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Hi I actually registered here just so I could maybe get some insight at what's wrong with me.

4 weeks ago out of nowhere, I got this intense pain that worsen with time, in the left side of my stomach area going around my waist to my left lower back.

It was the worst on my lower left back.

This pain hurt so much I vomitted and had to go to the toilet with diarreha.

I was sent to the hospital after calling them, the pain lessened by itself since they took too long, so when I actually got to the hospital it was better but still hurting.

They took blood tests and urine sample and saw I had slight inflammation in my blood and sent me home.

So fast forward I was slightly better but not completely.

A few days after I was sent home my pain returned, not as intense but bad and this time in my backs upper left side instead, it was like a dull and burning sensation.

I once again got sent to hospital where they now actually took it more seriously and did an x-Ray, ultrasound, urine, blood test and looked at my bloodsuger (which was low).

They couldn't find anything, so since they had ruled everything else out they said I most probably had an infection in my stomach, that gave me an inflammation as well, but found no trace of it now.

All good and dandy, except I was still in pain so they sent me home with codaine, nausea tablets and some that helps lessen acid in my stomach.

It got better but then I got constipation, which is believed to be from codaine and after that dirraeha, and can't eat cause then I need to go to the toilet either right away or an hour later.

I still have pain lying around my back, hurting me, like a dull, heavy, achy, burning at times, feeling.

I went to the doctor and he pretty much said my bad stomach could be that my bowels/stomach have been disturbed by these tablets, and need to get back to normal.

He didn't say anything about the pain though and I'm scared because I don't know if the pain is supposed to be there, It feels so weird inside my body, tired, heavy.

I'm worried it's something else and that it won't just simply go away as my stomach goes back to "normal".

Does anyone recognise this and if, could tell me if they have been diagnosed and helped?

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    I don't know how to edit the first post so I'll just add something I forgot here.

    According to them, the reason I still had pain even though the infection was over, was because of high acid in my stomach and hormones.

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    Hi Josaga.

    All sounds horrid to me.

    I think you should go back and ask  your GP/Specialist for a second oppinion.

    I would without a doubt.

    Good luck



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    I'm in the process I have been in pain on and off since Sept last year and my work has been a pain and I just stop going to the doctor and now I got FMLA I can go back and figure it out . Like this past week and today I have been nauseated and the pain is just there annoying dull pain on my mid left side of abdomen and when it gets worse it shoots pain up my left breast/chest/armpit

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      I'm sorry to hear the pain you are in as well rolleyes.

      Thank you and I hope it eventually goes well for you too.

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    Hi Josaga

    You didn't say what they were testing you for when they did blood test, ultrasound and urine test. I would go back to your doc and ask if you were tested for H.Pylori a stomach bacteria that causes stomach pain and diahorrea and burning sensation in your stomach.

    The test can be done via blood test, stool test and breath test. HP is treated with antibiotics......best wishes for a speedy diagnosis ....??

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      Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

      They had kidney stones or gall stones in mind.

      But when they heard about my symptoms they doubted it was any of them, so they basically took tests to see if anything in general or something with my kidney.

      They couldn't find any problems with anything except that slight inflammation that was going.

      Thank you smile I'll make sure to ask them about that when I go back tomorrow.

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    Has IBS been mentioned?
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      Well no, my doctor never mentioned it but I will bring that up tomorrow with him.

      See what he thinks.

      That could explain this after effect of bad stomach right?

      But does it explain the pain?

      Sorry don't know much of it.


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      Sometimes stomach infections can trigger IBS.  IBS causes stomach pain, and changes in bowel habit.
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      If it is IBS, do they treat it or does it just go away by itself?

      The pain though is as it was when it all started only less severe, the pain I had because of the infection.

      Is that possible then, having the same kind of pain, recognising it but for a different reason?

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      IBS can be treated but everyone responds to medication differently.  Some people do get rid of IBS, but in general it is a long term condition that does not disappear.  There may be periods without pain and then it can come back or be constant.  There is no single cause for this condition.  Sometimes  it is triggered by food or stress as well as stomach bugs.
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    I think you need a second opinion.

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