hi,can some one tell me if by taking this drug the tention in your chest,face eyes in general would go away,I was prescribe this drug 25 mg to start

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can some one tell me is the tension in your chest,face,eyes etc in general would go a way,,I was prescribed this drug for panic attacks and stress how ever Im scare to take it,,the doctor wanted to start me off with 25 mg than go up to 50 mg...

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    Dear Joe,

    Can you tell us what you are being treated for and what meds have you had in the past? Did you have a bad reaction to any of them?

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    hi,I have never taking any thing ,well 18 years a go I took an antibiotic for a kidney infection,I took it for ten days,,which to be honest,after that I been dealing with other ensues till this day,they,the doctor alwayssay that all is fine with me,I found 1000's of people complaining about the same thing,burning and pain sensation on the tip of the pennis,after so many years I came to the conclusion that my problem as well as 97% of the people complaining about it, have been candida after using antibiotics,some how thecandida got into the blood stream and it lodged it self in the genitals,building colonies there,of cause that wont show on a bioxie,,,any ways till this day,I dont know a real natural cure for this,there are few medications but the doctors do hesitate to prescribe them since they dont see any thing,also the medicine is hard on the liver,one has to check his liver one every other week or once a month and take the medication for months and even years,,,,any ways,,I read that candida would cause many problems and one of them is panic attacks,tension,stress etc,,so I was prescribe by the doctor Sertraline 25 mg,,of cause this doctor dint know any thing about my findings and my other problem,I just wanted to find a solution to the panic attacks which I had gotten in the past year,about three of them and the nerves etc were really bothering me,,so,I wanted to know weather this medication would take a way the tension etc,,,thanks
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    Dear Joe,

    Candida is a fungus. It presents in many as thrush. We humans have a delicate balance between these

    fungus vs "the good guy cells". There are anti-fungal meds that are not too problematic for a healthy adult that will kills these excess colonies that should bring relief in a few days. You have to take it for 10 days even if you start to feel better. I do not know what they prescribe in the UK but I can find out the med in the US and

    let you know.

    There is another thing that might help naturally with this delicate balance and that is Mega Floras. This is typically sold in a health food store. It is measured in the "billions" per pill. Ask your nutritional supplement store manager what is best. They should be keeping it refrigerated. Rather than to go into details about where it is bothering you, just tell them you have thrush and they should know how much to recommend for anti-fungal


    I would try these two things first to treat your burning symptom to see if you can clear it up before you take

    something to relax about it. Fungus likes warm places like your mouth, private areas, bowels etc.. When they take over the good guys the imbalance causes them to thrive. This can happen frequently after a round of

    any antibiotic. The antibiotic kills good and bad cells at random. Your infection as well as the good guys in

    your system, too. Most people have no problem but some do.

    If you can get this to clear up I would think there wouldn't be a panicky feeling that you will be needing to

    treat with other meds.I suppose if there still is a anxiety issue that you could deal with that, after, you get rid of this fungal cell overload. In the US the doctors are not worried about this anti-fungal med. If you have a pre-existing liver or kidney problem they might be. But that doesn't sound like that's a problem. Let me know if you would like the name of this med so you can run it by your doctor. At the very worst, it won't help at all and you'll know that within a few days on the med. Take the full course as your doctor recommends. You can take

    the Mega Flora at the same time. Mega floras help all of us to have a healthier balance of good guys in our digestive tracts. Your pain from the fungal infection should respond and clear it right up if that's the sole reason you are having trouble.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Joe

    Honestly, I'm positive that the side effects of this medication will eventually subside. I had terrible insomnia with it, but now after being on the medication for 6 months and having gone from the smallest dose of 25mg to now being on the maximum dose of 200mg, I can honestly say that the side effects are no more. Stick with it Joe.

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    hi,Resigned28,,,,thanks so much,,yes I would like to know the name of the medication,I just want you to know that I had gone very deep into the understanding of the candida issue,,see,the problem is not the the intestines,when these bugs get into the blood stream,they get in the tissues areas,like the genitals,they excrete toxins which at the same time causes the burning and pain feelings,,see, one cant treat just the colon in the case of an imbalance with out treating also the inside of the body,meaning the blood,the tissue where the fungus has lodged it self and has build a colony,in this case,the genital area,I seen people that want to die because they cant find a solution to this problem,here in the usa,doctors dont believe this,unless you have a sore or they can prove that you have the yeast in the guts,,they just dont know or dont bother to really study whats going on with 1000's of people going crazy with pain after a round of antibiotics,as I said,this thing has to be treated both ways at the same time,the colon and the blood,meaning,getting the medicine to the establish colonies in the tissue areas,,,I understand that there is the new silver solution sol 30 ppm which is suppose to do wonders,,also there is another product called mms ,also there is the water ozone machine which is suppose to do wonders too,I been true hell with this for 18 years,when I had insurance I bounced from doctor to doctor but no solutions was ever found,according to them,I was find,I ,after so many years going back in time,finally realized, that my problem was the candida and is my opinion that the ramification of that, has been also my panic attacks, fears,nerves issues,stress etc,,,,any ways,I confess,is been few years now in which I have not been able to find work, there for I cant afford to buy any thing to help my self,unless is just few dollars,I had come to depend on Gods mercy,,,thank youfor been so kind,I can only hope that you are fine,the same for the people on this forum.
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    Zoe111,,thanks for the reply,Im new to the forum,its taking a little while to get do the replys correctly,any ways,thanks so much,for now Im going to see if I can fight this with out taking this medicine,,,how ever, one of my questions was, weather the medication helps with the tension issues, because in my case, out no where I just get this tension around the upper section of my belly and than my chest,my eyes etc,,,if I dontcontrol that,I can find my self with a panic attack,,I have taking medication when ever I had this tension and every thing gos away,but the doctor persist on me, taking the Sertraline ,she tells me that the other pills are addictive and that Sertraline is the right curse of action to fallow,any ways,I told her that the pills which do take a way the tension, I only take them when I have the tension,meaning not every day,but she still dintprescribed them,instead, she sent me to take Sertraline ,which Im some what scare to take and before I do, I would like to know if it takes the tension away,,,thanks.
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    Dear Joe,

    The anti-fungal med is called Fluconazole at 100mg 2x's daily. My thrush issue was SO entrenched that I finally had to take it for three solid weeks. The PC doc felt better risking this med (for an issue he couldn't see from lab work, than prescribing Xanax. He didn't believe me either, because like you, none of the cultures were coming back positive. He decided it was all in my mind. I did this along with taking the Mega Floras 3x's a day (which will not harm you) and finally it went away for good.

    It's worth a try. Your doctors know that you have consistently complained of the same thing for years. They seem to be okay prescribing another med to make you more comfortable. Why not try this round of anti-fungalmed and they can see if it works before the start pumping you full of something else? If is IS this, you should notice a difference in your discomfort within four days. It took FIVE specialists to finally diagnose thrush because it presents differently in adults than children. They should be willing to at least rule your suspicions out before they take further steps.

    If this pain went away, would you have any other symptoms you need to address? If the answer is no, find someone who will be willing to give this med treatment a shot! There are doctors that do nothing but this. If you can't find help let me know and I will link you to one of them here. Then you can call them ask them directly all the questions you need to. This seems like such needless suffering I would not stop until you find something that will kill off this colony that, for whatever reason, is so intent on thriving in such a vulnerable part of your body!

    Good luck!

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    Dear Joe and others,

    Here are the side effects for the med Stertraline. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMHT0012108/?report=details#side_effects

    These meds were NEVER meant for long-term use. I have taken meds like these and some of these effects can become permanent. When it says "muscle twitching" this is a Dyskinesia. The shaking and twitching can involve your face, non-stop shoulder shrugging, tongue movements, speech issues, and swallowing problems (like a Parkinson's patient) can become permanent the longer you're on the med. Please weigh the risks and the benefits carefully.

    A med as seemingly simple as Prozac can cause fecal incontenence the longer you are on it. I just LOVE the way Eli Lilly covered that one up! If you think you feel uncomfortable now - just try these side effects out! I have SEEN it happen myself or I would never bring this to your attention. After you and your doctors weigh the pros and cons then verify first and make your decision.

    Joe, to get back to your issue, I'm assuming that it is your private persistent pain that is what brought you to this point. If there is something else you have concerns about I am unaware of what that is so you'll have to explain further.

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    Resigned,thanks so much,I was aware of this medicine,but according to my studies,in order to get rid of this, once and for all,I would need,to treat it both ways at the same time,I would need to take some thing that would take care any thing in my gut,meaning any over population of candida,while at the mean time I tackle the candida which got in my blood stream and lodged it self in the tissue down there,in another word a medicine that would go to the cells and kill the bug,,any ways,,when the doctors had check me in the past,they dont see nothing,just a little redness,so they say,you have nothing,,,Im going to see how can I get my hands on Fluconazole at 100mg and the Mega Floras,,I would have to get enough in case that it may take a long while before Im healed,,I been like this for 18 years,,it has almost destroy my life,but by Gods mercy Im still with the hope alive,,there is forum related to this and it is very sad how many people after taking antibiotics do come down with this horrible problem, to the point of wanting to die,,any ways pray for me that I sale my house so I can start fresh,so I can buy the meds with out any pressure,meaning that ,right now,when ever I get a little money selling my chihuahuas pups or any other thing that comes my way,well is to pay my bills,some times I have to decide what is it that Im going to pay first,,I dont want to load you up with my problems,I just want you to pray for me,,since you have been so kind to me,God knows if I may be talking to an angel,thanks a million.
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    Dear Joe,

    You are very kind. I just know how hard it is to go through pain that no one can see and ignore what you tell them. You have clearly suffered enough!

    Remember, my dosage was 100mg TWICE a day for three weeks. The Mega Floras (available in nutrition speciality stores) will help your gut recover naturally from the imbalance the antibiotics created. You can take that the rest of your life. It is found naturally in some yogurts but you need it in the BILLIONS per day. You'd have to eat gallons of yogurt to give you enough.

    When you are able to find a doctor that doesn't have a problem with prescribing this and it works for you -- please come back to the board and let me know. If you have further trouble let me know and I will refer you to a doctor in the US who will help you! To think you have gone through this for SO long is really pretty frightening to me and should be of concern to anyone who has been plagued with adverse antibiotic reactions such as this.

    Good luck friend...

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    hi, been on them for a year now and all is well. ive suffered from depression mostly but had major anxiety and attacks coming off another med called mirtazapine.. the sertraline/zoloft took a few months to really start working. the first few days were the worst, tightness round the head, dizzy more like being drunk with shakey limbs. that soon went but the insomnia was driving me nuts. i slowly found my sleep though and things got better at last. stick with the med for now and see how it goes. the changes are very slow but in time work well for most peeps.

    hang in there and all the best you peeps like me, your not alone : )

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    oh yes, and im on 100mg

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