trick! It was the ONLY way an ice pack can be applied to that anus area and not to my butt cheeks. Good luck and speedy recovery. BTW-- get all this ready, especially the diaper ice packs before surgery so you will have it immediately after you come home from surgery. You'll be in so much pain and not very mobile, so have all the relief remedies prepared ahead of time!

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  • davecon davecon gee11215


    I am having the op done in a weeks time (UK) and have just found this site and looking for all possible pointers into what I am letting myself in to

    My surgeon states that its not as horrific as people make out and I will be back riding my bike before 4 weeks - Yeh lol - Ive not come across anything that even resembles a positive easy time up to now after scouring the net

    He says he was not convinced that HALO would not fix the prolapse so I am having this medieval cut and slice job

    Thank you so much for this brilliant advice especially the ice pack one - A real gem

    I will give updates after my surgery



    • willow17 willow17 davecon

      Hi...hope all went well. I had my surgery 9 days ago and am still in agony. I run a bath before I have a BM and jump in as soon as I'm done. The bath feels good at the time but after when I'm laying down the pain is unreal. It feels like my insides are falling out.

      My surgeon led me to believe I'd be up running around after 5 days...HA!! I went to see him after the 5 days was up because I was still in agony...he said everything was on schedule and it's a min of 3 weeks of intense pain before it lessens. I swear it feels like I have another hemorrhoid.

      I had a hand held shower installed which I found a great help...a little cold water after a warm bath feels great. I also froze the fingers of a latex glove to use as an ice pack..really helps.

    • Sweet Sandy Sweet Sandy willow17

      Hi Willow, How are you doing now? I am 13 days post op and still in pain mainly right after a BM so like you I do a sitz bath immediately after.  what concerns me is that i still have the stitches and a bit of an end sticking out.  Does anyone have this same thing?

    • Ouch-Ouch Ouch-Ouch Sweet Sandy

      Hi Sandy , I’m 16 days post op and slowly getting better.

      It has been the most horrendous experience I have ever had!

      I have had 3 children and I’d rather have another than go through this again!

      It is still sore when I have a BM and it aches down there for hours after . I still find it hard to walk .

      I also seem to go to the toilet more than I ever did before , maybe that’s a good thing so I’m not getting constipated .

      When I roll over or stand up I feel a pull in my bottom and feels like I’m about to drop something out .

      I also have a huge tag down there which hurts when I walk .

      Baths have been my saviour and drugs .

      I just want it to get better 😔 I’m so over feeling like this . I wish I was told how much it was going to hurt and the recovery because I would never of got it done ..... 

       I hope you are recovering well.

    • Happybum Happybum Ouch-Ouch

      Hang in there, Ouch-Ouch. It will get better. I over did it two days ago and went backwards a bit and now having been up for about 3 1/2 hrs straight catching up on work I feel it - sore and some pulsing/spasms but about a 2-3/10. NOTHING like it was the first week. Let's see how things are by 4 weeks. I am at 16 days as well. Is this something I'd wish to repeat, nope. Once is enough thank you and remember that the cure rate is 95% and that is the main reason I wanted to get this done. The hems needed to go so I could get my life back and I can already see it was a good decision even though it's going to take time to heal. Keep focused on the FREEDOM you will have again!

    • ch54939 ch54939 willow17

      I had mine 3 weeks ago. I am so glad I did. I had it on a Thursday and was at work Monday. The sitz baths were life savers. Day 1 and 2 were hard but day 3 was the worst. It wasn't the pain, it was attempting a bowel movement. I took myself off pain meds after day 2 because they constipate. I stood on the softeners and the first bowl movement was horrible. I finally used the sitz bath to do it. Gross but it helped make it so much easier. As long as the stool was soft after that it was no problem. I am post op 3 weeks and have no pain, no discomfort. I have been released to full exercise and whatever. Doc said the mistake so many make is staying on the prescription pain meds. They slow everything down, including recovery. I do have what looks like another hemorrhoid but doctor said it is just a skin tag after surgery and will self absorb. Takes about 6 weeks. Its half gone now. He said if it isn't after 6 weeks they can remain it simply in the office. So for me, it was worth it. I doubtes it at first but now, I'm glad.

    • cheryl46943 cheryl46943 ch54939

      Gives me hope !!!!   I am so glad you have had a fast recovery.   Did you have leakage before ?  I am interested if anyone had mucus poopy leakage before and if it had stopped after surgery. ( not immediately of course ) but after healing. 

      Let us know your progress.  I will read till June and then report on mine. 

  • shaun78993 shaun78993 gee11215

    I unfortunately didn't get to prepare for the surgery. I woke up, surprise, and next thing i know, I'm in the hospital.

    The amount of pain i was in before the surgery i can no longer remember, but as a grown man... I claimed it was bad and was grateful to hear that surgery would stop the pain.

    Now remember, i said i didn't even know this surgery existed.

    So booked into hospital, into gown and wheeled into the "butchers shop". I do remember the anaesthetist was funny and i remember him saying enjoy your sleep.

    When i woke up. No pain. Wonderful world in that recovery room. Once fully awake but obviously highly drugged for pain, i was wheeled back to my room and everything was good. I was kept over night and surgeon released me the following morning.

    I was told to take FLAGYL and ibupain.

    Now starts the real story

    The pain. Omg the pain that came, i wished i never had the surgery. But it is what it is. The pain would go and I'll be better. Wrong. First bowl movement was probably what he'll feels like. Then relief.

    I walked like a penguin out of the hospital and discovered that our roads are not smooth. I felt everything.

    Then when I got home. I researched the op. I saw what I'm in for. This was done last Tuesday. On Wednesday my second bowl movement for the day took a major turn for the worse. Blood. And not just a little. Think kill bill. But i got it stopped and told the doc. Was told it's normal.

    Next day. Think kill bill amount of blood part two.

    I ended up in casualty and was admitted. I lost close to 1.7L of blood.

    Oh.. the pain. Hahaha. I passed out in casualty because of it.

    I'm home now, discharged again with all clear, 6 days later. But the pain has gone down alot. No more blood, but I've stayed hydrated, eating alot, if everything, and tons of fibre. Oh again i must say, staying very hydrated.

    What they don't tell you is things like this happen. My case was a weird one. No one knows what went wrong or why. No infection, no new tears..

    I'm on the road to recovery, staying clean. But still every bowl movement hurts like being stung by a bee.

    Good luck all.

    • anne70831 anne70831 shaun78993

      I laughed I couldn't help myself but I'm in such pain. Everything you said as far as pain goes describing me to a T* typing this sitting in my bath, that's the only way it helps my pain a bit. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! =D

    • PITB31896 PITB31896 anne70831

      I am 1 week post op today.

      After having quite a substantial bleed on Sunday evening , I am now on "bleed watch" and will have to present myself to A and E should it happen again. Everyday I wake up hoping for improvement, No such luck at the moment 😑. My pain threshold is very high but OMG this is unbelievable. Did anyone use any cream after BM ? Have tried the frozen witchazel,aloe gel soaked into the pads, but its only gives relief short term. Also was anyone else BM incontinent ?

    • clewis2c18 clewis2c18 shaun78993

      Shaun, I love the candid way you explained your experience. Thank you, I needed the laugh. I’m just 12 hours post-op and I’ve known for a month I was having this surgery. I didn’t have an entire rectal prolapse or  hemorrhoids, only the recital mucosa lining prolapsed, however, I had the same surgery as you guys with staples, basically he pushed up and tucked in the sheets. Now just a little pain tolerance background ...I’ve got titatum holding my two fingers to their knuckles, I was pretty much forced to go to the ER four hours later and I’ve had a partial hysterectomy (I’ve never given birth so I can’t relate to that pain). And when I was a little girl my mother accidentally slammed my thumb in the car door.  She had no idea until I asked her to give me my thumb back. It was broken but I didn’t cry or complain (according to her). Now currently, I’ve taken the maximum dose of pain meds, which is kinda a joke on me....I told the doc I didn’t need to fill the narcotics (but I did), I hadn’t with either of the other surgeries, I didn’t even use the morohine pump. So It is safe to say I have a high pain tolerance. Riiigghhtt, that tolerance has met its match.  And here I am, waking up every hour to the worst pain in my life!! It is HORRIBLE! I am in tears from pain AND insomnia. Nothing makes me comfortable to sleep, sitting cross legged on the side of the bed is the only small relief but I can’t sleep this way. I wanna scream but it probably would hurt to strain. So I’m browsing the internet for experienced folks like you for advice. Haha! 

      Anyhow, thank you again, Shaun, I certainly needed that smile from your story. I will buy diapers later and make my butt mold and keep drinking warm prune juice and taking colace and more pain meds. But hey, my new butt hole is prettier now. Bahaha!

    • shaun78993 shaun78993 clewis2c18

      I can't believe it's been eight months. And I'm still haunted by that pain. I hope you recover fast. What I didn't mention, which actually really helped and I see no one's mentioned this. The cheapest and most useful pain relief was filling condoms with water son they were two fingers thick, freeze. And then you have ice fingers that can rest rather perfectly against the OP spot and they are sterile

    • Tiptop Tiptop shaun78993

      Really interesting info. I'm just under a week since my surgery and coping with these first BMS. What I'm not totally clear is quite what a BM is!! At the moment I'm very tight and I'm not getting a huge amount - blood and fecal matter. I don't want to strain and I'm largely filled with fluid fibre. So do I chalk it up as a BM or will something more happen. Presumably the swelling will go down of its own accord? As for going anywhere - that is just a memory. Thanks for any guidance. My surgeon gave me none!!

    • BrandNewButt BrandNewButt Tiptop

      My surgery was last Monday so I am 8 days post op.  Just a few days ahead of you.  The BMs have appeared for me in all varieties.  Mostly, like soft serve from an icecream machine.  Other times, just bloody liquid.  My surgeon says it’s all good. He claims I will get through this.

      i will tell you that I am very focused on what I eat to control what I discharge hours later.  Liquids, sliced pears, lots of water, iced tea, tuna, finely chopped veggies.  However, I am trying to keep my portions small for these first few weeks until my wounds have healed just a bit. I use a lidocaine cream at all times as it is mixed with an antibiotic.

      Eat Nothing heavy and no dairy as it constipates. Avoid acidic juices and coffee.  They burn- hurt on the way out.  Don’t need that additional burden.  Take your meds and don’t be a hero by stopping too early..  I had one night where I thought I had made real progress, reduced my Hydrocodone and, much to my misfortune, it was a more solid bm than my others and I wound up on the bathroom floor curled up in the fetal position just trying to catch my breath.  Never had such pain in my life. Ever.  Nearly called the paramedics.

      imdo feel,like I am slowly making progress but it’s not linear.  Two steps forward.  One step back.

      my doctor told me to be really careful about movement.  Try to stay still.  The stitches will pop and the wounds will open.  That doesn’t mean that they would have to go back in to close it up, but it will add additional discomfort when I don’t need that.

      by the way, not reading much about this in the blogs, but I’m getting more benefit from Advil than anything else.  It’s really helped my swelling.

      good luck with your progress.  We just have to get through it and we are on the way.

  • irina63303 irina63303 gee11215

    Thank you so much! All your recommendations were very helpful. I'm so glad I found it before my THD procedure, it definitely helped going through recovery much easier. I wish those recommendations were included in post-op instructions by the hospitals! Thank you!!!!

  • sunshine7717 sunshine7717 gee11215

    Thank you so so much for the tips! I'm having surgery tomorrow and am a bit nervous. I just went out and bought the squirt bottles, sitz bath, a Boneal equivalent and big pads used for incontinence (couldn't find adult diapers). I wet just the back of a few, put them in the freezer and have them ready to go for tomorrow.  

    For my last meal today at lunch, I just had cereal and am focused on drinking water now. 

    I am worried about UTI/yeast/bacterial infection from the sitz bath so I'm going to start female probiotics tomorrow, probably should have done that earlier in retrospect. 

    Today is Thursday and I'm planning to return to work on Monday. Anyone have thoughts on whether that's even feasible?

    I feel better knowing I've done something to prepare. Thank you!!

    • barbara95080 barbara95080 sunshine7717

      I had surgery yesterday ... i havnt pooped since Sun ... i feel like i really have to go but cant ... i dont want to push to hard. I called the nurse and she said mirolax every hour. Hard laxatives wont help. Just drank my first cup ... wish me luck 😊

    • k23652 k23652 barbara95080

      It might help if you have your BM in a sitz bath or fill up your tub. It sounds gross but honestly, it helped me on some days. I just couldn't when I was sitting on the toilet because of the fear of pain. But if you sit in the tub, that helps with the pain and comfort. Just bleach it afterwards.

    • barbara95080 barbara95080 k23652

      Thanks for the tip i finally went. It hurt like nothing ive ever felt before. Ive gone a few times since and its been a bit easier. Its been a week today and i can usually walk around and get things done around the house but i still cant sit. My butt is so tender and feels swollen even after sitz baths and ice packs. I still bleed a little everyday too .. i wonder if i will ever feel ok again 🤔

    • k23652 k23652 barbara95080

      Trust me, I felt the same way. I felt regretful I ever did this just like everyone else said. The pain was horrible, I cried, and pain meds didn't help much I felt. Just lay down lots, drink lots and rest. I laid on my side or on my back lots and just watched Netflix, TV, and Youtube to pass the time. I also found I was tired lots so I just napped to pass the pain and time away.

      Bleeding is normal. I'm almost 4 weeks into it and have just stopped bleeding as much. I still wear period pads just in case, except to sleep. But I don't think it's really neccessary. 

      The only problem I have right now is having a BM. At first it was so easy because everything just came out on it's own, but now that I'm better, and I haven't changed my diet much, I find it takes a little longer and with a little effort too sometimes which I'm worried about. The last thing I want is to have another issue down there and have to go through this process all over again. 

    • carol27042 carol27042 k23652

      hi ive had the op on 26th sept 2017 with plenty of fibre in my diet fruit lots of water and basically eating properly helps im having about 3 bms a day and its pure agony but i also have a portable bidet that is the best money i spent after a bm i sit on that to sooth myself . fantastic ease. im just hoping that after a few weeks i will get back to my normal duties. can i say they gave me 3 lots of diffrent poo meds to take plus pain relief .

  • tracy83263 tracy83263 gee11215

    Thank you for sharing these. I used some and would like to add to the list. 8 days ago I had an hem-ectomy. Wow! Very shocked by the discomfort and how long it would take as I was thinking 2-3 wks. I have been determined to heal rapidly and w/o use of heavy pain killers like Percocet, etc. So far I must say that I'm healing quicker than I imagined I would at 8 days and I will share what's working for me. *and just so you know I can def relate, all 3 of my veins were down and the Dr. called them "impressive" to put it nicely. On my way home from surgery I got very nauseous and as soon as I hit the door I had to vomit (reaction to the anesthesia), that immediately started things to bleed and I couldn't get the constant bleeding to stop for over an hour. While sitting on a hard surface with ice trying to apply pressure I began to sweat and vomit more at the same time! On the phone with the nurse I decided after an hour of this scary scenario (not sure if it was blood pressure due to the lost of so much blood or what) I went to the ER. Still throwing up on the way there.. Finally my body began to clot and things slowed down. So after this ordeal I did more research and have been applying these natural rememdies:

    1. SITZ BATH with epson salt and vitamin E oil ( some say the warm water soothes-didn't do much for me)

    2. SPRAY BOTTLE filled with cool epson salt water (to cleanse yourself after BM or whenever)

    3. EPSON salt helps with soreness and swelling

    4. HAIR DRYER /FAN to keep the area dry to heal quickly (moisture doesn't help so stay dry and allow your bum to breathe- I sleep w/a hair dryer on COOL under the sheet )

    5. ICE I made thin ice bags of crushed ice to sooth the swelling and discomfort

    6. GUAZE To keep your bum extra dry (get guaze pads or the rolls-cut to proper size and gentle cover the area altho you still have on the maxi pad

    7. MAXI PAD/PANTILINER to catch blood or drainage at all times

    8. ARNICA 30c found at a whole foods store (5 beads held under the tongue 3 times a day)

    9. BROMELAIN W/Quercitin found at vitamin store (made of pineapple extract and helps with swelling and pain)

    10. VITAMIN C to build up your white blood cells to heal the body and fight off infection

    11. STOOL SOFTNER 3 times a day to help your stool be SOFT! A must!

    12. METAMUCIL to give bulk or "fluff" (softness) to your stool to help make passing less painful

    13. COLLAGEN tablets to help my skin build and heal.

    14. IBUPROFEN every 4 hrs to reduce pain and inflammation.

    15. LIDOCAIN 2.5% to numb the area a bit (just before a BM I apply this to help the pain)

    16. Be your own cheerleader! You made a good decision to help yourself. Youve got this!! Appreciate and be proud of your body for serving you.

    Love and quick healing to you all!!

    • cheryl46943 cheryl46943 tracy83263

      So I am even more terrified.  The pain issue and pain pills worries me.  Did you take pain meds along with ibuprofen or Tylenol ?  How long did you take pain meds.  How often and what kind. 

      I'm not sure if I will go through with it. I've read all the advice and horror stories.  Might just live with it. 


    • lenora 35036 lenora 35036 cheryl46943

      Hi Cheryl I just had my hemorrhoidectomy on the 18th I'm reading your story and you just can't let what you read discourage you because I'm having a wonderful recovery the first day I came home I have very little pain and very little bleeding the only thing that you have to do is really follow instructions strictly follow instructions and you will have a wonderful recovery and pray and believe and God will have you through my whole procedure and after my procedure I've only taken two naproxens and two Valiums my stools have been wonderful I take a sitz bath and I make sure I clean myself with preparation H wipes after every poop and take a nice warm sitz bath then I put a little preparation H ointment on the area and it's fine just make sure you eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit and make sure you stay away from foods that makes your stool solid and I promise you will be fine and like I said I'm only 7 Days in with mines and I'm up moving around made a couple of errands and I'm good so just pray on it you will be fine I promise

    • cheryl46943 cheryl46943 lenora 35036

      Thank you for the support !  I am wondering how you are doing and was relieved to hear a not so traumatic recovery. Also was your hemorrhoid large ?  I know that issue probably makes a difference too. 

      I am just praying about it and still trying to get a grip on this. 

      Hope you are doing better 


    • tankity tank tankity tank cheryl46943

      Go for it girl! I had a grade 4 prolapse Bowel, and loads of the others, my surgeon said it was common in women who had a traumatic birth experience, which I did, I couldnt push my daughter out and thats when all the damage was done, anyway, yes the surgery was needed, the first few days afterwards you dont feel much as the anesthetic is still in your system, thats the time to not go crazy and eat what you want which I did, stay on liquids, my appetite came back with a big roar and I went crazy and ate all the stuff you shouldnt do! 2 days later the anesthesia had worn off and my tummy was bloated, so my biggest tip is, liquids only. Just know it will hurt, but I am 5 months post op now and so glad I went through with it, got my life back!

    • Happybum Happybum tracy83263

      I was going to wait till I was all through this but want to share this now. I had my hemorroidectomy 6 days ago - mid afternoon. That was Wednesday, today is Monday. My doctor put me on an antibiotic. As a result I developed headaches and nausea with some slight dizziness. The best way to manage that was to just lie down a lot as that seemed to reduce the intensity of the headaches. I decided also to start taking a probiotic a day after I started my antibiotic and took it half way through the doses of antibiotic. This morning I slept through when I should have taken it my probiotic. Mistake, lol! 

      What resulted was my bowels having a bit of a meltdown and I had EIGHT BMs this morning/afternoon and spent several hours in the sitz bath tub as a result. So now, I had the smallest meal of white rice and egg white I can get away with to take the second last antibiotic I have left. Thank GOD it's almost done. So, my word of advice is after your hemorroidectomy eat VERY LIGHTLY and things that will be easy to pass. I have been on metamucil for about 6 months and was taking 3 tsps of it with water with my first meal of the day and then the remaining 2 tsp with the last meal of the day along with 12+ glasses of water a day. That was managing my bowels pretty well as long as I kept my diet bland. My bowels are touchy so I have to be careful with my foods. 

      So, the doctors say you can go back to a "normal" diet immediately after the operation. My advice, again, is eat lightly and keep your bowel movements VERY soft and drink LOTS and LOTS of water.

      I was given Percocet but had a major reaction right after surgery to it so I have been managing my pain with Tylenol and grit. Was it painful? Yep. But it won't kill you. Just get things prepared ahead of time and do the sitz baths to prevent infection, speed healing and relieve pain, especially after bowel movements. They help a lot.

      At this stage - days 0 to 5 I found the icepacks really didn't work for me. I didn't want anything NEAR that area. One last thing. They don't tell you about this, the surgeons, and I haven't been able to find anything about this, but there is a smell while you're healing that is not very pleasant. In fact, I almost gagged. I found the smell started the second day after surgery - so if surgery is day 0 this would be day 2. On that day I had a small bowel movement of blood clots - which wasn't in the pamphlet description of what could happen after surgery. Thanks guys. Anyway, I noticed a smell of blood, of course, and something else. Then day 3 it really started and smelled like something had died. Now, day five the smell is lessening so my guess is that it is part of the healing process. I am on antibiotics and there is no pus, or drainage or anything like that so it was not infection. So, again, a head's up should you encounter this. Seems to be okay, as long as you are not having any of the signs of infection.

      Every time I have to have a BM, especially this morning, I try to breathe through it, grit my teeth a bit, moan if I have to and then relax into a sitz bath when it is all done - kind of like sex in my first marriage. And I keep reminding myself that this will soon be behind me (pun intended) and be but a distant memory as I embrace my new life of activity!

      The pain is lessening day by day but I still have to take it easy, not move to quickly, careful how I get up out of bed and back down. I am no where near sitting and the idea that some say you can go back to work in a week is HAHAHAHAHA!


    • cheryl46943 cheryl46943 Happybum

      If you feel up to it let us all know how you are this time next week.  I knew when the dr said oh you'll be up and running in a week - I thought - ya right !!!!   So I am hoping In 2 1/2 weeks I'll be able to get back to work after surgery.  I will definitely get everything prepared in advance as I don't care a thing about eating the first few days. But will get meals ready for my husband so hopefully the microwave will take care of him fir a few days. I'll watch fir an update. Best of healing to you smile 

    • cheryl46943 cheryl46943 lenora 35036

      I was wondering what types of symptoms you and some of the followers had prior to surgery.  I have a prolapsed and it doesn't have pain. Nor itch . Just pressure occasionally after  poop and slight bleeding. My biggest issue is the continuous leakage due to the prolapse keeping you open and  Having to wear pads again and just not feeling clean and fresh. I spoke to the doctor about this and she said even after surgery that might still be an issue and I might have to go to physical therapy after to learn how to try and tighten my colon. I gasped. I don't want to go through all this just to know I still will have poopy stains and leakage. What the What !!!!!!!    Also I was wondering if anyone prior to surgery if you had to go you better get there fast.  I would just have to run to get there and no amount of butt squinching worked.  I can't believe I can talk about This stuff to complete strangers and feel so relieved but can't talk to my family about it.  

      So - thanks for listening 


    • Ouch-Ouch Ouch-Ouch cheryl46943

      I have been the same , when I have to go I have to go!!!!! 

      I’m hoping that will get better 🤞

      I don’t go far from home because of it.

      I’m still very sore after a BM and it aches for hours after.

      I also have a tag down there which is bloody annoying.

      I’m 16 days post op 

  • wcnurse07 wcnurse07 gee11215

    I am a 34 y/o make and I had this surgery done 2 weeks ago. I'm so grateful that I found this blog. I followed everything noted above. I couldn't agree more with every bullet point. Yes, this surgery is incredibly painful. I do not think it is possible to even begin to describe the pain. I do not mention this to scare anyone. I mention this because I think it helped me to read about the pain intensity so that I could better prepare myself. Yes, everyone is different but I've found most of the detailed information and blogs about the surgery to be very true.

    My only suggestion to add is another way to ice the area. My surgeon suggested this icing method (prepare to laugh). Get a bag of hotdogs and place them separately in a ziploc bag. Place them in the freezer. When you ice, taken one out and roll the bag up and now place it on your anus. You'll thank me. I thought it was the craziest idea but it worked. And trust me, when you're facing the pain, you'll be willing to do just about anything. I iced consistently for one week.

    I had surgery on a Thursday and returned to work the following Monday. I had the ability to work from home for the first week following surgery. I'm confident that if I couldn't work from home, I would have taken 10 days off of work.

    I'm happy to report that after 2 weeks, I'm beginning to feel human again. I continue to have some discharge but over time that is supposed to go away. I'm starting to appreciate that I've gone through all of this to get rid of the terrible hemorrhoids that I had. I wish everyone well that is preparing for this surgery.

    Good luck and you will get through the pain. I promise. Take deep breaths, follow the directions your surgeon suggests and try some of the methods that we have all shared.

    God speed!

    • k23652 k23652 wcnurse07

      I got the surgery done last Friday and it's been a week now. It's crazy to hear some stories of people going back to work just a few days after surgery. I'm still not confident to be outside my home or far from a toilet. I feel like just a short time after eating a meal/snack, I have a BM. It's not even noon and I've already had 3 BMs. Is this normal? Someone else asked this question. Also, how did you clean yourself when had a BM outside the home? I have to have a bath, and use a squirt bottle and air dry. I can't be doing that if I were at work or anywhere else. 

      I've been having one glass of Metamucil each day and I'm wondering if that's contributing to the multiple BMs a day. I don't want to stop taking it because the risk of hard stools. But I'm eating mainly fruits and veggies and lots of liquids so it could just be that I'm not use to all this healthy foods. 

      I usually get pain between the scrotum and the anus after each BM. I've iced it and that seems to help. I'm not sure about the pain meds because I felt I had some great pain even when I took then. I'm done pain meds now and just on Tylenol.

      I wear multiple panty liners or medical abdomial pads all the time and I'm still bleeding all through the day. Also, did anyone else have problem urinating??? I find sometimes I have to push or force it out.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering. Also, how long did it take for the swelling lump to go away? Mine seems like it's about the same. I was really worried at first when I saw it becuse I thought the surgery didn't remove everything but I read this is normal. I hope I'm healed or feel drastically different in the 10-14 days I read online. I can't wait to be normal again. 

      Happy Healing everyone

    • wcnurse07 wcnurse07 k23652


      Everything you are experiencing is normal. I'm now post 4 weeks and still have some urgency and light spotting. My surgeon explained it like this. "Your anus is now clean and clear. All obstructions have been removed and your anus is like that of a newborn. It's going to take some time to build up the muscles in your anus."

      As for the urinating, yes to that too! It gets easier (at least for me) after about 8-10 days.

      Good luck.

    • k23652 k23652 wcnurse07

      Thanks so much for your kind response. You have no idea how much better that makes me feel. Did you also have a fissure in the process? I do and I'm just worried with all this activity multiple times a day down there, it won't have enough time to heal. That's a thought that just crossed my mind tonight as I was having my 7th BM today. 

      What your surgeon said is right about being a newborn again. I just pray I don't poop my pants while I'm out in public.  

      Thanks again & I hope you keep others posted of your recovery.

    • wcnurse07 wcnurse07 k23652

      Yes, I had a fissure. It will heal but will take more time. I bled a significant amount for about 4 weeks. This past week the bleeding has resolved.

      As for your fear, I totally understand. I carry a bag around with wipes, clean underwear, and cotton balls. I still have urgency and while the response time to getting to a restroom is a little better, I can't be too far from one.

      Stay well.

    • Sweet Sandy Sweet Sandy k23652

      Hi, I'm 13 days post op and feeling better but worried about the swelling lump.  some stitches came off, but there are still some there and the swelling looks like a small hemorrhoid.  Has yours gone down completely?

  • dan53747 dan53747 gee11215

    Well I am now 7 days 2 hours after my surgery just some tips I found working lots of water / fruit / high bran foods avoid caffeine and codene pain will starting to ease at day 5 still very uncomfortable today but must ad I stopped taking painkillers this morning so must say it does help also to take stool softeners to help ease the pain hot tub of water before bowl move also if needs be during BM helps me fine.  Hope it helps 

  • mar1012 mar1012 gee11215

    Thank you for the tips! I'm scheduled to see a surgeon this wednesday I've had terrible hemmerhoids for years and after having two kids they got worse. I've also been having rectal bleeding (a pool of blood in the toilet) when I have a bowel movement. I heard the procedure to have them removed is very painful but I'm about ready to get them removed for good! 

    Do the pain meds help relieve the pain much? How long did you guys take it for? After how long would you say the pain became bearable to the point where you didn't need pain meds? 

    Thank you in advance!!

    • barbara95080 barbara95080 mar1012

      I had the surgery yesterday. I had bloody stools for years and once i got pregnant with my son developed hellashis external ones as well. Be prepared for pain. I havnt had a bowl movement yet but heres my advice stay ahesd of your pain management take ibuprofen every 6 hrs along with your pain meds as directed. This has kept me comfortable. Last night i should have set an alarm to take my pain meds but foolishly thought id sleep through the night. I woke up feeling every bit of the excruciating pain the meds have kept me from. Also mirolax every hour if your having trouble having a BM as i am. And no matter what take stool softeners. Warm baths are fantasic i take 3 a day. I hope this helps .. also rest a lot dont try housework or anything really. You should move around some but dont over do it. Wish me luck and keep me posted. Good luck to you as well.

    • k23652 k23652 mar1012

      I had my surgery at the beginning of this month. You will probaby be in pain for about 10 days. After that, you should have tolerable pain. I'm not sure if my pain meds helped because after having a BM, it always hurt. And yes, you will be in a lot of pain when you have a BM and you might cry, like I did. But everyone I read about, had similiar pains so it's normal. You'll be miserable for awhile but do set a timer so you take your pain meds on time. As for a BM, that might not happen for a few days since you emptied your bowels prior to surgery. Make ice packs for after BMs and just set everything up before surgery so when you come home everything is the way you want it. I moved my tv into my room so I can lay down and watch tv all day. I got really sweaty at nights so I moved my fan and had it pointed in the right direction. I only had enough pain meds to last me about 6-7 days .After that I just took Tylenol. Have a water bottle handle so you drink lots of water. I found I drink more water since using this method. I fill it up and it's about 2-3 glasses and I can drink it while laying down. Good luck to you. Keep us posted. You'll be fine. It's almost 3 weeks now and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and starting to feel normal again. 

    • k23652 k23652 K5rosequarts

      Give it about 10-14 days for the pain to decrease. It'll still hurt but not nearly as much as it was in the beginning. Swollen pile is normal. I freaked out too and read that others had the same issue and were worried the hemorrhoid was still there but that will go down too.

  • joyce51858 joyce51858 gee11215

    This advice was great. I was so nervous after reading the comments that I almost cancelled. I'm 4 days in and the pain hasn't been that bad at all... partially thanks to those frozen diapers. My first bm wasn't bad either because it wasn't hard at all. I followed all of the instructions and I'm able to get around pretty good thanks to you.

    • Sadi.26 Sadi.26 joyce51858

      Try Psyllium or ishpagula juice before going sleep at night, this will heal ur piles also stools will be softness. Psyllium products are marketed under several brand names, such as Metamucil, Fybogel, Konsyl, and Lunelax.

      You must eat vegetable everyday. Avoid any kind of red meat also chicken.

      Do not use painkillers so often.

    • k23652 k23652 joyce51858

      Hi Joyce,

      Cancelling would be your biggest regret. I did the surgery early June and I'm SO glad I did. After 12 years of suffering in silence, it's great to know I can finally be more "normal" again. Keep up with the icing and yes, eat your veggies and avoid meat. Basically you eat like a rabbit... hehehehe.... veggies all the time and salads is what I did.  Warm baths and just lay around. I'm so glad to hear you're 4 days in and the pain isn't that bad. OMG, most people say the pain is THE worst pain ever, and it is. But if you're feeling great, you're lucky! Happy Healing!!

  • chan15155 chan15155 gee11215

    I'm on the 3days after the surgery. The first day 1 can't even poop out as I was scare of the pain that I have to endure. On the 2 nite was my first poop. It was so pain that I sweat and almost cry for help. It was much painful than giving birth. Today is the 3 day and I poop 3 times. My legs feel shaky after every poop on the 1st and 2nd. But the 3 poop was so much better. But I still feel that I have not finish pooping. Still I'm worrying to poop as I'm afraid what if I fainted in the toilet.

  • Salex Salex gee11215

    This blog and all the comments give me hope to go on. I had my hemorrhoidectomy 1 day ago. Thanks to this blog I went in prepared. Bought supplies ahead of time and asked my doctor to prescribe lidocaine for me post op. The surgery went smooth and I came home and in about 4 hours excruciating pain started coming. So I dosed up on percocet. Today, day 2, I had my first BM. This is what I did to combat the pain and prepare for the post op BM and the severe pain:

    1- I started a diet of clear liquids and taking psyllium supplement about 2 days before the surgery. And after the op I continued with clear chicken and beef broth, fresh apple juice, fresh mango juice. I intend to do this for one week at least.

    2- I'm on Metamucil 3 times a day and docusate stool softer twice a day

    3- when I feel the pressure I apply lidocaine on a gauze and sick it on top of my anus

    4- then I take a percocet

    5- I started my BM in a sitz bath of warm water but it was seriously too painful. So I got up and moved to the shower. They I ran hot water over my body. Then half bend my knees and with legs apart I let my derrier go and the stool eased out with the help of gravity and very little push and very little pain.

    Luckily my mom was there to help me clean out and sanitize everything. Tomorrow I'm gonna line up a bucket with a couple of trash bags and poop aiming at it.. Same as today. Wish me luck with the recovery.... And I wish everyone else reading this good luck as well... Hang in there the days go fast and soon we'll be victorious...

  • tonya67036 tonya67036 gee11215

    I am scheduled for surgery in about a month and wanted to research about the procedure. I am very grateful for all the tips and I am more prepared now (well I hope I am) for what is to come. My doctor just simply stated that it takes about 6 weeks to heal. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy at the same time and he said he can just take them off at the same time, sounds easy least now I REALLY know what is going to happen!! Thanks again and hope all is recovering well!

  • fitz45054 fitz45054 gee11215

    Thank you all for all the tips. I had my surgery yesterday and currently still not able to go for BM. Finding it difficult to pee too. Already tried to drink lots of clear fluid and took stool softener but no go still. They told me that they can only remove half of my Hem since it was so big. I have to go back in a couple of months for the rest. OMG. As other previously posted, the pain killer doesn't seem to work. I can't imagine I have to go through this again in a few months while still recovering now and have not reached the worst part yet. Thank goodness I have a great family support "behind" me.

  • Brokenbum Brokenbum gee11215

    I wish I would have seen this group before my surgery.  I am 10 days post op and I'm pretty sure I'm broken more! I went 8 days with no BM! Then when I did go I think I popped a few stitches and pushed everything back out. I had 3 done on the outside and 3 on the inside. 

    Has anyone else taken pictures to see how it is healing? I did and now I'm scared since my BM it has gotten a lot worse.  I don't have my follow up for another week. Also when your taking your sitz baths can we use soap to clean? How do you get your butt really really clean??  So worried about an infection.  

    Just worried now because it looks so much worse today then it did at the beginning of the week :-(

    • k23652 k23652 Brokenbum

      After 10 days you should feel a lot better. Peeing will be difficult at first but that goes away within a week. Is it any better? Also, don't push. I just drank lots of water and ate a veggie and fruit diet mostly, no meat. I found I was going up to 7 times per day. It was very uncomfortable and painful.  Talk to you doctor and bring up your concerns. 

      As for clean ups, I used a squeeze bottle with a pointed nozzle to get up into the area. A hand held spray shower would be very useful too but my shower didn't have that. I've heard it can take up to 6 months to fully heal. I'm about 2 months post op and I still have discomfort at times. Today I saw a little blood in the stool but I'm not going to worry about that unless it sticks around for a little longer. But I'm feeling great and trying to live a life without the worries I had before. 

    • Brokenbum Brokenbum k23652

      It does feel better and everyday I can sit on it a little bit more. I think because I was constipated and it took 8 days to go to the bathroom I may have pulled a few things. I have severe IBS-D so I try really hard not to push.  I am so scared of being constipated again I'm trying to stay up on the fiber and water in take. 

      I do have a shower head but I wasn't using it each time. I was just sitting in the tub and moving my bum around. I guess I'll start using that every time!! 

      When does the leakage stop? Or when does it stop burning every time you go? I have my follow up next week. Nervous to see him because the day after surgery he came into my hospital room to check on me and he asked to see my bottom. I rolled halfway and he ripped my packaging out with no warning. The nurse pushed my morphine button and then they left me there crying. Wasn't the best day of my life. 

      Also keeping it dry.... my period started yesterday and I'm 10 months post partum so they are really heavy. Any suggestions on how to keep to 2 areas cleaned.. ugh what a stressful time!! 

      I'm glad your doing better!!! Thank you for responding to me.. it's comforting to know there are other people out there going through the same mess. 

    • k23652 k23652 Brokenbum

      I'm glad you're feeling a little better. The leakage stopped probably after 3 weeks to be safe. I just wore period pads until I didn't notice much on them anymore. As for the burning, that was about the same amount of time, 3 weeks.

      Baby wipes work best after a shower after a BM. Sometimes I even had to have my BM in the shower in a tub of water to relieve the pain and discomfort. Others I have read have done the same. I soaked in Epson salts everyday and took lots of rinses and baths to keep clean. You can ice the area too if you wish. It's sort of difficult in that area but I've heard all sorts of ways such as frozen diapers, frozen hot dog buns. I just used a towel that I folded flat and tucked it as close to the area as possible. 

      Take it easy and you'll be good. I know it seems forever until you'll feel "normal" but I was the same. I thought, "OMG, this is agony and taking forever to heal" but some heal faster than others. So reading all the stories, everyone is a little different. Good Luck and stay healthy.

    • K5rosequarts K5rosequarts Brokenbum

      Hi can I ask if your feeling any better? I had my op fri (6days ago) I'm laying in a bath as we speak it's my only relief. I've been for a poo four times - still soft thank goodness but the worst pain, I'm regretting the surgery. Suffering from bleeding and leakage, due to start a new job next Tuesday 5/9/17. How long did it take for your pain to go? The area looks worse with bigger swollen pile than before? Thanks 

    • k23652 k23652 K5rosequarts

      You're halfway there. It took me about 10 -14 days to get relief. I was going 7 times a day one time and almost every 1-2 hours. I regretted the surgery like most people but wait, the pain will be over and your life will change. Trust me! I've waited almost 12 years to get rid of this issue and now I'm a lot happier and can live a little more carefree and not worry about it all the time. The swollen pile does look scary but I read that most people thought the same and worried the hemorrhoid was not gone but that swelling will go down. I'm surprised you weren't prescribed to be off for more time. I got 6 weeks but that was more than enough time. I think after 3 weeks I could have gone back to work. You will have leakage. That stopped for me after about 2 or 3 weeks. I still wore pads just in case and also to monitor how much leakage I had. But after about 3 weeks it's safe to be without pads. But everyone is different. Just hang in there. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

    • Brokenbum Brokenbum K5rosequarts

      The first 2 weeks was absolutely horrible. But by the 3rd week I was able to start sitting on my bum and doing somewhat normal things. The leakage lasted awhile so I just wore panty liners and changed them out often. I have a little kit at work that I take to the bathroom now. Wipes, panty liners, underwear for those just in case this happens. And this sounds weird but I actually sat on a hard item in my chair for awhile. Made it feel SO much better!! The first week of work I had more bleeding then normal but your on your feet or sitting. No laying around. And I had to get one stitch cut out becauae it was just hanging around and causing problems. I also found a few stitches while cleaning up. That was interesting. I think they got worse before they got better. Now I can feel a few bumps but the swelling has gone down. I'm on the road to recovery.  The BMs hurt for awhile and I was scared to go the bathroom. I took the stool softeners for awhile and now I drink Metamucil 2 times a day. That helps tremendously! I can tell if I eat horrible or not enough fiber for the day. That makes me want to cry.  I'd say by week 3 you will start feeling like a birmal person again!! 

    • Kk2007 Kk2007 k23652

      Hi im am now 4 weeks post op & still feel like theres is a hard painful "skin tag" im scared its another one hopefully its just scar tissue or something, im generally pain free except during a BM which is still extremely painful & lasts about an hour after & mild bleeding still. Does this sound normal? Iv contacted my Dr they but said everyone heals differently & to come in when im 6 weeks post op... im just scared this pain will be forever 

    • KFrei KFrei Brokenbum

      I just had surgery yesterday morning, (December 22, 2017) I didn’t even know I was having the surgery until I went for my exam the day before!!!! and I “should” be starting my period as well next week. I’ve been wondering how’s I’m going to keep both clean as well due to heavy bleeding and I’m actually supposed To have a hysterectomy in the next month or so. (This is my second hemorrhoidectomy. First was external only, but after my last baby they were back and I waited two years to have another one ananda this time it’s soooo much more pain because I had external and internal and skin tags removed yesterday.  I honestly feel like I have a huge gaping hole back there now if it wasn’t for all the swelling at the moment. I haven’t had a BM yet, but I’ve been eating SS every 6 hours and trying to drink lots of liquids. I need to start adding the Metamucil to the water they gave me too I guess. Anyway, I’m scared to even try to go to the bathroom other than pee. sad I’m also soooo very glad I come across this thread, because I didn’t know a lot of these tricks to try out to help with pain or having a BM. 

    • Nezbug Nezbug KFrei

      I started my period the day of surgery. Like I had surgery, and when I stood up to get dressed to go home, I started my period. 😑😑 thankfully it wasn't so bad. I used a tampon (I normally use a cup))   And idk if surgery or the trauma played a part. But it was one of my lighter periods. (I'm usually very heavy for 5 days). But it wasn't bad keeping everything clean. as per my doc I couldn't shower until my first bm, which wasn't for 3 days. So I washed up in the sink because I felt gross on my period not showering. 

  • ouch7 ouch7 gee11215

    Thank goodness for this thread. Upcoming hemorrhoidectomy in 16 days after failed THD surgery six months ago. With grade 3/4 hemorrhoids the ligation was unlikely to work. Drat! So many good tips. I'm not great with pain, but will have the diaper ice packs ready. Plan to take Valium and Tramadol. Also have Crohn's and IBS or I would have done this three years ago. That's a lot of butt pain. I also like the garbage bag lined bucket idea for the shower because I remember the first bm after childbirth many years ago. For me the post-operative management is the trickiest. I overdid the Miralax with the THD, and I think that led to failure. With Crohn's and IBS it is difficult to get it just right, either diarrhea or constipation. Taking at least 4 baths a day now, because I went on a Specific Carbohydrate Diet which calmed the gut, and then as my surgeon put it...I broke my butt by straining with constipation. Not very smart. I appreciate the honesty about the pain. Even if it takes a YEAR to heal, I look forward to long hikes, bike rides, just plain standing without prolapsing and thrombosing internal and external hemorrhoids. Thanks for all the encouragement. I'll keep you posted. Ready for surgery sooner if someone chickens out that is scheduled with my surgeon. Rapid healing wishes to all! smile


    • k23652 k23652 ouch7

      Your story sounds a lot like me. I had really bad hemorrhoids too. It progressed to grade 3/4 too and with an anal fissure, it was severely painful. I couldn't walk at times and standing and doing anything was painful. The only relief I got was when I was at home, laying on my stomach after I would push the prolaspe back inside my bum. Not a great visual but it was all I could do. I'm so glad I did the surgery and much like you, my doctor had a cancellation and I hesitated for a bit but I'm so glad I did it and I did it at the perfect time. I wouldn't want to wait any longer so if you have the chance to go sooner, just do it. 


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