Hi all, urgently seeking any advice on hypothyroidism please!

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I have been feeling unwell for over 2 years now, since having my youngest child, and today was informed that I have an under active thyroid.

My doctor didn't really say much about it, just that I need more blood tests to find out what has caused it and that it is easily fixed with medication. So I left my appointment relatively happy and relieved but since returning home I have read online that this condition requires life long daily medication and causes problems with pregnancy and child birth?! Reading this has devastated me beyond belief as I am only 25 and was hoping to have another baby in the near future.

Is this true? And is there anything else I should know about this condition? I don't know anybody else with this problem and after today have little faith in my doctor supplying me with correct info or advice. Any help to understand what affect this will have or how to cope would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance x

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    I have just seen your post.. I am also 25 and was diagnosed only just before Christmas 2013.

    I posted on here yesterday as I'm also really struggling. 

    I totally understand how you are feeling. 

    I have been trying to find answers since being told I have an under active thyroid.

    I also worry about how this will affect my fertility and being the same age as you I feel the same! 

    My levels have been so up and down that all my medication keeps changing so I feel rubbish at the moment.

    But just wait until you get the blood test results and they will no what level medication you can go on.

    I really wish you luck x


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    Hi gemma24891 - your post reminded me of me about 14 months ago, so here's my story; the good, bad and ugly. I hope this helps!

    i went through a period of weight gain, hair loss, tiredness, and was eventually diagnosed with an nder active thyroid. Like you, I was told to take the tablets and I'd be fine. I started to do some digging and then became worried about the side effects.

    to cut a long story short (I'm happy to share if this happens to you), my periods were affected - sorry if too much information! I went from being regular to very irregular, something like between 20 to 50 days when my norm was around 30 days. My partner and I were planning on starting a family so this was of real concern - partly because of what I had read on the Internet too!

    I went back to the specialist and explained what was happening but he strongly denied it being anyone to do with the tablets, even though there was nothing else it could be, and it's one of the listed side effects (Unfortunately, you may find this with the doctors - thyroxine is very very cheap to produce and there is not much in the way of an alternative in the UK!). 

    My periods remain irregular. My partner and I purchased a clearblue fertility monitor to track if i peaked as normal - like my cycle, my ferttility did what it wanted when I was on the medication! (We actually had this monitor before i became ill, and i peaked on time, everytime)

    Anyway, to cut to the exciting bit, I am 17.5 weeks pregnant after our first month of trying! We are so lucky to be where we are, and every day I'm amazed by this. I spent so long worrying, and looking for more problems, but somehow, we got very very lucky! 

    Everyone is different. Yep, taking the tablets every day can be a bit tiresome, but you soon get used to it. They take a while to get into your body, so give them time. Unfortunately, this condition is something that can just happen. The standard answer is it's Hashimoto's which you still won't get an answer as to why it happened. You'll know how, but not why. I really struggled to accept that bit - how can this happen to me and there not be a clear cause, but you learn to accept it, especially when you start to get back to the old you.

    i really hope it all goes well for you - like I say, everyone is different. The majority of people who write in forums are unfortunately ones who have experienced side effects - there's a whole load of people out there taking these tablets and doing just fine! 

    See how you get on and question your doctor. It sounds dramatic, but taking tablets for the rest of your life is a big deal! (i used to remind myself that there are plenty of people who would kill to be able to take a pill to fix their illnesess!) If you get ANY side effects, report them. Do not worry about fertility - I spent so many a night worrying myself about this!

    It depends on your character - I like to know all the information I can find, but then end up worrying about what I've read! Looking back, I shouldn't have. I had no choice in taking the tablets. When my periods went awry, I should have then looked, rather than worrying myself about everything just in case it happened. 

    Like I say, I hope that you take well to the tablets and have no need for further research!


    good luck, and if you have any questions, let me know! X


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    By the way, I'm 30 years old so you ladies have got plenty of time to start and extend your families! x
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    Hello Gema, First thing here is don’t worry, get informed about it and have discussions with your doc, but don’t worry,, regards medication all your life,, its not really medication in the sense that many see it,,, its just replacing something that your thyroid gland normally makes by taking a tablet. So your not adding something extra, your body expects it.

    Your young and if you keep on its case in a healthy way you will get you dosage right,, that is between you and your doc.

    I can many other readers saying the docs don’t understand, well personal experience is a great advantage but we have to deal with what we have.

    We all can have a problem at times keeping levels right, but do all the basics right, take your tab when you get up, with water or decaf tea, avoid caffeine and give that 30 mins before food or coffee, keep a record to show your doc your daily dose, very important you impress him/her you take it on time each day and with decent liquid,, Its true many people have very bad symptoms because of incorrect dosage, not of their making,, I have been there,,,,,,, but get on top of it with your doc. It must be with your doc ,,, probs with your doc ,,, change doc ,,, you must succeed this way.

    I have been on tabs for many years, and am now 74 ,,, just had a major operation,, came through very well and am due for another op which is follow up to first one,,, I simply need to keep my levels in the ball park,, no fine tuning for personal satisfaction,, that we all need,, I have no worries about this and I am 74,,, I mention this to give you confidence in that you have no worries at your age,,, be positive, you will be fine,, and you now get any prescriptions you need free,,, for life ,,, well its a smile [smile] at least,, there are many worse complaints, don’t we all know this including those are inclined to be anti doc, not without just cause I am sure, but get past it if you need to.

    You will be fine, everyone is different of course, and other factors are involved but one step at a time, relax and take it easy in this regard,

    All the best

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    Hi Gemma

    I was also diagnosed after having my first child apparently it is quite common to having thyroid problems after having a baby. I am afraid you will be taking medication for the rest of your life. Thyroxine is excempt from prescription charges as you do need this hormorne in order to function properly. I think it is a shock at first I remember feeling exactly the same as I rarely even take a pain killer so it isn't a nice feeling but I am sure once you start the medication you will see improvements, hope you start to feel better soon.

    You can always ask your Gp to refer to specialist - I wish I had done this when I was first diagnosed.

    Best wishes

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