Hi All, just dignosed with grave disease.

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Hi, I had hyperthyroidism since I was 21. I’m now 33, today my doctors told me I have Graves’ disease. I’m really worried I have three small children and my symtoms are getting worse. My brain fog and memory loss is horrible. My hair loss and muscle weakness is terrible. I guess I’m just looking for hope joining the forum. Thanks everyone!

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    Hello Pam and welcome to the Forum 🦋

    I’m sorry that you have this disease and that you are so young with 3 little children to care for .

    But you’ve taken the first step

    And that’s the first of many you’ll take to get well again and learn things you likely never knew about that little Gland in your neck and how Vital it is to your very being .. just as your heart and lungs are so Vital .. so is your Thyroid Gland .. and the Hope in Graves‘ disease is , that we can be treated  and hopefully , successfully Learn , and its easy for many people , to Control it .. they say it is not curable ...but being in remission feels like being cured I can tell you !!

    We do have the one benefit of knowing that we certainly are producers of  the All important Thyroid Hormone ... albeit that we make too much of it... as opposed to HYPOthyroidism where suffers cannot produce theirs and need to take a substitute to live their lives well,

    Never knowing without constant blood checks , if they are actually getting the precise amount necessary for their individual body.

    Graves is caused by your Immune System attacking your thyroid .. ........more or less .

    ( please research more ) 

    And what I and many others discovered along the path was 

    That as approx. 80% of our immune system is found to be within our Gut .....then that seems like a good place to start addressing the imbalance and get it to Stop attacking your perfectly healthy Thyroid Gland which had been doing such a great Job before Graves started to compromise its work !

    Once your Dr.  Or your Endocrinologist  has decided about your condition ... with the help of your blood results  ... he will then hopefully put you on a treatment course of Carbimazole (UK)    or one similar .

    This will lower the antibodies that your immune system is directing to attack the Thyroid Gland  .

    Once he has your numbers to the right level .. you will begin to feel so much better ...  but the hormone takes a little longer than that to leave the body and for the symptoms to go entirely 

    I’d say 3....6 months should see you feel more like your old self 

    ....But don’t worry about that time because every week you will KNOW   you are getting better and you will relish it .. so will your family !!

    There are several good minerals vitamins and Nutrients to take to get your Immune System  stronger than it’s been before your Graves 

    Many of our Blood results show 

    Huge deficiencies in

    B12 for example ... and 

    Magnesium  and


    So ...... it’s absolutely imperative that you ask for a Full Thyroid Blood Test and also to be tested for these Vitamins and Minerals 

    They are obliged to give you a copy of these results ... THEY ARE YOURS !!


    If you come back on here with the results  and type them out in their entirety 

    Including the figures in brackets  which are your Lab Ranges ... someone will explain how things are with you and help !🦋

    Meanwhile .. easily said , I Know !

    But try to enlist family or friends to help you with the children 

    So that you have time to rest .. because you are already like a car , running on empty . And can’t afford to expend more energy than you must ... try to go to bed early and sleep long ..

    Magnesium ...helps with sleep 

    You may like to look at ...



    And lemon Balm ( Melissa) 

    I bought them in liquid form online and mixed them together in a brown glass bottle  and whenever I felt anxious or upset 

    I’d take 2/3 teaspoons each time 

    It helped me so much ..

    ...Valerian also helps with sleep

    These may be of interest to you but please google them first to see if they suit you .

    Best  of Luck Luvvie🌸


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    Hey hun, I had exactly same Thing, hyperthyroidism with graves disease... I'm 3 days after thyroidectomy and hard to say how I feel as Is too esrly for that but What I can tell I have better breathing while lying on my back. I had before very heavy breathing and been snoring which non of those I have now. Thats a plus. I'm on new meds 125mg levothyroxine, soon I will see my endo... Fingers crossed.

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    Oh Yes !   ... it CAN  be treated Pam .. and as long as your dealing with pretty much straightforward Graves .. treated even better ....

    Sit down with your iPad or computer .. and get on the case .

    Start by Googling 

    Graves Disease /Natural Solutions

    ... Linda 187 will be along soon 

    She will give you even better news than I ... but if you need to know more about the way to strengthen your Immune System is that it will calm down ... just ask ... and we’ll be Happy to advise 

    Luv Mx🌹

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    Hi Pam,

    I have Graves disease and was given the antithyroid drug Methimazole 10 mg daily to treat it.  This immediately blocked the excessive thyroid hormones however, did not address my TSH and while I felt better with the excess hormones blocked, I did not feel 100 percent yet.  Also I wanted to normalize my TSH because I knew as long as that was abnormal, I would not be fully well.  Then I read a research article by an Italian Endocrinologist that documented the benefits of hyperthyroid patients taking 3,000 to 4,000 mg of L-Carnitine.  I wanted to know my levels before I took it and of course they were deficient as are many, if not most, hyperthyroid patients.  I was also deficient in Vitamin D which is extremely important for good thyroid functioning.  And my Magnesium was low so took that as well.  The Carnitine will help a lot with the muscle problems you are experiencing.  Once I started adding supplements, my TSH rose.  All the things that Madge mentioned are also important.  My Endo was shocked at my results but medical doctors are not trained in the use of supplements so we developed a working partnership, he would adjust my meds dose as I improved and I would adjust my supplements.  I hope one day doctors will pick up on this because I am now well on a very low dose of meds 2.5 mg three or four times a week along with some supplements but I do not have to take the high dose of L-carnitine.  I only take it on the off days I am not on meds.  Please come back to this Board and post your lab test results as Madge said.  

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