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Come Monday, the 4th, I will have been bleeding for 6 weeks (provided that I am still bleeding by then).  I've had a colonoscopy and my gastroenterologist says that I have internal hemorrhoids and that that is the source of the bleeding. 

The blood is bright red and only occurs during bowel movements.  I've had 2 days during this 6 week period in which I did not bleed.  These both occurred within the last week or so.  The bleeding came on suddenly with no warning.

Hydrocortisone doesn't seem to help.  I've tried both a cream and suppositories.  I worry about extended use of them as I've read that they can eventually thin the walls of the colon.

I'm worried because the bleeding is still ongoing.  It has made having bowel movements a stressful affair.  I'm considering ligation or another surgical option. 

How can I get my hemorrhoids to stop bleeding?

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    Hi JD

    Sorry to hear about your troublesome haemorrhoids. I used to get the same as you, almost every bowel movement produced blood, and following a colonoscopy I was also diagnosed with internal haemorrhoids. I tried a few medications but none seemed to work, so I gave up.

    It can be worrying but what you have to remember is a little blood can go a long way, and even though you may think you are bleeding lots, its probably an insignificant amount compared to the total amount of blood in you. As long as you are not suffering with symptoms of anaemia you'll be fine.

    For me, I was quite conscious of making sure I had a bowel movement a day as I thought that was a healthy sign, to the point where I would strain to pass stools. I've given that up and now adopt a policy of if I need to go then I'll go, and if I'm sat on the toilet for half an hour or so, then so be it. It has made me realise my natural bowel movement pattern seem to be a break every few days, followed by 2 days where I will have a bowel movement each of those days, then another few days break. On top of that I also drink a lot more water than I used to. Doing it this way has reduced my bleeding episodes drastically, and may get a bleed once a month if that. I'm presuming because I've managed to give my haemorrhoids a chance to heal in between bowel movements, the water has softened my stools a lot and I don't have to strain to pass stools as now I just go when I get the urge and it all happens with minimal effort, that this has reduced my bleeding.

    Don't know if this info will help, other than that surgery is the only option to stop bleeding totally, but just remember, they could come back and haunt you again some years into the future. From what I've researched we're not born with haemorrhoids, it is something that develops in us, and usually associated with increased pressure on the blood vessels in your back passage, usually from straining, heavy lifting, persistent cough, things like that, if this isn't addressed, they will keep coming back.

    Take care and try not to worry too much.

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    Try a stool softener or lots of fruit to make stools easier to pass.  Straining for a bowel movement can cause haemorrhoids .  Try ice to shrink them   If no better, keep going back to your doctor.
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    Well.. It's been six weeks and the bleeding is still ongoing. 

    When this started, I would bleed any time that I had a bowel movement or even attempted to have a bowel movement (i.e. sat on the toilet, but passed no stool).  That kind of went away over time and the bleeding started occurring only when passing stool.  Today, I attempted to have a bowel movement, passed no stool, and still bled. 

    I had a colonoscopy three years ago for abdominal pain.  Found no problems in my colon and was diagnosed with IBS.  My last colonoscopy (two weeks ago) found internal hemorrhoids as well as diverticulosis.  No polyps. 

    My gastroenterologist believes that the hemorrhoids are the cause of the bleeding.  And I'm trying to believe that.  But, the bleeding hasn't gone away after six weeks.  I'm worried that maybe something else is wrong. 

    Wondering if I should give it more time and hope that it resolves or go back to my gastroenterologist and see about running more tests.

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      I would give it more times since you only had your colonoscopy two weeks ago and haemorrhoids were found.  The colonoscopy may also have irritated the haemorrhoids. I wiuld ask your doctor for a suppository to see if this will heal the piles.  In the meantime, make sure you don’t strain for a bowel movement and take plenty of fruit and vegetables to make your stools easier to pass.
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    Well, it's been 7 weeks and I'm still bleeding.  The 18th will make 8 weeks, and I won't be able to see my gastroenterologist again until 9 weeks...

    There have been three days during this period, all since my colonoscopy, that I have not bled.  Not sure what they have in common.  Other than that, I've bled every single day when I have a BM. 

    I don't really know what to do.  I'm taking a fiber supplement everyday and I'm trying to eat high fiber foods, but I still can't consistently have soft stools and I still consistently bleed.

    I've considered surgical options (such as ligation), but I'm terrified of them.  I've heard the recovery is excruciatingly painful.  But I don't know what else to do.  I've heard that hemorrhoids that bleed constantly will get worse and eventually prolapse, requiring surgical correction, and at that point you'll wish that you had gone through with ligation. 

    I feel like I'm in a no-win situation.

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