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Hemorrhoids never go away?

also painful but they have subdued and now are reddish prominent wrinkles and kind of like 'flaps'. After wiping they will look even more prominent and might even become more bulbous, but never hurt. I want them to go away. How?

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  • death-desperate death-desperate

    A bit more background:

    I initially was playing around with anal play and tried using the end of a small toothbrush, with Cetaphil sensitive skin moisturizer, but obviously that doesn't really work well as a lubricant and I think that's what started them. That combined with forcing bowel movements, I think I ended up with one big one and one smaller one, but both external. I think after a year or so they've gone down, but are still very noticeable. They are now red with a subtle bump. Sometimes the big one will almost look like a pimple? They are not painful anymore unless I wipe hard. I've started last week to have a fiber heavy diet, and I do wipe a lot because I need to feel clean. I wipe gently, but maybe baby wipes could help the situation. I want them to be gone because right now my anus look like it's lumpy and doesn't really look that clean because of them. Is there any way to have less wrinkles? Perhaps moisturizing or witch hazel could help? Looking for guidance. I want to start doing anal play again, but I want to wait until they are COMPLETELY gone and unnoticeable because otherwise I'm sure I'll make matters worse.

    Thank you

  • andrea01827 andrea01827 death-desperate

    Sound so like you may have a combo of them with what my doc called anal skin tags.... other than surgery... which is brutally painful.... I just went through it ... you need to pay close attention to your BM's... so important to stay regular..... metimucil works pretty well I have tried hundreds of fiber products this seems to be best for me! Diet Diet Diet .... fruits veggies water ... I'm a meat and potatoes raised person.... I don't eat fast food very often and have a pretty good diet I thought...I have battled this for 20 plus years I am not overweight 48 yrs old... on zero meds... do not ignore your symptoms!! See a gastroenterologist!!! I wish I would have listened years ago!! If you decide to have surgery think long and hard

    • death-des death-des andrea01827

      You said metimucil works well, but it did it just make them less noticeable or make them go away? Sounds like surgery might've gotten rid of them for you.. but what stops them from immediately coming back?

    • andrea01827 andrea01827 death-des

      Metimucil will regulate your bowels.... going too much isn't good either so don't over do it .. It's not magic! lol use as directed. Suppositories will help with inflammatory issues as well!! I tried banding years ago and it helped .. the doc will put bands around the tissue it stops blood flow and the tissue dies and falls off!!! I drove myself home after and was good in couple days! See a doc!!! Don't let this go .... pay attention to your BM's!! I ignored them too busy business, kids , not in familiar environments! life!!! Very stupid ! I did not follow a diet with the correct fiber for me!! And here I am 9 days post op and still can't function properly. As far as anal play be extremely careful. If your partner doesn't want to take the time to prepare with proper lube then they aren't worth giving that pleasure... Go to a doctor... maybe two!!! Second opinion never hurts!

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