Hi guys. I read your stories, and I know exactly where y...

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Hi guys.

I read your stories, and I know exactly where you are coming from. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 1998. I have been on Eltroxin 0.1mg for years. Lately, the symptoms came back worse than ever before, I gained 44 pounds in three months. I felt so tired and depressed, it was an issue just to wake up and have to face the world. I couldn’t sleep, my body temperature went sky high at night , I had short term memory problems..etc. My blood levels showed that everything was ok, but I new it wasn't. Why is it always such a struggle with doctors? Anyways, luckily for me, I read an article on how important it is to combine T4 hormone with T3. You have to take Eltroxin and Tertroxin for best results. They say T4 is like food in your refrigerator, but T3 is food on your plate. It took months and months of fighting with doctors and specialist to finally get a prescription. I asked them to put me on a trial period, and I felt instant relief from the symptoms. Within weeks I lost almost all the weight without even changing my diet, and I feel normal again!! I hope this will help some of you, good luck, because this is not an easy thing to go through, as no one understands it!

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    hi, well done to you i am now in the same situation and feel at the end of my tether, i have been on thyroxine for two and a half years but some of the syptoms persist. altough i have mentiond t3 several times my gp says my levels show i dont need it,yet i know these syptoms are too do with my thyroid as they have only ever been around since i became hypo, my hair is getting thinner quite alot quicker now ( they say it is dermititis! never had that beore ) my weight wont budge ( they say i am eating too much! not true. when i deit i loose nothing) pins and needles are really bad in my hands when i wake in the morning ( they have no explanation ) feel drained and bad pains in my calf muscles, plus last two months my periods are starting to get heavy again, i JUST DONT know who to turn to now the endocrinoligist i saw didnt even seem to be listening to me just rushing me through. i have asked if it was because i went sooo low in the first place but they just say no it makes no diffrence ( tsh was 100 they dont measure past that and t4 was at 0) yet my t4 is now 0.31 i dont know what to do. :?sad

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    jan I have read that the thyroid works better in the warm weather, I have noticed in my self that now the weather is colder that symptons that had gone are coming back,eg heavy periods,afternoon naps and what I call word blindness,( I know what I want to say just can't think of the word and have to explain what I'm trying to say )

    Has anyone else noticed a change since the drop in temperature.:?

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    I have read your comments with interest and I am now going to ask my doctor to be refered to an endocronologist.

    I first started gaining weight when I was about twelve and had a swelling on the left side of my neck, like everyone else I was always on a diet so I never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

    When I became pregnant in 1969 my weight went from seven and a half stone to thirteen and a half stone and I looked like a kelly.Never being pregnant before I thought I was just one of the unlucky ones who put on alot of weight.

    (I never lost this weight after the birth )and only put on seven and a half pounds with my second pregnancy.

    I went on rigerous diets to loose weight,I joined every diet club to no avail, till eventually I went to the doctor in despair.

    He gave me diet sheet after diet sheet each time telling me not to cheat this time.He just didnt want to listen to the fact I was sticking to it religously.

    For years I put up with very bad periods, tiredness which I put down to being over weight,depression which I thought was because of the weight.

    Quite a few years later in 1978 while now living in South Africa I went to see a doctor because the very heavy periods were starting to get me down.I was refered to a gynocologist... the first thing he asked me was how long as your neck looked like that, I said I noticed it when I was about 12 yrs old.

    He told me even without a test that he was 99.9% sure I had an underactive thyroid and the test he took came back positive.

    I was given 0.1mcg of Eltroxin which I have taken ever since,I was tested once a year for the t4 levels and I felt really well.

    I came back to the uk in 2000 and I started having problems,I was given thyroxin instead of Eltroxin and noticed a difference straight away, I asked the Doctor for Eltroxin and was told you could not get it in this country.I found out by accident when the pharmacy had ran out of thyroxin and gave me Eltroxin that you could get it in this country.

    The doctors won't supply it because it is more expensive and thyroxin is the generic.In the 9 months I took the generic I put on 7 kg I had to see a dermatologist my skin was so dry. my memory was very bad and I felt tearfull.I told the doctor I wanted a private persciption, and he then decided I could have Eltroxin.

    For three years I still didnt feel quite myself and I was told it was home sickness. During these three years a pattern had formed and I was always worse between October and April, I was diagnosed with SADs.

    I have also read in one of the letters that the lady felt better in summer.

    While living in South Africa I never had all these problems so maybe the sun has something to do with it, I just know I felt so much better.

    I had an hysterectomy in 1974 and I have taken Premerin since that time. Late last year I was told there was no evidence that it helped with brittle bones or heart attacks and I would have already gone past menopausal age ( I am now 58) so I had to go cold turky.

    I have always been young and sprightly and at the moment I feel very very old, I have no interest in life at all I am just too tired and could not even start to tell anyone how bad I feel, I am having to deal with my underactive thyroid, SADs and instant menopuase all at the same time.I cant remember anything my memory is so bad... Appointments missed, I cant recall words I need, my spelling has gone to pot,the pains in my legs are so bad I can hardly walk at times. I work full time ,I work 12 days before gtting two days off.

    I have found all your stories very interesting and usefull, I dont feel like I am going quite so mad anymore because I was really starting to worry.

    I did go to the Doctor last week he said he was worried I was geting clinical depression but I knew it wasnt and I am now going back to ask to see someone who knows what their doing.

    Yes I do think this disease should have more research done and that people should be made more aware of it.

    thanks again for all your stories.

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    Good day

    i am also now for 2 weeks on Eltroxin 0.05mg and Tertroxin 20mg how do you taker these pills i take the Eltroxin at morning and Tertroxin at night.

    i am really still struggling to lose weight i even stopped eating sweets, gas cooldrinks and stopped eating carbs and still i lose 300g if i checked the morning on the scale the next day i picked up that 300g plus another 300g and so it goes on and on.

    please advise me how you take your pills and hom many weeks after you saw results.

    thank you

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