Hi. I am a 34-year-old male in the US and stumbled upon...

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Hi. I am a 34-year-old male in the US and stumbled upon this site as I was looking for some information regarding the effect of having erections with a catheter inserted after having a buccal mucosa skin graft urethroplasty. I found the site and stories so interesting that I thought that I would share my story.

I was diagnosed with a urethral stricture about 17 years ago. I will not get into too great of detail but I underwent some dialations early on and then had a laser incision done on the stricture to try and remedy things which was unsuccessful. This laser incision was done years ago not long after the initial diagnosis and following that it was a series of dialations. I moved around a lot and saw a lot of urologists. We tlaked about stents. We talked about open surgeries. I probably was dialated five or six times a year. Had times that things totally closed up and had to have catheters inserted. Ugh.

Finally my urologist put me in contact with another urologist that had done some urethroplasties. This doctor said that we should have done the urethroplasty years ago. We bit the bullet. Anyway, we made the appointment and we did it. I am currently laying on the couch in recovery. Here's how things went so far.

I had the urethroplasty done on January 3rd. The doctor explained that they would make an incision between my penis and anus and then first try and cut the stricture and tie the ends together if it were possible and if not then they would move to the idea of removing the stricture and reconstructing the urethra using skin from inside my mouth. This is called a buccal mucosa graft. As a preparation the doctor gave me some "Swish and Spit" to use before and after to help keep my mouth clean. When I woke up in recovery after the anesthesia wore off I knew which option had been used. They had taken skin from inside my cheek. Coming out of anesthesia I felt like I needed to vomit a few times. Once that wore off I was just really cold and sleepy. I stayed over for one night in the hospital. There was some dull pain where the incision was but the worst pain was the inside of my mouth. It is hard to believe how painful that area can be and how slowly it will heal.

Anyway, I left the hospital and returned home. I was given prescriptions for four medications. 1. Vicodin - Very helpful in mouth and incision (mainly mouth) pain relief (took lots of this) 2. Stool softener (took a little of this) 3. Bladder spasm calmer (never needed this) 4. Antibiotic to be taken 2 days prior to follow-up visit. I still had the "Swish and Spit" which burned but helped my mouth heal. For the first day or so I was in a haze at home. It was a combination of the anesthesia and the vicodin that I was taking. During the next week the mouth pain was awful. All other pain was minimal. I have been surprised at how little the incision has been painful. Many speak of issues related to dealing with a catheter. Maybe it's my past experience (I've had many) but the catheter bothers me little. The worst part is when I get erections with the catheter in place. I've wondered what affect those have on the skin graft.

After two weeks or so there is very little pain anywhere. My mouth pain is very minimal. I can feel the smooth healing skin in my mouth with my tongue. The incision gives me little trouble. There is still a bit of scrotum swelling. I should mention that, as others have mentioned, the scrotum will be enormous after the surgery but over time the swelling will subside.

I have nine days left of the catheter being in. I will start the antibiotics two days before. When I go for the follow-up they will remove the catheter and do some X-rays similar to the ones that they did prior to the surgery to take a look at the location of the stricture. It's amazing in the pre-operative x-rays how narrow that opening really can get with a stricture.

One thing that should be mentioned is the importance of keeping the incision area as clean as possible given that it is so near to the anus and that bowel movements could introduce some adverse conditions. Bowel movements with catheters in place are interesting in the first place. You may anticipate some anal swelling.

It will be then that we will get the first inkling of the success or failure of the long-awaited surgery. I feel very confident that things went well. I guess we'll see.

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    thank you, that is the first thing i would like to say to you for sharing your story. it sounds very much like my own for the excception that i am 30, and my urologist which is a very relaxed and considerit man compaired to some other butchers i have seem has mention this same surgery. only differance, he said we would use my foreskin (no circummcition). from you sound of your stroy i think it is. well i would REALLY like to know of your recovery and views of pros and cons. thanks again and good luck.

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    I have Just had a urethroplasty done after 10 years of self dilating with a Balloon Catheter,(every 10 days)and I am so glad I had this procedure done.

    I have never peeed so strong with no backpressure and I smile everytime I have to urinate! the relief of fixing this problem is this strong.

    To all you australians who have been diagnosed with a stricture,get a urethroplasty done and you will feel like a new man,the Pain in my case was Minimal,a dull ache between my legs,and my mouth was swollen inside but with little pain,the worst for me was the Catheter,especially at night with erections,you must tape the catheter straight up onto you stomach and use ky jelly to lubricate the tip of the penis.otherwise it dries out and causes pain with an erection.

    I have to recommend my specialist Dr Dundlinson from Brisbane,who is an expert in this field,I have my last checkup in a months time and a flow test to see how everything is travelling.

    I hope I can put some fears aside,as before I had my surgery I was reading these very pages thinking of how people fared after having the op,now I am out the other end and not having to dialate ever again,it was worth it,I ask myself why didnt I get this done years ago.

    Cheers kel from queensland australia

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    sad Hi, hope you guys don't mind me commenting on your experiences re complex uroplasty. My husband went through all this and had the surgery in 2001 age 32. Yip things were great for a while, for the first time in over 10 years he could pee.

    However (and sorry to worry you all but I think it's a thing you should be made aware of 'cause we were not) in 2005 he was diagnosed with advanced squamous cell cancer of the urethra.(the exact same bit that was graphed)

    Seemingly if you have a history of trauma, strictures etc to this area the chances of getting cancer heightens. Not that it really would have changed the decision to have the surgery but perhaps would have made us a bit more vigilant.

    By the time the cancer was diagnosed it was already too late. There are no real symtoms of early staging except perhaps reduced flow.

    My hubbie, after a long struggle died earlier this month leaving our 4 children and myself completely lost.

    Urethral cancer is rare and hopefully all will be well for you all but please remain cautious and don't ignore or dismiss even the smallest change.

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    Any updates on this ?
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    Thanks alot for sharing this.

    I have urethral stricture from a very young age like may be 7-8 years old and now i am almost 27.

    Had dilatation 3 tiumes and was on self dilatation. But its too bleeding and painful most of the time.

    My urine drips all the time and i find blood spots or urine spots inside my underpants.

    My question is Were u getting any pain or sharp burns when having intercourse? Did u have blood kind of sperms? Does you urine Burn all the time?

    PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION I am really curious is it only me with the pain or its normal.

    And I will wait for the update for you my friend to get the results of your surgery.

    Keep us posted


    I am really looking forward for replies to my questions so please share your ideas

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    Hi All.

    I'm currently lying in bed 36hours after my Urethoplasty. Between the pain in my mouth, the size of my balls, and the catheter hanging out me I am unable to sleep, but I would happily give up a few nights sleep for a good strong pee.

    Anyway to answer your questions ladha99:

    My story is pretty much is mirror image of yours. I had urine problems from a young age. I am now 26 year old and my flow was terrible I've had a Circumcision and also a Urethotome (incision to widen the Uretha). The Urethotome was successfully for about 18months and in that time I was also Self Dialating. After a while I gave up on Self Dialating as it was becoming far to sore to insert the catheter.

    After time I began to notice far more frequent discharge on my Boxers. Also after passing urine I began to notice small drips of blood on the toilet seat. Yes I was getting sharp burns during inter course, I was also loosing erections, and I was constantly pissing razor blades.

    My sperm wasn't that red if I'm honest but I can relate to all your other symptoms.

    I am sitting here with a Scrotum like two big melons, a mouth in total agony, and a catheter hanging out the side of the bed, BUT if this is a success (doctor reckons 90%) then I would recommend this to anyone. I no longer wanted to live my life In fear of passing urine.

    I now hope when I get the catheter out in 3 weeks time that I will be able to pass urine without back pressure.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hello Marc,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I live in New Jersey, USA and a few days ago, i had my Urethral reconstruction surgery (11-29-2016).

      Yes, they had to do a buccal graft to aid in the reconstruction process. 

      For years (in my 20's), i have had a weak stream. Plus, i was always getting UTIs. I waited funtil i was 37 yrs old before i consulted with a Urologist. The stricture was found very soon and i was to have had the surgery in 2015. Of course, the sudden death of Joan Rivers spooked me and so, i cancelled my surgery. I did not have to use a catheter. 

      It was not until my surgery that i have one in place for the next 15 days. 

      My surgery was completed in New York City at the world's famous Lenox Hill hospital. The team of surgeons seem to be the top in their field. I was referred by my local urologist to see this surgeon. 

      I spent only 1 night in the hospital and will say that my scrotum has been in agony. How long did it take for your scrotum to feel normal? Currently, mine is extremely tender and swollen. It hurts to shower, sit or even walk. 

      Please let me know...

      Thank you, Brian.


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    I would urge anyone with urine problems to act now. I am so relieved I have had this done and I don't even know I how successful it has been.
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    My. Urethroplasty was done last evening 22/03/2014 by prof. Mungai at Nairobi hospital. The procedure too 2 hours. I should have had the operation 2 years ago when the stricture was discovered but I was fearful of complications especially losing erection dysfunction . I am 33 years old. I have had weak stream for the 14 years. At some point I used to feel pain in the stomach after ejaculation. I am now in catheter,something I was a afraid of .I mastered the courage to undertake the procedure after I read the book "the one thing"that challenged me to do the one thing that can change my health. My wife has been very Supportive. I am praying and look forward to quick recovery.I am looking forward to my first erection , at least to be assured I am we'll in that respect.

    If you have a stricture , get it attended to. Do not be afraid, all will be well.

    So far I have not had pain, I am on strong painkillers and antibiotic. Nice time and take heart.

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    to squidge1888 Thanks for your answer I was first afraid i thought only I had the razor blades and hot passing urin with pressure of lifting 1000 pounds tightening my whole body till i had no strength I am afraid of my kidneys and the pain is just terrible. especially while intercourse after and during ejaculation its terrible terrible terrible damn. I guess we r strong to survive the pain.

    Anyways I really hope you get better with 100% recovery and never to have those pains and pressured stream.

    I will wait for your full recovery and ill wait for u to share what happens after your visit to the doctor.

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    Four months since my buccal mucosa skin graft urethroplasty smile its strange still have a little pain at times but nothing to care about and I do tend to think there is something missing when i pass water oh yes catheters blood and severe pain smile smile went through a good 5 weeks of discomfort and had a catheter in place for over 6 weeks but thats now all but forgotten. urine flow has slowed since catheter was removed from super hero mode to happy smiley face level. have even used a urinal for first time in almost 20 years smile BOOM... I added this as every forum has people dropping out as soon as they are healed lol its so easy to forget the pain when all is bk on track and normal life resumes smile hope its onwards and upwards .
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      Hi there, very glad to hear you had success with this.

      I'd really appreciate your thoughts on a couple of things if you could spare me the time.

      I'm currently 2 weeks post utethraplasty surgery having had a buccosal mucosa skin graft like yourself. I had a urethragram carried out yest to assess my urethra & to my horror we discovered this new section of my urethra was leaking. The doctor has sent me home with my Catheter still in place and told me to come back in a weeks time for another urethragram, in the hope that the healing process will have completed.

      I'm very interested with your experience as you say you had your catheter in for 6 weeks!! Was there a reason why it was in for that long? Was it that you took a longer time to heal?

      My main concern at this stage is my urethra doesn't heal at all and I may need a repeat surgery. I had my hopes built up for yest but maybe these things do take longer for some. I am 34yrs old btw. Can I ask how old you are/were?



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      Hi it was probably more like 7 weeks... my skin graft was 5cm long and taken from both cheeks there was a slight leak for me to. which caused a huge non painfull swelling. I was happy to keep the catheter in as it better to be safe than sorry. its been a few years now and its still awsome. , sometimes there is still a slight burning when passing water but it coinsides with dehydration Drink lots of water and its almost as good as the first month post op... I just relaxed about the catheter and put it in my head that even 12 Months would have been better than the pain I felt before. it takes up to a year to be almost healed. other hiccups pop up. but its all worth it.  I was 18 when I first had problems I am now 42 had my last and final op (i hope) 39 I think. had so many and it seems so long ago. but only one skin graft that seems to have worked perfect.  
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    Thanks for sharing.  I am having this operation next week.  I was told a few useful things.

    Causes of stricture

    Childhood or other injury eg hitting groin on bike bar between legs

    Kick in groin

    riding a bike on a mens bike seat (thin seats dont support buttocks but squashing urthera)

    Size of Stricture

    Too many cytoscopes and cuts lengthen the scar making a simple join less likely

    Under 5cm should be able to be joined as makes urethers are long but womens are very short and different again


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    Another useful option.  The surgeon can put a catheter out of your stomach.  A bit different however stops issues with penis and infection whilst penis is healing for those 18 days thereabouts.
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