Hi Everyone .. Really Low :(

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Hi everyone, im feeling really low.. ive been through so much this year and really am fed up..

ive been diagnosed with a couple of health problems and its getting me down

1) PCOS - yes it is upsetting expecially wen it comes to infertility, im under the hospital for gynae/fertility. and other symptoms that effect your appearance (hirtuism)

2) sleep apnea - i now have to wear a cpap machine during the night for the rest of my life as i stop breathing 17.5 times a hour.

3) tachycardia - im having alot of palptations which is a horrible thing i literally think its the end of me when it happens to me and get quite nervous.

4) rheumatoid arthiritis - my whole body is in agony, stops me doing my day to day things, cant do much for myself, dont go out at all.. im a 21 year old girl who should be out enjoying my life with friends and i cant even do that.. i have a place of my owwn but i have to stay with my mum who cooks for me and does everything i cant do myself. yes it is horrible because i see pics of girls in my year and there out enjouing time in pubs/clubs and on holiday and i cannot do that because i cannot work due to pain to earn the money these girls have.. it is very upsetting..

and now i went to my drs friday and they told me my vitamin b12 is very low, so now im having to get injections every other day for 2 weeks and then it changes to every 9 weeks.


anyone with pcos/sleep apnea or rheumatoid arthiritis want to have a talk?

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    I understand UR many overwhelming health issues. I can burry u alive. 

    just reading all u r dealing with on a daily basis is exhausting. 

    I have many health issues . I was a invalid .. I refuse to be waited on . I have organized my life to be independent. 

    I have a two hip joint replacements one went terribly bad . I too have RA PSA AND OA. FM and heavy metal poisoning, just to name a few I also loosing my eye sight slowly in one eye.

    I take OTC MEDS -after trying various prescription MEDS. that made me feel even worse.

    Now I am mobile again slow but moving....taking one day at a time understanding my limitations and use mindfulness and meditation to improve pain. PT has been a great way to learn movements designed to not cause pain or wear & tear on my body. It's helps strengthn core muscles, build better body strength and avoid muscle atrophy.

    Once muscle mass is compromised it very difficult to build back. 

    I feel free from meds & severe pain.. This has been my journey. U can start UR own journey with a positive attitude will release u to fulfill UR daily potential. Within weeks of PSIO u will be a little stronger encouraged enough with amazing results with the power of attitude, exercise and body strength  u will be free.  Life is what we choose to make it every day handicapped or not. I choose to realize that life is a Gift, & live accordingly.



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      I really am gobsmacked by your tenacity and how strong you are. Amazing. You are right. A lot of people moan and groan about some health problem or other problem and it comes across like the princess and the pea syndrome. They want a perfect life - and one tiny thing isnt the way they want it and they want everyone to feel great sympathy, when everyone else has had worse. They let it beat them or they just spend all day moaning about it or thinking about it - which is simply a waste of time. You spent your time doing tangible things to help yourself. Good for you. Unfortunately a lot of people are not like you. Unfortunately for them, not for you.
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      THANKX I try not to turn into a slug. It would be very easy. I watched my mom do that. She was ill and really just gave in and gave up and left this place 20 way before she should. We learn from what we see. Good or bad.. I'm totally a stubborn and determined . 

      Life feb is truly a GIFT..



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      I could not see anything beating YOU. I get quite sad and sometimes angry when I hear people complaining about how this has happened to them or they are unhappily married to a boring partner (someone they CHOSE to marry and could have divorced or left) as if these things just happen to you and you cannot do anything about them.

      When people talk about their pasts it is often with regret but sometimes also with a lot of self pity and no moving on.

      When far worse things have happened to others, things they had no choice over at all.

      To me there is a huge difference between someone say smoking r eating a lot and then becoming ill or someone becoming ill through no fault of their own.

      Just as there is a huge difference between a lot of the emotional issues that happen to us.

      A few days ago I was speaking to a lady - supposedly a grown woman - 63 years of age - telling me her husband was a cruel mentally ill person who used to hit her and frighten her. What she did not explain was why she had maried a cruel mentally ill person or why she had stayed with him for twenty years. And when I got to the bottom of it she had stayed with him for his money so that she did not have to get a job. So it was a choice. Yet she moaned about it non stop. And it was easy to tell that she was the mentally ill one. He may have been as well but she was. She had all sorts of mental defects which you could tell if you had just one deep serious chat with her. So she was not even facing up to this, she was trying to blame him for everything.

      I am quite sure you would not have got into such a ridiculous situation nor then blamed someone else.

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