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Herpes for 4 years and since then constant burn,itchy,pain,severe irritation and anal fissures

cheesygrinHiya,i pick up herpes 4 years go..and yes i couldn't bealive that is me,i cryed nd i was in depression for quite a while but i had to move on because was only my fault.Anyways if things were that simple uff i would be jumping for happiness but is not the case....since the second outbreak i started to have a severe irritation at the entrace and..labia minor (i don't know if thats the correct name)sometimes i have an itchy and of course you can't touch the area because is so so sensitive and will split(when i  first had this i did the mistke to have sex with my husband and wow i couldn't do it more then 50 sec and quess what the skin there was so inflamated and all split like somebody came with a knife and cut it off)lso i have anal irrittion and fissure like 2-3 times per week specially after i go to the toilet.I started the suppresion medicine because i would simply hve outbreaks each month just when my menstruation will come...i'm on that for almost 2 months but i just got another outbreak and yes i'm in my this normal?takes time till the pill makes the effect?Also its somebody who has these constant symptoms that i'm having ...because it simply destroy my life for the last4 years i couldn't have sex with my husband,i tried a medicine called amyptriline the doctor says is for nerve pain but that did not work out for me.I would love if somebody read this and answer because i'm alone with no help and none of the doctor that i went actually bother with me ,its like they don't care in fact they have the attitudine like i'm mental or like i don't love my husband...its simply amazing and i don't know where to go,in wich way to go and at what doctor because i can't deal with this pain and with these problems.

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  • feelbroken feelbroken valeri48110

    So are you saying it hurts to have sex since contracting it?

    What med are you taking for suppression? Also, take lysine supplements, 3000mlgs when you're breaking out and 1000 daily when you are not. 

    I worry that sex will be painful for me as well, since I experience nerve pain from time to time and once had kt sebre w my first ob. But I noticed it hurts taking out and putting in tampons, so this is why I feel like this. Neurontin worked for my nerve pain. Valtrex is what I take daily. Make sure you're not eating a lot of nuts or sugar.. That seems to cause breakouts. Make sure you take the meds at the same time daily

    • valeri48110 valeri48110 feelbroken

      Hi,yes it hurts  lot since th second outbreak (happend 4 years go)i couldn't have an intrcourse becuse the skin at the entracy is alawys irritated nd hurts...also the skin is like hypersensitive just wering pants hurts me...nd i hve constant burning like  very hot senstion down there spexially when i hve the menstruation also its itching sometimes....i don't know wht to do anymore,i went tp 5 gp's nd none helped also at GUM and nothing.Also i take the suppresive medicine for herpes for the last 2 months because i used to have outbreaks like most of the times....and seems that not even this one doesn't work for me because im having an outbreaks just now.....i read about lysine and im going to follow your advice in that.Can you tell me from where you got neurontin?and what your doctor says when he prescribe that?and also may i ask if you still have pain down there even when u don't have any outbreak?i bealive that this herpes cause nerve damage ....i'm trying to ask my gp to try some medicine on that.

    • feelbroken feelbroken valeri48110

      1.I would request to be put on valtrex.

      2. Neurontin got prescribed to me at the emergency room. I had severe neuropathy after my first outbreak. Had it for like 3 weeks. There are other nerve pain meds out there that don't have such bad side effects as that one. After my emergency visit, I followed up w my GP who prescribed me more. It felt like a million fire ants biting me under my skin on my buttocks and back of legs. I still feel a prickly feeling from time to time at my tailbone. I know that's when the virus wants to come active. I breakout if I go out drinking really late and forget my pill. Sometimes I randomly itch and sometimes and most of the time, my vagina feels like it has a mild sunburn. After those 3 weeks, I didn't need to take neurontin anymore. The past two days I felt like I could possibly feel some nerve pain only in my left buttock and thigh, but it went away.

      4.I agree and do believe that in some people, it causes nerve damage and/or inflammation of the nerves. 

      5. Though sores are not present, I feel like I'm active all the time and I just got this 5 months ago. I was very traumatized over it and fear dating. I usually have some sort of strange sensation down there. I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to be in a relationship w someone. 

      6. I recommend taking as many hot baths as possible daily and w Epsom salt.

      7. I heard that organic coconut oil has antiviral properties. I have even heard people using cold press coconut on their vagina to help soothe and ease pain. I'm going to look into it to take daily

      8. Doctors were looking at me like I was crazy and possibly just trying to obtain pain meds, as most have never heard of herpes doing this to people, except for herpes zoster. But I have found plenty evidence of people experiencing this as well. 

      When I told them I was looking for nerve pain meds, they stopped looking at me suspiciously as the states have a huge pain med epidemic and they have cracked down hard on prescribing.

      9.I would double up your dose until you can get vlatrex. That stuff you're on is not as strong as valtrex. 

      10. You let the virus be out of control for a long time and it may take a long time to get it back under control and likely much higher doses of meds. I'd imagine your viral load is high, from it being active all the time.

      11. Take vitamon c daily and take 3xs the daily dose. Knock on wood, I now haven't gotten sick in 9 months since I started doubling my daily vit c. Also take other immune support supplements, such as zinc as well. 

    • valeri48110 valeri48110 feelbroken

      Hi wow thanks for your message...makes me very angry that doctors think that we are crazy honest.I will double up the dosage of aciclovir but its not to much?also i made an appoiment in 2 weeks time to ask the pill for nerve pain that you also use...i have constant burn,itchy and the skin feel so sensitive that even wearing pants disturb me also i have a severe irritation just at the entrace...i bealive is because the nerves are oversensitive,i'm also taking vitamin c and zinc everyday and i tried today lysine just hoping that soon i will be better and be a normal woman again.Thank you so much for the message you are very kind and indeed i'm going to also print out from the forum to show that other women experince the same problems too.

    • feelbroken feelbroken valeri48110

      It makes me angry as well. What purpose do I have to lie about it? Doctors have become scorned and bitter like a divorcée these days and why I think they question our sincerity.  

      No that's not too much. During active outbreaks, people take 1000mlgs of valtrex and a friend who has suffered w worse symptoms than you and I never took his meds regularly for yrs and I feel his viral load is very high now due to never getting the virus under control. He had to go yo the ER cause he was experiencing dizzieness, numbness and nerve pain in his legs and face. They ran all sorts of tests, but concluded it was the virus and pit jom on 3000mlgs a day, which made his symptoms subside. People who seem to have taken a medication such as am immune suppressant like steroids or what not, seem yo have trouble w suppressing the virus. Are you by any chance taking medication such as a steroid? 

    • feelbroken feelbroken valeri48110

      If you just type in google neuropathy from hsv 2, nerve pain from hsv 2 infection, post herpetic neuralgia from hsv 2, you will find it. Here is one forum of people talking about it and many w doctors who don't believe them.

      If you type in neuropathy from hsv 2, the 3rd link in your search should be medlink w the subject neurologic problems from hsv 2. I tried to copy and paste from my phone in here, but it didn't take.

    • valeri48110 valeri48110 feelbroken

      Hello again....i went to the doctor a few weeks ago and asked valtrex but he insisted that its no i end up with aciclovir if u can bealive this,i double up the dosage to 400 mg 4 times per day also i  tke l-lysine but surprise.....even after 2 months on this med i just got other outbreak and also i have pain in my legs and buttock...honestly i dont know what to do anymore.....if i go to the GUM they will be usless like alawys....i dont know how im going to live with this...prt that im hbing a conctnt irrittion at the entrcy nd i'm not able to hve sex with my husbnd for the last few years....honest i just with to die one dy and be done with becuse im alawys sad and angry becuse of this.....and doesn't look like my life is going to change.

    • feelbroken feelbroken valeri48110

      I am so sorry sweetie.. I understand how you feel. You need to see a gynecologist, not a general practioner. Of course he's going to say that, he doesn't know any better. 

      What is your daily diet consist of and sleep? Did you ask him for higher doses? You need to see a gyno and question if you have a drug resistant strains. I understand though, because I have at least some sort of sensation every single day. I feel like my body has no control over this thing and I have break outs at least once a month. I just had one during my period! However, it doesn't hurt me w being on daily meds. I don't get nerve pain anymore and the sores don't ulcerate or hurt. I'm so sorry.. Just hang in there and give it time.. I suspect you need to be on a much higher dose till you can eliminate the large viral load you have from being active all the time. Does your husband have herpes too?

    • mimi201717 mimi201717 valeri48110

      Hi Val

      I'm going thru the same thing

      I was diagnosed back in August 2016 with both 1&2

      Never had an outbreak but I have severe burn,and the skin feel so sensitive, severe irritation

      You ever got this under control?


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