Hi emma/everyone who is suffering from this dam UC. Im 1...

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Hi emma/everyone who is suffering from this dam UC. Im 17, and was diagnosed at 16, after keeping it a secret for about a year. I just kept thinking and hoping it was just a bug, and will go away. I eventually told my mum, and she persuaded me to go and see a doctor. I thought there couldnt be anything more embarrasing, but by this stage i was going to the loo probably about 10 times a day and suffering from all the classic symptoms of UC. Extreme tiredness was an issue which effected my work, social life, sports, more or less everthing was put on hold, and i ran out of excuses. UC was ruling my life, and i was really getting scared. I felt reasured when i was put with a female doctor, but burst into tears when she said this could be a serious problem and i would have to have an colonoscopie. I was totally shocked, before this happened to me, i used to brag about how sound i was health wise, never had any probem, no allergies, nothing! but that was all about to change.

I feel very isolated now, from being a very sociable popular teenage girl, i make excuses to my friends because i dont want to stay over if im in relapse, and feel really conscious about what i eat, as im paranoid about fibre, anything that will encourage a bowel movement!. When i say, "oh, i cant have this and that", i say im on a diet or somthing, and they give me dodgy looks, as ive always been slender.

Its very difficult to come to tearms with this disease, and ive only recently trust my long term boyfriend enough to tell him all the gory details, and he's all ears, and very understanding, which is a huge help.

I havnt told any of my girl friends, not even my best friend, its really hard, but i would love to talk to someone in the same boat, I know how you feel if your my age and really struggling to make up all these excuses for all the drugs your on. ( I Have 3 Bazalazide?! pills 3 times a day with 4 steroids and a probiotic)as ive recently flared up again, (STRESS!) I just say when like everyone askes me why im taking pills, "i dont really know what it is, the doctor sais its somthing to do with my Imune system" which is a complete lie. AH!!!

Please contact me for a chat, i talk quite alot as you can tell!

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Verity x

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    Hello Verity

    I am so glad that I have someone my own age and someone in the same boat as me to talk to.

    I think you should tell your best friend what's the matter with you. I did and I was so relieved after.

    I went though a depressed stage again about 2 weeks ago. I just had no on to talk to. I know I have my mom, but sometimes I just want to speak to someone else. I just sat staring at a bottle of tablets and just burst out crying. My frinds have ditched me for no reason so I have no on eto talk to. It was so hard. But then I thought about my nephew and thought I can't not see the gorgous face again. I haven't talked to my mom about this, I don't think I could.

    Anyway I better go. I think it's a good idea to tell your best friend about your illness.

    Thanks for listening

    Emma x:D

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    For those of you who are embarrassed to tell your friends about your UC, try telling them that you have ulcers. Really that's what we get. You don't have to give them all the fun details; just tell them you have recurring ulcers that make you bleed internally and feel awful. They will probably be intrigued and be very sympathetic and if they aren't ditch them! I teach 7th and 8th grades in the states and when I've missed a bit of school, I tell them that I have disease that affects my stomach. This isn't entirely true, but that's all they need to know. So, when I get horrible abdominal pains during class, they know what this is, but they don't have to know about my bowell movements. When I run to the toilette, they probably think that I am throwing up...which for some reason is more acceptable. Anyway...give these little twists a try. People around you need to know that you are suffering or are on heavy meds. This helps them be accepting of any out of the ordinary behavior without thinking you've lost your mind.
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    I was 18 when I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and it is so frustrating because I cant get on with my normal life. It all started in October 2007 when I first started to see blood in my bowels. I thought - as you did - that it was a minor bug and would go away but then it deteriorated and I started to go to the toilet more frequently.

    Eventually I was admitted to the hospital and told that I had colitis. I was feeling so distressed at being told of the horrific news. I started by taking prednisolone and asacol tablets. I was also advised by doctors not to eat spicy food etc. So when I would be asked by my friends to go for a meal I would reluctantly say no.

    You can keep in touch with me if you want because we both have a similar age. I hope your health improves.

    Best wishes, Sohail (Bradford)

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    Hi reading your case really reminded me of myself at your age! i've suffered since i was 14 (i am 29 now) i kept it secret for about a year too only telling my best friend who eventually talked me into telling my mum. It took them 7 years to diagnose me at the hospital and i found it really traumatic not knowing what was wrong. The thing that got me through was being able to confide in people who are close to me, it really helps having someone to talk to and you would be amazed at how many people have similar experiences. You don't have to go into full details ulcers and internal bleeding is enough to make people realise how serious it is. As you get older you will probably be less embarassed by your condition... Thank god for sights like this where people can share their experiences, it makes you realise that your not alone, i wish the internet was available when i was first diagnosed, i really thought i was a freak and had an old persons condition! I hope it gets easier for you!
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    Hi Emma,

    I really understand where your coming from, im 17 and started experiences my problems since i was 13 and trust me life has gone downhill since, i tried each medication and none of them seem to be helping me at the moment and i have lived with this fact so long i have taken the option of surgery, well my surgery is in 2 weeks from now. maybe you have heard of it ileostomy? its where you live with a bag outside your body where all the stool goes and the large intestine is completely removed, well i know that sounds bad but after 3 months or so u can reverse it to have a pouch inside your body, after this you will have no problems because the disease is gone with the whole large intestine. well i really hope you get better and hope you can find the right treatment unfortunatly for me nothing has worked except steroids, well you cant be on the, forever.lol.thats why i chose surgery. its a good thing i have a loving girlfriend that understands and is more than willing to accept me however i am, well emma if you want to kno more just email me on ****, i hope you get better,

    take care,


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